ABB High Voltage Induction AC Motor

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Q:Replace a 1998 Cadillac Deville AC Blower Motor?
oh shoot, according to the previous answerer, it's under the hood on the firewall. that's a pain in the butt to change. here's a time saving tip that will prevent unneccessary curse words and random wrenches through the windshield of the vehicle beside yours: remove the cradle bolts that attach the lower subframe to the body. either 15mm or 18mm but have a jack under it so it doesn't fall too far. this will lower the engine assembly enough to remove the blower motor. next, use a strap or ratcheting tow strap to pull the engine forward AFTER REMOVING THE ENGINE MOUNTS in front of the engine. this will pull the motor forward and the jack can lower it. after these two steps, the blower motor is gravy. without these steps, you will be bleeding and cursing, guaranteed, i've been there!
Q:The blower motor for my ac and heat stopped working, how exactly do I get to the motor to replace it?
Did you check the fuse? There should also be a relay for the blower motor. The motor itself is rarely the problem.
Q:The working principle of AC motor!
The prerequisite of the three-phase asynchronous motor to rotate is to have a rotating magnetic field, and the stator winding of the three-phase asynchronous motor is used to generate a rotating magnetic field. As we know, but the voltage phase power phase between the difference of 120 degrees in phase three, a stator winding of the three-phase induction motor in the spatial direction is 120 degrees, so when in the stator windings in three-phase power, the stator winding will produce a rotating magnetic field, as shown in Figure 1 in the process of its generation. The graph is divided into four moments to describe the generation of the rotating magnetic field. In each period of the current, the rotating magnetic field rotates in space for a week, i.e., the rotation speed of the rotating magnetic field is synchronous with the change of the current. The rotation speed of rotating magnetic field is: n=60f/P, f is power frequency, P is magnetic pole, logarithm and N unit is: revolutions per minute. According to this formula, we know that the speed of the motor is related to the number of poles and the frequency of the power supply. To this end, there are two ways to control the speed of the alternating current motor: 1, change the magnetic pole method; 2, frequency conversion method. In the past, the first method was used, and now the variable speed control of AC motor is realized by frequency conversion technology.
Q:how would you change the running direction of a Universal motor running on AC?
Universal motors are usually series connected, meaning the armature and field are in series. You have to reverse the connections ro one of them, the armature or the field. The wiring will look like supply active, field in, field out, brush in (to armature), brush out, supply return. The capacitor is a electrical noise suppressor, just connected across the supply, or sometimes across the brushes. If it is shunt wound as you seem to describe (meaning the field is across the supply and so is the armature) then the solution is still the same, reverse one of them.
Q:how is ac used compared to DC?
Q:why is it better to use a DC motor rather than a AC motor?
on a DC motor you can control the direction fo the spinning, and on an AC motor they olny have one way of spinning.
Q:1997 Ford Escort LX w/ac heater blower motor?
If you have a socket wrench set, do it yourself. Both the blower motor/fan assembly and the resistor-pack assembly are super-easy to replace on 97 Escorts (underneath the instrument panel, passenger side). First thing is remove the blower motor/fan assembly from your vehicle. Get a 9v battery and a couple of wires and pass current into the motor leads to see if it works. (Don't worry about damaging anything if hookup wrong--there's nothing sensitive inside the motor/fan assembly.) If it works, then buy a new resistor-pack from a Ford Dealer. (Early 1997's did have a problem with the resistor-pack prematurely failing due to moisture buildup. This was fixed by adding a rubber sealing gasket.) If it's the blower/motor fan that's the problem, then buy one from a junkyard. There's no need to buy brand new unless you're planning on keeping the vehicle for 10 years.
Q:Where can I purchase a 165KW 3 phase AC induction motor from? On-line store?
Q:why do conveyors use AC 3 phase motors?
The reason is simple: as the efficiency of a three phase motor at 120 degrees uses less energy than a single phase motor. It has lots more torque and and is smaller, uses less starting current, and can be switched from star to delta when up to running speed.
Q:How can I control the speed of a small electric motor - hobby project?
Well its a small motor or else i would have recommened a motor-drive which gives you same amount of tourqe but less RPM. If you lower your voltage it will have less rpm but not as much torque only way to do this is to put a gear box in. or gears

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