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Q:I have an electric grandfather clock that the motor broke.. I am having trouble finding a motor..?
You should be able to find a replacement AC motor (110V, 60 Hz for use in the US) at an electrical supply store, a clock shop, a hobby supply shop, or on-line. You could even go to a major retailer like Walmart and just get a regular (cheap) AC-operated mantle clock or something similar, and then use the guts of that to replace the defective one in your grandfather clock. Make sure the old grandfather clock hands fit on the new movement, or just replace the hands when you replace the movement. As far as using a DC (battery operated) movement goes, certainly you can do that. Again, go to a hobby supply store or a major retailer and buy a battery-operated clock. Remove the DC motorized movement and put it in your grandfather clock. The required battery size is specified by the movement itself. Typically a medium to large DC clock movement requires one AA or C battery, although some movements may require 2 each AA batteries or even a special battery, such as a Type N. Either way (replacing the AC motor with another similar type AC motor, or replacing the whole AC movement with a DC one), you should be fine.
Q:What type of AC>DC power supply should be used to drive a DC motor?
It depends on the power requirement, but if it is very large I would recommend a switching supply. Linear supplies are very inefficient.
Q:How to distinguish AC and DC machines
This also increases the manufacturing cost of DC motors to a certain extent. The alternator is concerned, it can realize direct energy feedback to the grid (but must ensure 4 conditions: the same voltage amplitude, phase and phase sequence of the same, the same frequency); but DC generator power needs to convert AC inverter (DC rectification process called, the direct current into alternating current the process that the inverter can be feedback to the power grid). So it also needs to increase the power of the inverter.
Q:how is the speed of a single phase ac induction motor determined?
The number of poles times the frequency of the supplied AC power minus the slip factor.
Q:How do i make a DC Micro motor work on AC current?
Connected to an AC source, a DC motor will sit there and vibrate. DC motors work on magnetic repulsion by perfectly timed pulses. AC motors normally work on magnetic induction with either a rotating or ratcheting magnetic field. In most of them, the part that spins doesn't contain any coils or magnets at all. It's usually just layers of aluminum and iron. If you need finite details, Google is your friend.
Q:What is the best method to clean an ac motor?
The motor is 115v. The 240v is for the element only. Most dryer motors halves are held together with epoxy. The only contacts are on the start switch. There is no way to split the case. The lint build up acted as a wick and pulled the lubricant out of the bushings. WD is never to be used as a lubricant for electric motors. Your motor was already shot so it didn't matter. Using WD on a good motor will dilute the oil or grease. Again, the motor shot. Go ahead and pop it apart as a learning tool and see what makes it tick. Buy a new motor. Appliance repair for 35 years. P.S. Getting the blower wheel off is the big trick.
Q:Where is the resister card (blower motor) located on a 1999 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter with ac?
it is located right behind the glove box on that one you,ll see a small wiring harness going to it,when those go bad all you get is high speed from it usually,there easy to get to though and replace they cost about 15 bucks through most parts stores,good luck.
Q:Disadvantage of AC Drive?
Creates nasty harmonic voltages in the building's power system.
Q:how long can i drive with a blown ac compressor in a 2001 mercury sable 3.o dohc motor?
For as long as you're willing to put up with not having it work. As long as the pulley isn't seized it won't hurt anything.
Q:Should I get an electric car with an AC or DC motor?
If you look at motors like the Tesla motors motor or the UQM powerphase 150, it's obvious that AC has more potential power to weight. But you can't buy either one of those motors, no matter how much you're willing to pay. They're only available e to manufacturers. Of the motors you can actually get, DC is just as good. Power and peak efficiency are about the same, AC being slightly more efficient. AC can rev a little higher in general and DC has more torque. So you gear down the AC a little farther to get the same acceleration. Gearing it down also gets the motor in it's peak efficiency range sooner, but if you use a transmission (which I don't like doing, you shouldn't have to with the right motor) that's not a factor. The power band is generally a little wider on an AC motor but that's only a benefit at higher speeds. For cost do benefit you might as well just get a DC motor.

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