ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:How is the rated current of three-phase AC motor calculated?
Rated current (1.732 In=Pn/ * Un * n * cos Phi ETA).Where Pn is the nominal rated power, rated voltage Un, COS with n rated power factor, rated efficiency.Note that the power refers to the power output shaft, Pn/ is the input electric power.
Q:What is the principle of the single-phase AC motor in the washing machine?
The motor of the washing machine should be called: capacitance type single-phase asynchronous motor. The principle is a series capacitor in the amount of the starting winding, the voltage and current of capacitor lags behind its 90 degree, it will produce a magnetic field in the stator, the motor rotation!
Q:What is the influence on the motor when AC motor is connected to direct current?.
First of all, the motor will not turn, and the second is to see how many volts you are connected to. If the voltage is high, the temperature of the motor will rise sharply until burned. Of course, you don't have a problem with a dry battery.
Q:Can AC motors be converted into generators?
At present in the society is widely used in three-phase asynchronous motor, JO2, JO2L, JO3, JO4, JO3L, and Y series, the series of motor power is less than four thousand watts, the connection method most star / triangle, a voltage of 380 volts or 220 volts (Y/ 380/220) 4 thousand watt motor more power, the connection is basically only a triangle connection method is only applicable to 380 volts. (J, J1, J2, JO, JO1 series of old power, regardless of size, are most suitable for two 380/220 and two Y/ voltage delta connection, because the loss is now rarely used)
Q:Is household sewing machine good for AC motor or direct current motor?
If the family is good with two kinds of machines are good, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, their love for what kind of home use which, if not good with the pedal sewing machine, low price. Do you use the factory electric sewing machine, Erqianduoyi taiwan.
Q:Is permanent magnet synchronous motor AC servo motor?
First of all, the classification of motor: servo motor is divided into AC servo and DC servo, in which AC servo and synchronous and asynchronous points. Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is a kind of synchronous AC servo motor.
Q:Winding of single-phase AC motor?
Single motor is divided into main winding, secondary winding, main winding is working, and negative winding is started. The three motors are divided into main and secondary windings, and the three sets of coils are all working.
Q:Difference between energy consumption braking of DC motor and AC motor
Energy consumption braking is a form of braking.It is divided into DC motor energy consumption braking and AC motor energy consumption braking.
Q:Why is AC motor control more difficult than DC?
Motor control, generally refers to speed regulation".AC motors are different from the mechanical characteristics of direct current motors,The mechanical characteristics of the DC motor are 1 slightly downward inclined "straight lines", the relationship between its speed and torque (characteristic) is relatively "hard", and it can easily change its speed by changing the power supply voltage of the motor;
Q:Why does high-speed rail use AC traction motors in China?
I haven't seen anything special about high-speed rail, but it seems that the DC motor doesn't have such good performance. DC brush is very suitable for high power, brush aging is too fast, low efficiency. The essence of DC brushless or AC, is only square wave input, current, power and torque higher harmonic, electromagnetic environment is poor. Moreover, the most widely used brushless DC is still on the computer fan, high-speed rail is not enough power. For the moment, AC motor is the best characteristic. The result of superposition of three-phase sine wave current is a constant constant, without harmonic pollution.

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