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Q:What's the difference between a three-phase AC motor and a two-phase one?
No motor, motor what you say is a single-phase motor, that is, the next two lines Oh, that is a live wire connected with a zero line, it is called a single-phase motor, three-phase motor is connected is three FireWire (FireWire is a phase, commonly known as FireWire only), rated single-phase motor the common voltage is 220V, is commonly used in industrial production, mainly for civilian use, because it is not efficiency of single-phase motor three-phase motor is high, so once the power requirements in kilowatts, or thousands of Watts will choose a three-phase motor, like motor home are generally single-phase motor, because the load is small, like in the industrial production of some motor to 5000KW, if single-phase motor, the other does not, the line is much more coarse!! In fact, there are two single-phase motor windings, a working group is winding, which is the main winding, a group is to start winding, is a secondary winding, due to single-phase motor single-phase power supply, so it will not produce a rotating magnetic field in the winding, but the pulsating magnetic field generated by the pulsating magnetic field will not generate torque, so the motor will do not rotate, so give him a start winding power supply starting winding is drawn from the power supply of the main winding, but the middle of the device can be shifted (such as capacitors) such a current through the device with different phase after the current phase, also became the so-called phase, resulting in the rotating magnetic field in the windings, the motor will rotate the rotation principle of three-phase motor, I will not say, all the same! The only reference is three-phase alternating current, without phase-shifting! To answer your question directly, the main difference is the different nature of the single-phase and three-phase power supply (I think so, hehe), the applicable scope of single-phase motor is mainly used for the power supply voltage of 220V, load is not the case!
Q:Winding of single-phase AC motor?
Depending on the type of motor, the range motor is the same as you say. Asynchronous motors are not like this.
Q:AC servo motor why drive?
In addition, the servo controller does not have the ability of logic control, if need servo motor first slow turn, then turn fast, then to stop somewhere and then reverse, and so on, these signals are more responsible for the upper controller of the servo controller, such as PLC, such as motion controller.
Q:AC motor stator winding does not turn, why the back EMF?
Back EMF is the electromotive force in the opposite direction of the electromotive force of the power supply. EMF may occur when there are multiple power supplies in the circuit. For example, the two metal bars on the same rail circuit cut the magnetic field at different speeds, and there may be a counter electromotive force; the electromotive force and the induced electromotive force exist simultaneously, and the back EMF may occur. For the coil, when the current of the winding changes, both ends of the coil will generate back electromotive force. For example, in the LC oscillating circuit, the change of the voltage at the two ends of the inductance coil is closely related to the counter electromotive force. When the motor coil turns, the back EMF is also generated.
Q:Why asynchronous motor AC excitation, rather than DC excitation?
Synchronous motor is also a kind of AC motor. Mainly used for generators, motors can also be used, generally used for larger power, speed does not require the adjustment of production machinery, such as large water pumps, air compressors and mine fans. In recent years, due to the development of permanent magnet materials and electronic technology, micro synchronous motor has been more and more widely used.One of the characteristics of synchronous motors is that the speed of n is stable, and there is a constant relationship between the stator speed and the frequency f1 of the stator currentN=60f1/p=n0The speed n of synchronous motor is the same as that of rotating magnetic field n0. The name of "synchronization" comes from here.
Q:The direction of alternating current keeps changing. How about the direction of AC motor?
Three-phase motor to change the phase sequence (any two-phase electrical connection ~ ~ ~ ~ swap position)One way motor changes the direction of main winding or secondary winding in the direction of fire
Q:What is the difference between stepping motor and servo motor and three-phase asynchronous motor? What are the advantages of their differences?
Servo motor servo motor principle: also known as the executive motor, DC and AC servo motor is divided into two categories, servo motor rotor is permanent magnet drive control of the U/V/W three-phase power electromagnetic fields, the rotation of the rotor in the magnetic field, at the same time with the motor encoder feedback signal to the drive, the drive according to the feedback value compared with the target value, the rotor rotation angle adjustment. The accuracy of the servo motor is determined by the accuracy of the encoder (line number).Advantages: as servo motor with motor encoder to form an internal closed loop, the control accuracy is very high, so that it can operate normally at high speed. The drive can communicate directly with the host computer.Disadvantages: high price, long supply cycle of imported goods, high maintenance costs.
Q:For AC motors, when the voltage is constant, the frequency of the voltage becomes higher or lower, so what is the impact on the motor?.
Frequency will affect the motor speed, high frequency, motor speed, low frequency, motor speed is slow.
Q:Brushless DC motor is AC motor or DC motor, why?
That is the difference is that the brushless DC motor and AC motor rotor stator are magnetic, is only the armature, rotating magnetic field in the stator of the former is generated by the sensor and a driving circuit, an alternating current generated by the.That doesn't know much, but brushless DC motor has one advantage, that is, it has a linear characteristic of DC motor and a little better.
Q:Why don't AC motors use commutators?
The principle of AC motor of DC motor is differentDC motor running by permanent magnet and coil production function to promote Miguel rotor, reversing to coil rotor 180 degrees (equivalent to the magnetic field direction 180 degrees) to maintain the current direction of the coil and the existing magnetic field to produce the correct momentAlternating current machines operate with rotating magnetic fields, rotating magnetic fields depend on the direction of the current, and alternating current has this property, so there is no need for commutatorHowever, this is not absolute, the DC motor can also use no commutator, AC can also use the commutator, and fixed rotor design relatedThe AC motor is used for excitation, that is, the magnetic field is provided to allow the coil to cut the magnetic field lines

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