ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:Where Can I purchase an Electric Motor/Generator?
It seems strange that they do not offer the appliance in 220V. I would try and contact the company again and see if you get another customer service representative that may be more knowledgeable about their products. Usually the only thing that needs to be done is move a jumper wire and add the appropriate cord and plug. I glanced at their website and it does mention 220V service as an option. As for the power conversion, i would think that a 750VA transformer would work more efficiently than converting to DC and then inverting back to 220VAC.
Q:equtions of rpm of 3 phase ac motor?
The rpm of AC motor does not depend on the phase. It depends on the number of pole and frequency of the line. frequency * 60 rpm = --------------------- 2 poles = 30 freq/poles.
Q:2003 Cadillac ext. can not control my blower motor on the ac?
If the blower will only run on high, it's a bad resistor. If the blower doesn't run at all, it's a bad blower motor.
Q:86 buick Somerset AC Blower Motor Stopped Blowing.?
check the fuse and relay if they are good check linkage to console switch
Q:can a AC motor be made to DC?
Not really, get yourself a permanent magnet motor. To convert an AC motor to DC would require a major rework of the motor.
Q:How do you decrease the rpm of a AC motor that has a heavy load?.?
Could I put a dimmer switch in series with the motor until it puts out 60VAC? it depends on the exact type of motor. universal or ac/dc motors can be speed controlled, but synchronous motors spin at a rate determined by the supply FREQUENCY so changing the voltage would do no good. Could I put a dimmer switch in series with the motor? no, dimmer switches produce spikes which would do your motor lots of no good, and produce catastrophic interference. And since its an inductive load you would also blow the dimmer.
Q:The direction of alternating current keeps changing. How about the direction of AC motor?
The direction of rotation of the AC motor is not determined by AC + Half direction, but by the alternating current through the processing of a certain way to produce a rotating magnetic field acting on the rotor, as you hold a permanent magnet in the circle around the same compass compass as the principle of rotation make the rotor rotate, it the rotation direction depends on the direction of rotating field.
Q:Common problems of AC motors
Hazard: cause the surface of motor bearing or ball to be eroded, the shape of micro hole is changed, the performance of bearing is deteriorated, and the friction loss and heating increase
Q:What is the maximum speed of a three-phase AC motor?
The fastest is the 2 stage motor, near 3000 revolutions per minute
Q:Relation of voltage, speed, voltage and torque of single phase AC motor
The speed and frequency are the same, because the supply voltage is constant, the frequency of the change, the result of direct reaction is the same speed change, frequency increase, speed also increased, it minus the other also reduced.On voltage analysis, look at these formulas.Motor stator voltage: U = E + I * R (I is current, R is electronic resistance, and E is inductive potential);And E = k * f * X (k: constant, f: frequency, X: flux);For asynchronous machines, T=K * I * X (K: constant, I: current, X: flux);It is easy to see that the frequency of F changes, is also accompanied by the change of E, voltage of the stator should also change, frequency control methods commonly used in fact is that, when the frequency changes, the inverter output voltage, also is the increase in voltage at both ends of the stator is changed, is proportional to the this is the ratio of frequency conversion constant V/f. Analysis of the three equations can also be used in front of the same results can be obtained.

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