ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:What is the difference between an AC generator and an electric motor?
ac generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy but i dont know why coil cannot rotate in motor but can rotate in ac generator can anybody tell me
Q:Outdoor Air Conditioner A/C AC Fan Motor: 1/5 hp vs 1/3 hp? Does it make a difference?
Over sizing a motor on older unit is not a wise choice. Higher power draw from the 1/3 hp motor may not be suitable for the electrical wiring system your unit carries. Or the motor could be defective from the beginning. To answer your question, yes, it matters, especially in a/c system.
Q:if a ac supply is given to dc motor why the motor coil burned?
Hi BECAUSE ITS A DC MOTOR (DC = Direct current AC = alternating current) AC current is like a circle .. power goes in and comes out DC current is like a Straight line that ends. power goes in and is grounded to a stop. Two totally different types of Electricity good luck tim
Q:My car's AC blower motor is acting weird...?
It sounds as though your blower motor resistor is bad. When you jar the dash or make a turn, it might be making connection for a few minutes. Try the other speeds, and see if those speeds are ok. If you only have this problem on the high setting, it is most likely the blower resistor shorting out internally.
Q:How can you tell if a shaded pole AC motor is bad?
I'm not sure of the ohms but these units have a bad record of icing up on the fan. Try defrosting the entire unit manually by either unplugging it and leaving it open for 24 hours or carefully using a hair dryer on the components behind the walls like the tubing and fans. Be careful not to melt any plastic or wiring! If it runs for a day or two after doing this you have a defrost failure which can be defrost thermostat, heater or control board. The heater is easy enough to ohm out, usually either open (infinite) or very high (above 2000 ohms) or shorted ( less than 20 ohms). Most likely if it's light icing it's the defrost thermostat or control board failure. I'd hope the tech would have noticed this but try it yourself to rule it out. To check the fan, simply plug get to the harness it plugs into and check for ac voltage! Make sure to tape the door switches shut or if magnetic trick them into being closed by removing and holding them together so the fan would be running. If the voltage is present (it can vary depending what the frig is asking for) plug the fan in and see if it runs. If the no or low voltage, now you are probably looking at the power control board.
Q:can someone show me relays that work with arudio uno 1)for AC appliance 2)for dc motors 12v or slighlty above?
Q:the heater/AC blower quit working on my 1992 dodge dynasty. The fan motor is good, what else might be the prob?
you probable have a foul blower motor resistor on it,that's what reasons that too take place,it knocks out all the different speeds for the blower motor,on that one it mounts style of at the back of the glove container,and is hung on by skill of two screws,its very virtually at the back of the glove container,yet you may get to it,it value around 20 greenbacks and takes under quarter-hour to alter,that furnish you with back all of the speeds,its not a foul restoration to could do,solid success with it.
Q:for a wind turbine can i use an ac motor to charge a battery system,?
Hey, Most micro wind power system create direct current (DC) electricity. The wind generator connect to the national grid through a special inverter and controller that convert’s DC electricity to AC at a quality standard acceptable to the grid. Again just like the PV systems the unused electricity can be exported to the grid and sold to the electricity supply.
Q:Does a 1 HP motor draw more wattage than an AC one at the same EMF?
1 HP is 746 watts. It doesn't matter if it is a 120vac motor or a 240vac motor. A 120vac motor will draw 2x the current than a 240vac motor to develop the same HP. A 1 HP, 120v DC motor still draws 746 watts. But a DC motor can't run on AC power, nor can and AC motor run on DC power without some sort of inverter or converter. The matter of efficiency is something else. Some of that power used to develop 1 HP is lost to friction or heat.
Q:Bicycle with electric lawnmower motor?
Electric Lawn Mower Motor

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