ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:How can I slow down an AC motor from a reciprocating saw?
a hand saw would probably be the cheapest option
Q:What about the capacitance of the AC motor?
If the capacity is constant (refer to kvar), the pressure will decreaseIf the pressure level has not changed, the capacitance is too large, no problemCapacitor selection depends mainly on voltage and capacity, while the capacitance is proportional to the capacity and inversely proportional to the square of the voltageYou also have an understanding of the problem, the capacitor in question is that the capacitor is too large, only the capacity is too largeIf this is the case, the capacitance will be reduced when the voltage level is constant. The larger is undesirable, but as a matter of fact, the assembly will cause damage to the capacitor
Q:Broke outdoor AC motor replaced. Fan spins, but unit isn't cooling.?
You should be able to hear the comressor run. It makes a distinctive sound. You should also hear a hissing noise from the evaporator coil (Inside the house on the furnace blower) That noise is the system pressuring up. the lines should also be different temps. The larger line should be cool and the small line warm. If thats not the case call a repair man. A new condenser will cost around 900$ to 1200$ installed depending on the size efficiency and whether your evaporator is compatable.
Q:an electric motor draws a current of 11.5a in a 240v circuit. what is the power of this motor in watts?
No. I think it's 2760 Watts. P=IV P is the power (watt or W) I is the current (ampere or A) V is the potential difference (volt or V) P =(11.5 A)(240V) P = 2760 W
Q:is it possible to reduce rpm of AC motor with the help of rheostat?
Yes, You must use one that can handle the amp draw. The bigger the draw on the motor the bigger the rheostat must be.
Q:Confusion about AC motor?
The speed of an induction motor is almost independent of the torque, and in a synchronous motor it is totally independent of torque. So if a motor is loaded at a constant torque and the voltage changes the power remains almost the same and the current goes up. This means the motor acts like a constant power machine under these conditions.
Q:I want to convert a car to electric. Which is better? AC motor or DC, and why?
Generally any professionally built electric vehicle uses an AC motor and home conversions most often use DC motors. DC motors are already in the type of current produced by the batteries. Therefore the controls used by a DC motor are easier to make and therefore cheaper. The RAV4ev had a DC motor. 1 AC motors have been used in the Tesla and EV1. 2 For an excellent breakdown on the pros and cons of each of 3 types of motors check out these sites. 3 Like many things in life what is better depends upon which selection criteria you give more priority to. DC motors are cheaper but can't climb hills as well and might be noisy. AC motors are more efficient but more expensive and perform very well.
Q:Do true universal motors run on both AC and DC?
Q:how to convert 12v DC to AC three phase, to run converted car alternator as a motor.?
It has to be way less expensive to just buy a motor for what ever you need it for. The alternator will not have much power should you figure out how to make it work.
Q:2 Types of AC Motor, and DC Motor? 10points for best answer?
hi. AC autos are designed and equipped in a distinctive way than DC autos. AC autos make the main of the 60 hertz clock of a means line (or 50Hz in different international locations) - this suggests the means line adjustments ranges 60 circumstances a 2d - to rotate, jointly as DC autos are designed with the voltage point utilized. you could administration them the two, yet with distinctive ability. the least puzzling to administration is the DC motor (substitute the aptitude (the voltage) and it turns slower or swifter.

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