ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:How can a DC motor be changed into a three-phase AC motor with good performance?
DC motor is changed to three-phase AC motor:Direct current motors and AC motors are generally unable to replace each other. This is because the DC motor and AC motor of the external characteristics of comparison, there are still very different, compare the relevant information will know.
Q:An upper Holzer sensor for AC motors?
If you say is the kind of motor on the electric vehicle, it is actually a AC motor. The DC input to the controller, the controller output to the motor 3 lines is ac. I understand the questions you want to ask me, this explanation does not solve your problem.
Q:The difference between AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation and voltage regulation speed regulation
Variable frequency speed regulation: large speed range, high smoothness, energy saving, can realize constant torque or constant power speed regulation, but must have dedicated frequency conversion power supply, the cost is high.
Q:How does the battery of the electric car drive the AC motor?
In addition, this type of motor does not require inverters, the motor itself is a low voltage motor. Want to help you, the specific work principle can refer to the ordinary brush DC motor, the difference is coil winding current commutation instead of controller electronic commutation.
Q:Does the DC motor work the same as the AC motor?
1KW DC motor with 1KW AC motor is not the same, 1000 Watt DC motor will be a lot of small volume, although the power is 1000 watts, DC motor torque is relatively large, speed control is relatively easy. The DC motor is more powerful against overload, but the price is more expensive.1KW DC motor can bring a large generator, 900 watt generator, the actual output power of power generation is at most 800 watts. If you want to get the power of different types, using a motor driven generator is one of the most stupid way to use the lowest efficiency, power supply module, the highest efficiency, fast response, easy to adjust the noise to a minimum, the price is the cheapest.
Q:What are the differences between AC motors and DC motors?
DC motor installed a constant magnetic field, current in the stator coil of electromagnetic force is created, it will move, but the direction of the current to continue to change, so will the use of brush, contact terminals. Therefore, the cost of construction is relatively high. Generally used in servo motor, speed measuring motor and excitation motor more.
Q:Can AC motors be converted into generators?
Another method is to replace the original rotor directly with the one or two pole permanent magnet. Note: the poles of the permanent magnet should be as close to the stator as possible, but they cannot be touched. Rotating the rotor (or permanent magnet rotor) can pass the stator around the output voltage, current. If the speed is increased, the voltage can be mentioned very high.
Q:Is the stepping motor an alternating current motor or a direct current motor?
The stepping motor is an open loop control element which transforms the electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. In the case of non overloaded, the motor speed and stop position depends only on the pulse frequency and pulse number, regardless of load changes, when the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives stepper motor to set the direction of rotation of a fixed angle, called "step", it is the rotation of the fixed point of the operation step by step. Number of pulses can be controlled by controlling the angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; at the same time by controlling the pulse frequency to control the motor rotation speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of speed.
Q:AC servo motors generally choose synchronous or asynchronous?
This will be based on your purpose, such as CNC machine tools feed shaft, generally use AC synchronous servo motor, spindle general use AC asynchronous motor. The same power synchronous machine is much more expensive than the asynchronous machine. If it is common use, select synchronization
Q:How to speed the AC motor?
(1) rotor circuit series resistance: used in AC winding asynchronous motors. The range of speed regulation is small, the resistance consumes power, and the motor efficiency is low. Used of cranes.(2) change the speed of power supply voltage, the speed range is small, the torque decreases greatly with the voltage drop, and the three-phase motor is usually not used. Used for single-phase motor speed regulation, such as fan.(3) cascade speed regulation, in essence, is the introduction of additional rotor electromotive force, change its size to speed. It is also only used in wound motors, but the efficiency is improved.(4) electromagnetic speed regulation. Used only for slip motors. By changing the exciting coil current, stepless smooth speed regulation, the mechanism is simple, but the control power is smaller. Not suitable for long term low speed operation.

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