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Q:How to control the speed of a Electric AC motor?
You need an electronic motor speed control. It varies the voltage and the frequency to change the speed. The ratio of voltage to frequency is maintained constant. Do a web search.
Q:how can i use a DC to run a AC 220V 50Hz & 160 W motor?
You will need an inverter and a transformer. The inverter changes dc into ac at the battery voltage, and the transformer, selected with the proper ratio to convert the inverter output to the rated voltage of the motor
Q:Will a large AC motor work with a car battery and DC to AC adapter? (Electric Go-Kart)?
depends on the size(wattage output) of your inverter. you'd be better of staying DC
Q:what are the important uses of dc generator and dc motor?
Uses of DC Generators: Many DC generators are driven by AC motors in combinations called motor-generator sets. This is one way of changing alternating current to direct current. Factories that do electroplating and those that produce aluminum, chlorine, and some other industrial materials need large amounts of direct current and use DC generators. So do locomotives and ships driven by diesel-electric motors. Because commutators are complex and costly, many DC generators are being replaced by AC generators combined with electronic rectifiers. Rectifiers are devices that let current flow in one direction only. They permit use of simpler, more rugged AC generators, even when DC is required. Uses of DC motors: DC motors are used for a variety of purposes, including electric razors, electric car windows, and remote control cars. The simple design and reliability of a DC motor makes it a good choice for many different uses, as well as a fascinating way to study the effects of magnetic fields.
Q:how could i conect my 120 volt ac dimmer switch to my 24 volt dc motor?
An 1/8th horse motor is going to require at least 5 amps on 24V...that's some serious current for most 24V supplies, and Radio Shack isn't going to have such brute force 24V supplies. If you want to do this inexpensively, look into battery chargers for small forklifts, military vehicles (best bet), or diesels. Most older military vehicles still use 24V, and I think a lot of commercial diesels are moving over to 24V. At any rate, you should be able to buy an old 24V charger for maybe $30 this way. If you don't have luck that way, you could buy your big hoss power supply through Grainger, Digikey, Mouser, etc. but be prepared to pay at least $100. Remember, you'll need a power supply capable of AT LEAST 5 amps at 24V. The best way to go is to buy a DC inverter/chopper drive for you motor, but such things are expensive ($300 and up). Yeah, not cheap! Now you see why most motors of any reasonable power rating are 120V and up! FYI don't try to make your own power supply unless you are pretty good at such things, and for heaven's sake don't try to use a Zener by itself to regulate a high current 24V supply (can you say Wow, that sure blew up in a hurry!). Actually, your motor isn't all that sensitive to voltage variation, it'll just slow down or speed up a little. Another thing remember is to have a good contactor relay to control your motor as an on-off switch, and to have a freewheeling diode to protect said relay/power supply when you interrupt the current to stop the motor. If you don't have either an RC snubber or a freewheeling diode, your relay and/or power supply will be headed for a really early retirement the first time you try to interrupt current (you'll discover why V = dI/dt in a spectacular way). All motor drives have this protecton built in, but power supplies do not!
Q:where can i find winding diagrams of AC motors?
thats a long talk.simple way to put it. A/C work by taking hot air from the room and putting it outside. (hot will always travel to cold). hot air gets taking away by the inside coil. then the compressor super heats the refrigerant so its hotter than the out side.( 10+ most of the time). the outside motor blows air across the coil. then refrigerant cools down again and repeats intill the inside is at it set point. If you want more detail on how it work go to this web site I found below.
Q:The power input to an electric motor is 8.8 kilowatts when operating normally from a 230 volt ac source.?
The current o 45 amperes is too high for an 8.8 kw motor.Normally it should be 38 amperes only.The motor could burn at 45 amperes.
Q:Why does increasing the number of poles in an AC synchronus motor decrease speed?
During one cycle of the power waveform, a fixed point on the rotor moves past one pair of poles. Frequency, hertz, is the same as cycles per second. Speed is revolutions per minute. You need to multiply by 60 to convert from cycles per second (units 1/s) to revolutions per minute (units 1/m). You also need to multiply by 2 because there are 2 poles in a pair of poles. Therefore 120 = 60 minutes per second X 2 poles per pair.
Q:Isn't the starting winding symmetrical? If it's symmetrical, it's also an alternating pulsating magnetic field, how can you drive the rotor?
The two rotating magnetic fields are always the opposite, but it is important to know that their torque to the rotor is related to slip, and the T-S curve illustrates the problem. When the rotor is stationary, the two rotating magnetic fields are of equal magnitude to the rotor and are in opposite directions, so it cannot start. But when the rotor rotates one minute after the magnetic field along the direction of rotation of the rotor to the torque increases, the reverse direction of rotation of the rotor rotating magnetic field to the torque of the rotor is reduced, so the rotor can accelerate the operation, completed the start and run.There is a certain difference between the current in the starting winding and the running winding, and the magnetic field produced by it also acts on the rotor, so that the resultant moment of force in the two directions is not equal, and the rotor will turn naturally.
Q:2000 Accord V6, changed motor mounts, AC not working now?
Did you visually see the engagement or are you going by idle changes.The wire may have gotten pulled off the compressor or broke when lifting with the jack.If it worked before it should work now if nothing was disturbed.

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