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Q:Can we test all the types of motors brushless,AC single phase, 3 phase, DC Motors,Servo motors etc with Megger?
Only one type cannot.....the low voltage DC brushless motor like the cooling fan in computer. It has low voltage power converter module, Megger high voltage shall kill it. =======================================... Additional email reply to asker How to test motor with ohm-mter...... 3 phase motor -test all six leads between motor body, all show infinitive ohm. Use mega do the same test by setting it into 250v. Reading show 10M ohm or higher. Test resistance between two individual coils with mega, it should read 10M or higher. Use ohm-meter measure resistance of 3 coils, three reading show very close resistance. Compare the resistance from a good motor or from pass trouble shooting experience to determine it is a good motor. If one winding is much less resistance than other two or one winding is much higher than other two. This motor could be defective. If insulation test show under 1M ohm,its insulation is no more good,has electrical leaking. DC series motor: mega test between ground and leads, resistance test on both leads and compare the good motor reading. Rotate the rotor very slowly while doing resistance test,reading shall be change a bit (use analog type meter is better for this test). But resistance should not swing up and down very much. That tell how good is the brushes contact to rotor and what is the condition of several rotor coils. If at one position,resistance goes down into very small (zero) or jumps up very high. rotor needs clean or section of coil defective. Understand the construction of different type shall help you how to test it with simple ohm-meter.
Q:how can i power a DC motor using the power generated by another motor?
I think the problem is the induction motor. Yes, you can generate electricity from it after first applying an external ac supply, then putting in more power than it was taking as a motor. But if you disconnect the load, power generation stops. So use a ac motor with a permanent magnet rotor, rectify that, and you should be good to go.
Q:How would you measure the resistance of a 2-pole, 3-phase AC induction motor?
Dear, Thanks, am also fine like you,for remind always during measuring resistance do not switch on the system, by use megger please check the resistance between one terminal @ body another be each one end of 3phase input to motor.Ensure it must be open now the winding resistance between any 2 of 3phase input to should offer some resistance in ohms.
Q:Need tech help onTappan/Frigidaire furnace/ACs. Blower motors won't shut off?
Frigidaire Furnaces
Q:my home ac unit works but no air from vents. I am deaf so I cant tell if the blower motor is coming on.?
it depends on the unit. it's either in the attic, basement, or in a closet. in a typical up flow unit the indoor fan motor will be under the a-coil evaporator. take the aluminum plate off the indoor unit and you should see the electrical components and the fan housing. put the unit in fan mode and see if the fan is spinning. you should see a big wheel thing spinning round and round. if it's spinning, put it in ac mode, let it cycle and see if the wheel thing is still spinning. if your fan is working in fan mode but not in AC mode, you have an electrical issue. fan relay switch maybe...tough call. no, if it's working in fan mode the relay is energizing. point is, it's something else, not the fan motor. (those are expensive) but um, it's hard to guess. some units are horizontal and some are vertical. you have push through and pull through. the fan can be below or above the indoor coil, OR in a horizontal unit to the left or right of the coil. you could have a duct work issue. if your fan is working and you arent getting air flow maybe one of your main trunk lines in the duct work has become lose. just FYI, you are supposed to get about 400 CFM out of the registers. (cubic feet / minute) that's in AC mode, high speed for the fan. man, i wish i could look at it. i could help you out more, but that's about the best i got. GL with it! jim
Q:What are the effects on a 3 phase AC motor if I lose one phase?
In case it's a Delta wound Motor the current going through each phase will exceed the designed current.It willcontinue to run for some time as the rotating magnetic field will still be produced and then one phase will blow and the motor will stop.This will be true for case 1 and 2 both. In case it is a Star wound motor the rotating magnetic field will no longer be produced and the motor will not run.True for 1 and 2 both. You can't give it a kick start to run.Thats true only for single phase motors which either need a manual starting torque or a capacitor toprovide it.
Q:How can i reduce the single phase AC motor 1440 rpm to 20 rpm speed? Which size gear arrangements are need?
* I presume that you do not want to procure standard Reduction gear box which are normally available in engineering market.Are available in various reduction ratios. * If you intend to built your own reduction gear box then I would suggest to use Worm and Worm gear. You will have to do calculation for determining dimensions, number of teeths, pitch of thread in worm etc Midhat Luqman
Q:Question about motors??? (please help)?
1) DC motors have a commutator whilst AC motors do not. 2). The torque generated by current in the stator winding reacting with the magnetic field produced by current in the rotor. In the induction motor the rotor current is driven by voltage induced by the field produced by the stator winding currents - hence the name induction motor.
Q:3phase AC Induction Motor derating or Upgrading the Insl class, according to ambient temperature rise?
by no potential typical this to be authentic. although, did you recognize what variety of motor? The automobiles own inner termperatures might want to exceed 40C and ambient might want to do not have any more something to do with motor operation. 40C is basically really is quite some circumstances a common temp contained in the summer season outdoors or in a cupboard. automobiles might want to no longer replace a lot in this manner of ambient. will be quite a few issues in my adventure: a million. issues have a tendency to develop as they warmth up...perchance binding of a few variety? 2. will be that the ambient from the elements affected the source frequency from the capacity plant replacing the motor speed? although no longer certain how. 3. Line voltages feeding the automobiles will be decrease simply by call for contained in the summer season months? Making the motor weaker and accordingly mutually slower even as operating at load? 4. perchance your persons has worked at in reality one position in his life and the a lot would get better because the temperature rose, causing the automobiles to decelerate? 5. it will be that the automobiles get better resistive with better temps, accordingly getting weaker and slowing down. yet having reported that, 104F(40C) isn't all that warm for an AC is a temperature in Arizona contained in the summer season. there are quite some approaches that a motor can perceptively decelerate throughout the time of severe ambient...yet they don't look to be designed or behave that way commonly. would want to seek for suggestion from consisting of your persons to get a better precise clarification. i think the burden is what differences. yet no...they ought to no longer decelerate.
Q:Vacum Motor?
Dud and Moose are right on. Universal AC Motors: Universal ac motors operate with nearly equivalent performance on direct current or alternating current up to 60 Hz. AC motors differ from a dc motors due to the winding ratios and thinner iron laminations. DC motors runs on ac, but with poor efficiency. Universal ac motors can operate on dc with essentially equivalent ac motor performance, but with poorer commutation and brush life than for an equivalent dc motor.

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