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Q:what is an ac motor? and what does it do?
Alternating Current - like comes out of the wall plugs. IN USA 60 cycles per second 110 volt (more or less). 220 volts if you use both legs. all household appliancs will have AC motors.
Q:What's the difference between asynchronous and synchronous AC motors?
The so-called synchronous motor, that is, the armature winding magnetic field, rotating speed and rotor rotation in the same direction, the same speed. Such a motor is generally as follows: there is a winding on the rotor, a centralized excitation winding; no winding on the rotor; and the use of permanent magnet structure; rotor without winding; no permanent magnet; with teeth and slots. A distributed winding is arranged on the stator. With this structure, the number of slip rings and brushes can be reduced to a minimum. Such motors are also called transition motors. There is also a special requirement, and the excitation windings placed on the stator structure, such a structure is generally referred to as pivot type (such as home ceiling fan).
Q:What is AC motor?
The torque of the single-phase motor is pulsating, and the noise is relatively large, but the required power supply is relatively simple, especially in the family. Therefore, small household motor and instrument motors are mostly single-phase motors.
Q:Overvolting a DC motor?
Assuming it is a 1.0 service factor and the type is a series motor, you would get right at 1/3 more RPM depending on the load. Motors being so different, some like a little high voltage some like low voltage, about the only way to really know the current draw is to measure it. I would not allow it to run anymore than 10% over rated current. Next is the quality of the motor, some AC motors ran off VFDS run at higher speeds than rated, but again current and load will have a huge effect. But back to your extra 12 volts, the internal components are designed to withstand a certain RPM. However some motors are built to the bare minimum design, others are built to withstand some overload. It's a big jump, but again a series DC motor is load controlled, we don't know the load, and only by measuring it will we. I would say it the chances are the motor lasting is going to go down by the amount of the over voltage. I would suggest you use some type of mechanical transmission to increase the wheel speed which is what I assume you are after. Again this creates different loads, so find a DC amp meter so you know where you are at, and mount it on the kart, a volt meter would be nice also.. A larger driver pulley[or gear] on the motor shaft and a smaller driven pulley [or gear} will give you more RPM at the driven pulley. Just like an automobile, there are transmissions to control the RPMS of the engine, at various speeds along with torque at various speeds. If you go to a bearing supply store, they will have a line of variable adjustable pulleys that can be adjusted in or out to increase or decrease the diameter, you might find a device like that very helpful. Direct drive is smoother and dependent again on the motor, would be a great drive train but you are talking a very sophisticated and expensive motor and controller.
Q:Can I charge inverter battery from ac generated by inverter using small motor with alternator?
Been there and done it all. You need a generator and voltage regulator not an alternator to do what you wish to accomplish. What I did was get an extra bracket made to hold the generator and add an additional pulley to the crankshaft to drive the generator. If you do not have an A/C then you can just add an A/C pulley which will give you an additional pulley for the generator belt.
Q:How do i turn an ac or dc motor into a generator?
You need to be able to drive the motor with another motor and use the in cables of the one being driven as out cables.
Q:What causes a newly rewound 45kw ac motor to burnt?
The basic reason is too much current, so need to find the cause of that. I have had experience with a motor that drew far too much current on no load, and continually burned out, and it turned out the field lamination were skewed so that the field was not properly aligned magnetically. This did not cause poling, but the problem was visible when the field was inspected. This was a manufacturing defect. Other reasons may be shorted turns, or the laminations are not well insulated, as each is supposed to be insulated from the next. I expect you have already checked for poling and that the shaft does not have excess play. I don't know what the effects of a bad rotor are. I guess the winding causing the problem can be tested and compared with others on the bench, without the rotor. Apply a low voltage from a transformer to the winding and measure the current, comparing with other identical windings. When you say tested in a jog: To me jogging is pulsing the motor to step it along a bit. Could this be grossly exceeding the current rating? I guess a particular coil would tend to burn out first, but the others would be hot too. In the end the rated current should not be exceeded for more than a few seconds, then wait for it to cool down. Some larger motors have starters that prevent the restart until it has cooled down. It is also possible that a supply phase is bad, possibly due to a faulty contactor or connection that has high resistance..
Q:differentiate DC motors to that of AC motos.?
DC motors operate on direct current, like from a battery. AC motors run on alternaing current, like your toaster.
Q:What is wrong with my car? Blower motor, AC, or both?
ok this happened to my dads car and what he did was he went to his long time friend and he shocked the ac and then it works but it does not work for a long time he has to go get it shocked like every 2 years
Q:I installed a 750 MFD 70 hz electric motor in AC window unit, old one was 500MFD 60hz - what will happen?
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