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Q:What is AC induction motor?
An induction motor and an alternating current commutator motor belong to an alternating current asynchronous motor. Induction motors are divided into single-phase asynchronous motor, AC and DC motor, and so on. We usually call induction motor as AC asynchronous motor.
Q:What are the stator and rotor functions of an alternating current motor?
If it is a three-phase AC motor, the stator generates a rotating magnetic field to drive the rotor. If it is a single-phase AC motor, the stator generates an alternating magnetic field with a magnetic field phase difference of 90 degrees to drive the rotor. The action of the rotor is that, in the case of an asynchronous motor, it produces an electric current in the stator rotating magnetic field. According to the principle of the right-hand rule, it will operate in the direction of the rotating magnetic field at a speed less than the rotation of the rotating magnetic field. And the mechanical energy generated is transmitted to the dragging device.
Q:In the main circuit of AC motor, fuse can be used as short circuit protection, can it play the role of overload protection at the same time, why?
If the current of the motor is working normally is 10A, if there is a fuse that can work stably in the case of 10A, the case of 11A will be blown. So because the motor load for a short period of time (a few seconds) suddenly become larger, up to 12A, and then returned to normal, it is not to endanger the safety of the motor (motor temperature rise, not what) without the need for protection, but the fuse has melted. That's what we don't want to see.
Q:What's the difference between a three-phase AC motor and a two-phase one?
A three-phase induction motor consists of a stator and a rotor. Its stator winding is a three-phase symmetrical winding with symmetrical power supply. A two-phase motor is used to specify a motor with a 2 phase winding. Two-phase motor is divided into two categories: drive and servo. The Dan Xiang asynchronous motor used in most household appliances and small appliances belongs to two phase drive motors. Two phase servo motor for control, the stator's two phase windings are exciting windings and control windings respectively, with a space difference of 90 degrees of electric angle.
Q:Can AC motors be converted into generators?
At present in the society is widely used in three-phase asynchronous motor, JO2, JO2L, JO3, JO4, JO3L, and Y series, the series of motor power is less than four thousand watts, the connection method most star / triangle, a voltage of 380 volts or 220 volts (Y/ 380/220) 4 thousand watt motor more power, the connection is basically only a triangle connection method is only applicable to 380 volts. (J, J1, J2, JO, JO1 series of old power, regardless of size, are most suitable for two 380/220 and two Y/ voltage delta connection, because the loss is now rarely used)
Q:What's the difference between a three-phase asynchronous motor and an ordinary one?
Torque motor: it is a kind of special motor with soft mechanical characteristics and wide speed range. The shaft of the motor does not output power at constant power, but outputs power at constant torque. The torque motor includes: DC torque motor, AC torque motor and brushless DC torque motor. Difference: the torque motor is designed to reduce the speed without changing the output torque. When the power supply voltage is decreased, the motor speed drops, but the output force distance is constant, and the current is constant. Ordinary motors can not be slowed down by depressurization, which causes the output torque to decrease while the current increases and the motor is burned out. For inverter control: to confirm the torque of the motor is controlled by AC asynchronous motor or synchronous motor, because the inverter is used in AC motor; also confirmed that the locked rotor current is greater than or equal to the maximum current of inverter torque motor, torque motor can work because in the blocking state.
Q:How to change AC motor to DC motor?
Generally speaking, the motor is AC, and the phase change of the high-voltage DC is too sudden, which is easy to damage the motor. Batteries (electric cars) use dc.A direct current motor refers to an electric motor that uses a direct current supply (e.g., dry cells, batteries, etc.); an alternating current motor is an electric motor that uses a power supply, such as a home circuit, an alternator, etc..
Q:The working principle of AC motor!
At present, there are two kinds of AC motors commonly used: 1 and three-phase asynchronous motors. 2 、 single-phase AC motor. The first type is widely used in industry, while the second is used in civil electric appliances.
Q:What kinds of AC motors are divided into?
The AC motor can be divided into squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor and winding AC asynchronous motor according to the rotor difference
Q:How the AC motor with DC power transfer
The home electric fan which belongs to the principle of asynchronous motor in the motor it is bilateral induction principle, the three-phase alternating current electromagnetic field generated in the stator side received, which is surrounded by a conductor and electricity, then you want to, because he is the three-phase AC, amplitude and phase are changing over time, so here is the key the change of three-phase alternating current, the magnetic field generated by the inevitable change, in fact is a rotating circular magnetic field, the magnetic field will spin up -- can be understood as cutting rotor blade of electric fan shaft by electromagnetic induction principle of Faraday, or Lenz's theorem, the electromotive force in the rotor on the birth will thus, rotation moment rotation. You add DC, it is not difficult to find in the understanding of this principle, because the direct current in the stator with the direction and size are the same, does not produce rotating magnetomotive force, the fan does not rotate, unable to work. They are all lessons, and I hope I can help you.

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