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Q:The difference between synchronous motor and asynchronous motor
Synchronous motor for motor operation. The synchronous motor can adjust the excitation current to make it run in the leading power factor, power factor, to improve the power grid so that large equipment, such as large air blower, water pump, compressor, ball mill, rolling mill, synchronous motor driver. This advantage is particularly pronounced when low-speed large equipment uses synchronous motors. In addition, the speed of the synchronous motor is entirely determined by the frequency of the power supply. When the frequency is constant, the speed of the motor is certain, and it does not change with the load. This characteristic is very important for some transmission systems, especially for multi machine synchronous drive system and precise speed regulation and speed stabilization system. The stability of synchronous motors is relatively high. The synchronous motor usually operates under the excitation state, and its overload capacity is greater than that of the corresponding asynchronous motor. The torque of an induction motor is proportional to the square of the voltage, while the torque of the synchronous motor is determined by the product of the electromotive force generated by the voltage and the excitation current of the motor, which is only proportional to the primary voltage of the motor. When the grid voltage suddenly drops to the rated value of 80% when the torque of asynchronous motor is decreased to about 64%, and stop with real load; and the torque of synchronous motor is not decline, but also through forced excitation to ensure stable operation of the motor.
Q:What are the direct and alternating current motors used in daily life?
DC has children's toys, razors, alternating hair dryers, washing machines
Q:What does permanent magnet brushless motor and brushless DC motor mean?
The permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor adopts permanent magnet, so that the rotor magnetic field in space distribution can be divided into sinusoidal and trapezoidal wave two kinds: one is sinusoidal waveform; the other is trapezoidal wave.
Q:For AC motors, when the voltage is constant, the frequency of the voltage becomes higher or lower, so what is the impact on the motor?.
Frequency will affect the motor speed, high frequency, motor speed, low frequency, motor speed is slow.
Q:Why is an AC motor more popular than a direct current motor? System description, thank you.
When it comes to AC motor, said first alternating current, alternating current is often used in our daily life, low price, wide use, AC Alternating Current AC motor can adapt to any electrical equipment, is no exception, the reason is the three-phase alternating current of each phase is 120 degrees, 360 degrees, this is just a three-phase AC motor is welcome to good, so the AC motor will be popularized
Q:Winding of single-phase AC motor?
The winding of AC single-phase unidirectional motor is composed of two sets of coils, which can be a plurality of magnetic poles (electromagnets), which can be divided into main or auxiliary parts or can be operated and started, and the two sets of coils can not be connected wrongly. AC single phase bidirectional motor of the two sets of coils, regardless of the main, deputy, or can be composed of a number of magnetic poles (electromagnets). AC three-phase motor three sets of coil parameters are same, magnetic pole number can also be more than one. The connection between the coils of a single phase three-phase motor must be in a certain order, not necessarily in series. The number of poles (electromagnets) varies according to the speed of the motor.
Q:What's the difference between asynchronous and synchronous AC motors?
The two main difference in the reactive power, synchronous motor, and reactive power can be issued, you can also absorb the collection; asynchronous motor can only absorb reactive power. The synchronous motor turns to synchronize with the power grid. The speed of the asynchronous motor is generally slightly lower than the speed of the grid. Synchronous motor speed and AC power 50Hz synchronous power, that is, 2 pole motor 3000 turn, 4 pole 1500, 6 pole 1000, etc., asynchronous motor speed is slightly behind, that is, 2 poles, 2880, 4 poles, 1440, 6, pole 960, etc..
Q:How to realize constant power or constant torque output of three-phase AC motor?
Compared with the single-phase asynchronous motor, the three-phase asynchronous motor has good performance and saves various materials. According to the structure of the rotor, the three-phase asynchronous motor can be divided into two kinds of cage and winding. The squirrel cage rotor asynchronous motor is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable operation, light weight and cheap price. Its main disadvantage is the difficulty of speed regulation. Winding three-phase asynchronous motor rotor and stator is also provided with three-phase winding, and through the slip ring, brush and external rheostat connection. Adjusting rheostat resistance can improve the starting performance of motor and adjust the speed of motor.
Q:The actual power consumed by a three-phase AC motor is equal to line voltage * line current. How do you explain that?
I guess the questioner didn't know the difference between the line voltage, the line current and the phase voltage, the phase current.Line voltage and line current are considered when standing on the power supply side or standing outside the power equipment, while the phase voltage and phase current are considered in the interior of the power equipment. Of a global quantity represented by a physical quantity such as power, the use of line voltage and line current will, of course, be more convenient and direct.
Q:AC motor: use gear variable or frequency conversion?
Each has its advantages and disadvantages.The gear case, can only be very variable, only a few or dozens of fixed speed, cost, is not very high, but when the gear there is the problem of the transmission gear must be stopped, otherwise it will damage the gear structure. But one of the great advantages of gear reduction is that the power is small and the value is very small. Only mechanical structural friction losses. That is, great torque can be gained after slowing down.

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