ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:How to connect the AC motor?
There are two kinds of three-phase AC motorStar: the three connecting terminals are connected with three phase lines of the three-phase power supply, and the three terminals are shorted together with wires or metal pieces.
Q:What's the difference between a DC motor and an AC motor?
The rotating principle of three phase asynchronous motorThe prerequisite of the three-phase asynchronous motor to rotate is to have a rotating magnetic field, and the stator winding of the three-phase asynchronous motor is used to generate a rotating magnetic field. We know that the voltage between the three-phase power supply phase difference is 120 degrees in phase three, a stator winding of the three-phase induction motor in the spatial direction is 120 degrees, so when in the stator windings in three-phase power, the stator winding will produce a rotating magnetic field of stator winding rotation the magnetic field, the rotor conductor (bar) will cut the revolving magnetic field lines and induced current, current in the rotor and rotating magnetic field interact to produce electromagnetic force, the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic torque drive along the rotor rotating magnetic field direction of rotation. Under normal circumstances, the actual speed of the motor is lower than the rotating speed of the rotating magnetic field. For this reason, we call three-phase motor as asynchronous motor.
Q:Can the voltage regulating module be used as AC motor speed regulation?
In fact the motor rotor is able to rotate, in addition to the three-phase alternating current frequency, and the stator winding pole outside, also with the rotating magnetic field intensity, rotating magnetic field intensity and current of the stator winding about. Because the voltage of the input stator winding is reduced, the current input to the stator winding is reduced, and the rotating magnetic field strength is reduced. It also reduces the torque of the rotor, and thus reduces the speed of the motor.
Q:How to choose the AC motor?
The motor is nothing more than the source of mechanical power and speed. The speed and power required for the operation of the equipment can be calculated and the model can be selected.
Q:What's the difference between an AC motor and a direct current motor?
The continuous use of DC motor is short, for example: DC motor in use for 60 minutes, 10 minutes to rest, let the motor off heat, unstable power output, power consumption is based on the weight of the user to decide, but less noise.AC motor used long, can be dozens of hours of continuous use, and the power output is stable, the noise is a little larger.
Q:The direction of alternating current keeps changing. How about the direction of AC motor?
The direction of rotation of the AC motor is not determined by AC + Half direction, but by the alternating current through the processing of a certain way to produce a rotating magnetic field acting on the rotor, as you hold a permanent magnet in the circle around the same compass compass as the principle of rotation make the rotor rotate, it the rotation direction depends on the direction of rotating field.
Q:How to control the speed of AC motor
The starting mode of three-phase asynchronous motor includes:Full voltage direct start, step-down start, increase rotor circuit resistance start.For Buck start, it mainly includes the start of autotransformer, the change of star delta and the start of variable voltage. When the asynchronous motor starts, the rotor is in a stationary state with a slip rate of s=1. At this point, the rotor resistance of the T type equivalent circuit is very low, so the starting current is larger, and the starting current can be lowered by the start of the buck. As the starting torque of asynchronous motor is proportional to the square of voltage, so it is necessary to guarantee the motor's starting ability for step-down start.
Q:For AC motors, when the voltage is constant, the frequency of the voltage becomes higher or lower, so what is the impact on the motor?.
Frequency will affect the motor speed, high frequency, motor speed, low frequency, motor speed is slow.
Q:How to judge the quality of three-phase AC motor?
How do you measure the Ohm's profile in a multimeter to determine the good or bad of the motor?. First, check for open circuit, U1 to U2, V1 to V2, W1 to W2 two, check insulation U1 to V1.W1, U1, V1, W1 to ground.
Q:How many kinds of braking modes are there in AC motors? What are the characteristics of each?
Energy consumption brakingWhen the motor cuts off the AC power supply, a DC power supply is added to any two of the stator winding to generate a stationary magnetic field, and the stationary magnetic field is generated by the inertia rotation of the rotor to produce a braking torque

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