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Q:motor running on 120v 50 hz ac insted of 60 hz ac?
'Synchronous motors' designed to run on AC are designed to run at a fixed speed relative to the mains frequency. A small (as the motor sounds like it will be of small power rating) transformer will get the voltage right. If it IS 'synchronous' it WILL run slower. If the motor has permanent magnets, it may not be 'synchronous', but function more like a small DC permanent motor (it may have internal diodes), and its speed may thus vary with voltage, not supply frequency. If it does run slower on the slower 50Hz however - this may cause you problems as it may not be as efficient pumping at the slower speed - will this then move enough air for your purposes? I'd really recommend you trying to find something more in keeping with the local power supply type.
Q:how to tell the minimum voltage required for a motor to start spinning?
That is not something that you can find out without testing the motor. Even then the voltage will vary a lot with slight changes in what is being driven, the temperature etc. AC motors are not usually designed for operation more than about 10 percent above and below the design voltage. A shaded pole motor driving a fan will behave more predictably than other types of AC motors and loads, but it probably won't behave very well below about half of rated voltage. If you want a motor that will work predictably over a wide voltage range, you need a DC motor.
Q:Is suppression capacitor (Volt AC) can be used as motor starting capacitor?
I wouldn't try it. Capacitors have a maximum ripple current rating. The EMI cap doesn't have as high a rating as an oil filled motor start capacitor.
Q:Is household sewing machine good for AC motor or direct current motor?
If the family is good with two kinds of machines are good, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, their love for what kind of home use which, if not good with the pedal sewing machine, low price. Do you use the factory electric sewing machine, Erqianduoyi taiwan.
Q:Where is the heater/AC blower motor in a 1997 Oldsmobile bravada?
Lift your hood and look on the left side of the firewall. You'll see a plastic drum shaped piece of plastic. It's located right there.
Q:Set up Ac washing machine motor?
Hi. I'm going to assume this motor is a shunt motor (parallel wound) which means it has a good constant speed but low starting torque. And the rpm seems alot. are you sure it's not 1600 rpm? Either way you would probably have to get some gears built into as cause you don't want that pig taking off. There are other speed control options depending on the type or motor it is. So to power it you're gonna need a transformer ( unless you're in a country where 110 is standard). You're gonna need to wire a motor starter into it. This will consist of a start/stop switch, a contactor, an emergency stop, a breaker (the rating of this will depend on the FLC (full load current) of the motor, and you will need a TYPE C) and to protect the motor you'll need some thermal overloads. This can also be 110v so you won't need a transformer. I can explain how to wire it using what I know and using the equipment I use.. You should be able to start it DOL - direct on line, which means you can start it from the mains without adding extra starters (star/delta) 1.You take the power into the breaker and out into the contactor. If it's a single phase 110v contactor the numbers are normally 1 (in) and 2 (out). 2. You then take it from the out and into the motor. That's your power done. For the control you need to... 1. Take some 110 power from the incoming power and start from the emergency stop. 2. If you are using a thermal overload connect from the emergency stop to 95 on the o/l. Then take it from 86 to the stop switch (1). 3. Then connect (2) to number 3 on the start. The holding contact needs to be in parallel with the start button so you need to wire 3 to number 13 aswell. 4. (4) from the start button needs to go to number 14 AND A1 - which is the actual coil. Then you finish off with A2. Easy peasy lol. I hope you've understood my waffling... Good luck
Q:When testing a standard AC electric motor, should there be 120 V between the brushes and the stator's wiring?
are you sure its AC? i have never seen an AC motor with brushes.... that's usually DC... either way you should check resistance (ohms) from the hot and neutral and have continuity... usually pretty low depending on the size of the motor... then check for continuity between the hot and the frame of the motor... should be open or then it would be grounded and bad... if you have an open between the hot and neutral either the motor windings are bad or you need new brushes. it is best to disconnect the wiring to the motor directly at the motor junction box to isolate the motor.... if you were to check for continuity at the disconnect and have a broken feeder wire it may make you suspect the motor when it really isn't. you can check the hot wire to the brush, and from where the brush makes contact to the neutral for continuity also
Q:Dodge Magnum Owners: Do you guys notice the loud AC motor? It is driving me nuts!?
Yes you are talking about the blower motor. It is quite loud on high. but that's why we have a radio, turn it up and Drive On.
Q:what speed controller should i use for this motor?
you're able to be able to desire to get a easy dimmer change that's able to controlling inductive lights plenty. merely connect this in sequence with the motor and it may supply a real looking point of administration. determine that the dimmer change has a great sufficient contemporary score for the motor.
Q:How to run an ac motor by an alarm clock?
You amplify the AC from the speaker drive. Rectify, low pass and threshold. This forms a trigger for a monostable, for example, which drives a power device such as a relay, IGBT, SCR/triac etc and switches the AC onto the load for a set duration. Or you could just use digital timer device, the type you plug into a wall socket and set up several running periods per day as required. Some have little pegs for you to set the start and stop times. The completely digital ones are even better. Or you could wake up and switch it on yourself.

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