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Q:how to reduce the speed of 3phase ac motor having 2900 rpm to 1400rpm, i dont have any variable freq drive,?
Contact the manufacture of the motor to see if possible and how to.
Q:Question on AC/DC motors?
it will be difficult to hand turn any motor fast enough to illuminate a bulb that large. You could put a volt meter on the motor while you turn it to see how many volts you get. You can also drive one motor with another motor, just to see what the best voltage possible is. A DC motor will generate DC voltage, and the DC voltage will likely be small - approx 12 volts or less. If you spin such a motor fast enough to generate 120 volts, it will self-destruct, because it's spinning ten times faster than it's designed. There will also be inefficiencies, so you will only get part of the electric energy out. You might want to try a smaller bulb, like a flashlight bulb.
Q:what are the differences between ac and dc generating motors?
motors are not designed for generation of electricity, they are less efficient! DC generators are old technology alternators use dioded and are much more efficient = better conversion mechanical to electrical energy. alternators produce alternating current D
Q:Help controlling an AC motor?
Your links are cut off so we can't see what motors you're looking at. Any AC induction motor should work fine. However, you'll have to gear it down to hold that kind of force. Maybe you should look for a winch rather than a motor, the winch will have the gearing you need. The faster you want to wind the rope the more powerful the motor must be, but almost any AC motor is capable of pulling that force with the right gearing. The only question is what speed you'll get out of it. As far as controlling the motor, all you need is a mechanical relay. You can energize the relay from a micro controller with a transistor, a resistor and a diode.
Q:what are the important uses of dc generator and dc motor?
dc generators have been mostly supplanted by more efficient alternator style generators. this is particularly true where the mechanical rotation speed has to vary over a large range, such as an automotive engine. dc motors have historically been prefered for applications requiring high power and smoothly variable speed. AC motors tend to work best when rotation is locked to the phase of the line frequency. dc motors can have the speed smoothly adjusted and in some applications can also act as a dynamic brake for slowing, a good example is the motors used in railroad locomotives.
Q:Set up Ac washing machine motor?
Hi. I'm going to assume this motor is a shunt motor (parallel wound) which means it has a good constant speed but low starting torque. And the rpm seems alot. are you sure it's not 1600 rpm? Either way you would probably have to get some gears built into as cause you don't want that pig taking off. There are other speed control options depending on the type or motor it is. So to power it you're gonna need a transformer ( unless you're in a country where 110 is standard). You're gonna need to wire a motor starter into it. This will consist of a start/stop switch, a contactor, an emergency stop, a breaker (the rating of this will depend on the FLC (full load current) of the motor, and you will need a TYPE C) and to protect the motor you'll need some thermal overloads. This can also be 110v so you won't need a transformer. I can explain how to wire it using what I know and using the equipment I use.. You should be able to start it DOL - direct on line, which means you can start it from the mains without adding extra starters (star/delta) 1.You take the power into the breaker and out into the contactor. If it's a single phase 110v contactor the numbers are normally 1 (in) and 2 (out). 2. You then take it from the out and into the motor. That's your power done. For the control you need to... 1. Take some 110 power from the incoming power and start from the emergency stop. 2. If you are using a thermal overload connect from the emergency stop to 95 on the o/l. Then take it from 86 to the stop switch (1). 3. Then connect (2) to number 3 on the start. The holding contact needs to be in parallel with the start button so you need to wire 3 to number 13 aswell. 4. (4) from the start button needs to go to number 14 AND A1 - which is the actual coil. Then you finish off with A2. Easy peasy lol. I hope you've understood my waffling... Good luck
Q:Dead snake in car ac motor?
what car do you own? is it 1996+? if it is, try figuring out if you have a cabin air filter, if so, replace it
Q:How come some motors designed for an AC supply have commutator brushes?
Universal Motor Like series Motor gor Commutator Brushs ,which is uesed in Kitchen Machines, Mixies,Hair dryers,Vacuum Cleanerws Hand Blowers Etc.with High speed Motor.
Q:Induction AC motors which is working with 60Hz can be used in country with 50Hz power?
The paper machine might become overheat because the AC motor designed for 60Hz has less winding turns than 50Hz. To get arround this problem,you may lower the 3 phases 50Hz voltage into less than 380 volts, like 360 or even 340 volts. If you cannot change the voltage,the AC motor shall run faster than in 60Hz power source and it might shorten its life.
Q:IS there a temp sensor in the ac / heater electrical system to the motor?
Check if there are any loose wires. Something might not be getting a good connection.

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