ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:Why does the AC motor turn?Do I feel that the coil is not in a steady state?
Through the above analysis can be summed up as follows: when the working principle of the motor stator winding of the motor (three of the difference between the 120 electrical degrees), into three alternating current, will produce a rotating magnetic field, the rotating magnetic field cutting rotor windings, thus the induced current in the rotor winding (the rotor winding is a closed path). The rotor conductor carrier will produce electromagnetic force in the stator rotating magnetic field, so as to form the electromagnetic torque of the rotating shaft of the motor and drive the rotation of the motor and the motor rotation direction and rotation direction of the magnetic field.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC and DC motors?
AC motor without carbon brush and commutator, maintenance free, strong and wide application, but the characteristics to achieve performance equivalent to DC motor to be used to achieve complex control technology. AC motor is divided into two categories: asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. Asynchronous motor is divided into single-phase asynchronous motor, two-phase asynchronous motor and three-phase asynchronous motor according to the number of stator phases. The three-phase asynchronous motor is simple in structure, reliable in operation and low in cost.
Q:What is the stator voltage and current of an AC motor? And what is the current and voltage of the rotor?
The brand name is the stator parameter, the rotor voltage is very low, but the current is very large, about several times of the stator current.
Q:How to distinguish AC and DC machines
With the same power, the same speed (must be the same speed) compared with DC motor and AC motor, DC motor of the expensive price point, mainly because of its complicated structure must have the commutator to achieve AC-DC conversion.
Q:What is the influence on the motor when AC motor is connected to direct current?.
1200W 1000W with the inductive load inverter to drive the inverter to the protection of course; if you can be satisfied with the speed of 48V, then open 1-2 minutes to see the motor temperature, if the temperature is not high for a 4-5 minutes, if 4 minutes motor is hot, it shows that in 48V under the condition of Soybean Milk machine you can only open 4 minutes.
Q:How can the electricity of household electricity be connected to the three wire motor?
The L1 line is connected with the motor, a L2 line is connected with a motor, a capacitor connected to the L1 and at the end of the line, but the size of the capacitor according to the motor power, the following general 1KW small motor is relatively easy to use, large motor can't be used.
Q:Are there 3 harmonics in the voltage of a three-phase alternator? Why?
If the generator is connected to the power supply system after the transformer is boosted up, and the transformer has a winding with a triangle connection, then there is no 3 harmonic in the generator outlet voltage
Q:100W AC motor or DC motor good?
Depending on what you do with the motor, each has its own characteristics,The main difference between AC and DC motors is that the nature of the power supply is different. The AC motor uses alternating current. The generator sends out alternating current, while the direct current motor uses the direct current, and the generator sends out the DC point too
Q:Is the 380V single-phase AC motor the same as that of the 220V AC motor?
Two of the same pulse magnetic field is formed in time and space, so that a rotating magnetic field produces the air gap between the stator and the rotor, the rotating magnetic field, the induced current in the rotor current, and rotating magnetic field interact to produce electromagnetic torque, the motor rotation.
Q:What kinds of AC motors are divided into?
The AC motor can be divided into squirrel cage AC asynchronous motor and winding AC asynchronous motor according to the rotor difference

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