ABB AC Motor Low Voltage M3BP Series

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Q:Can a DC series motor operated on an AC supply?
An universal AC/DC motor is series wound, so a series DC motor will probably run on AC, but if it was designed specifically as a DC motor rather than a universal, performance might suffer.
Q:Hw do i control the speed of an AC motor?
Use a fuse in series with whatever you apply so that the motor is safe. If it is acdc, then applying a dc will also get it going. You can convert an ac of 12V to pulsating dc if you use a bridge rectifier rated for say 200V and 10 amps. if vacuum motor is rated for less than 1.2kW. If it is not an ac dc motor, most likely the fuse (say 15 amps) will save it. Get somebody who knows all this, just to make sure you do not have to buy a new vacuum motor..
Q:I know DC motors can be DC generators, but can AC motors be AC generators?
Absolutely. As a matter of fact, most power plants use synchronous generators, but induction motors can also become generators when they are driven past their synchronous speed and start developing torque and are used in windmills and cogeneration projects. . .
Q:i have an AC motor which have 2800 rpm but i need 1500 to 1800 rpm?
Reduce speed on the driven equipment by using reduction drive pulleys. The driven pulley should be twice the diameter of the drive pulley.
Q:How do I wire a washer motor
It is a single phase 115 volts AC motor. It has a capacitor sit at the top of motor or install some other place. It connects in series with the motor winding. It has two wires,plug them into power outlet,it shall turn unless it was defective.
Q:What are the characteristics of ac synchronous motor and list a few of its applications?
* Constant speed usage for a class B NEMA design (standard industrial duty) @ ~100-200 motor staring torque.
Q:Why should a single-phase AC motor start with a capacitor?
The running winding of a single-phase motor can only produce pulsating magnetic field - the electromagnetic field corresponding to any point of the motor stator, which can only be changed at this point, including polarity, direction and amplitude. That is, a rotating magnetic field cannot be formed.
Q:120 volt ac 4 wire motor?
You have a thermal breaker in the motor. When it gets to hot it will trip and shut off. After it cools down the breaker closes and the motor starts back up. If it is heating up that fast, you have other issues, RE:too much load on the motor, bearings going, not wired correctly or maybe even the thermal breaker is weak. Most motors have a wire diagram on the plate that will indicate proper ccw or cw connections as well as the Tc or Tr which is the internal thermal breaker.
Q:How do I test an AC single phase electric motor with a meter to see if it is burnt?
Single Phase Motor Winding Checking
Q:Motor and control information for 1890 braiding mach.1/3 to1/2 hp .?
or if there are any manufacturing plants near you, someone might be ripping one out [or reducing spares inventory] and you could get it free.

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