ABB AC Motor HXR500

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Braking principle of 220V alternating current motor
AC motor and its controlAC motor is divided into two categories: asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. According to the number of stator phases, asynchronous motors are divided into single induction motors, two-phase asynchronous motors and three-phase asynchronous motors. The three-phase asynchronous motor is widely used in industry and agriculture production because of its advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and low cost.
Q:how long can i drive with a blown ac compressor in a 2001 mercury sable 3.o dohc motor?
you can run as long as you like. Just leave the ac or heater off and your good to go.
Q:What is an AC motor exactly? i need help!?
AC stands for alternating current. For a quick and dirty picture explanation go to: Wikipedia Encyclopedia and find both AC and DC electric motors.
Q:My AC has a problem will not come on replace compressor fan motor my phone with that has the white wire not ha?
1. What type of AC are you working on ?? 2. What's the model number of the AC ?? 3. Find out the above and search Google !!!
Q:How to make an AC motor run on DC power such as a car battery?
Unless you're making a go cart for a hamster, that 1/2 hp motor isn't going to move it very fast. If you want to try, you should have an inverter at least twice the current draw of the motor, or at least 800 watts. And even then, motors don't always work very well off of inverters. Your numbers don't add up. 8.6A at 115V would be over 1hp. But, even that isn't going to push a go-kart. You'd need more like a 4 or 5hp motor minimum. It would take more like a 10hp motor to be any fun.
Q:Set up Ac washing machine motor?
Hi. I'm going to assume this motor is a shunt motor (parallel wound) which means it has a good constant speed but low starting torque. And the rpm seems alot. are you sure it's not 1600 rpm? Either way you would probably have to get some gears built into as cause you don't want that pig taking off. There are other speed control options depending on the type or motor it is. So to power it you're gonna need a transformer ( unless you're in a country where 110 is standard). You're gonna need to wire a motor starter into it. This will consist of a start/stop switch, a contactor, an emergency stop, a breaker (the rating of this will depend on the FLC (full load current) of the motor, and you will need a TYPE C) and to protect the motor you'll need some thermal overloads. This can also be 110v so you won't need a transformer. I can explain how to wire it using what I know and using the equipment I use.. You should be able to start it DOL - direct on line, which means you can start it from the mains without adding extra starters (star/delta) 1.You take the power into the breaker and out into the contactor. If it's a single phase 110v contactor the numbers are normally 1 (in) and 2 (out). 2. You then take it from the out and into the motor. That's your power done. For the control you need to... 1. Take some 110 power from the incoming power and start from the emergency stop. 2. If you are using a thermal overload connect from the emergency stop to 95 on the o/l. Then take it from 86 to the stop switch (1). 3. Then connect (2) to number 3 on the start. The holding contact needs to be in parallel with the start button so you need to wire 3 to number 13 aswell. 4. (4) from the start button needs to go to number 14 AND A1 - which is the actual coil. Then you finish off with A2. Easy peasy lol. I hope you've understood my waffling... Good luck
Q:What is the 'A' Dimension of an AC electric motor?
alternating current. see band name: AC/DC
Q:Why doesn't my AC electric motor not start when I plug it in?
Some electric motors have a governor device on them to automatically switch from the starter capacitor to all ac. Those switches can go bad and will cause this type of problem. If it is the reset switch, or any other type of switch, good luck in finding one. I have these switch issues at work and can not find them. Had to replace the whole motor. Good Luck
Q:Someone can help me about Power factor of Single Phase motors?
Yes, there is a power factor for motors. For any AC fed electrical device, unless it is purely resistive (which motor is not), there are power factors. Because motors are inductive, it has reactance components. By having reactive components, the rise of voltage is not in synch with the current - which causes apparent power consumption differ from effective power consumption. This is the power factor. Exactly what it is for your motor, there is no way for me to tell. The capacitor is used (required) for AC motors for single phase to create a 90 degree off phase signal, so the second winding develops magneticism at the different timing from the first. Without this phase differential, the motor won't turn. On 3 phase motors, this is not necessary, as you already have 3 phase that are 120 degrees off from each other. The only way to get an answer to your question is to look at the spec for your motor.
Q:Is it technicaly necesary to put resistor parallel to ac capaci2r when conected to motor compresor or ac motr?
The resistor is there to discharge the capacitor after disconnecting the power. It usually has a large resistance (470kΩ or 1MΩ are common values) and its effect is negligible in comparison to the reactance of the capacitor. It's necessary if there is a plug and socket connection anywhere in the circuit, because there would be a current path through the windings of the motor to the pins of the plug -- which could potentially be touched, giving someone a nasty surprise. And it's polite to fit it even if there isn't a plug and socket connection, because anyone working on the installation might think it OK to touch the motor terminals if they were isolated from the supply.

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