ABB AC Motor High Voltage NV Series

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Q:speed of a 60 Hz 4- pole motor?
Does the induction motor have 4 poles (2 pole pairs) or 4 pole pairs (8 total poles). Poles occur in pairs. Synchronous speed is 3600 RPM/# of pole pairs for 60 hertz power. The armature rotates slightly slower speed, the slip is s = (ns -nr)/ns where ns is the synchronous speed and nr is the rotor speed
Q:Three-Phase AC in layman's?
AC voltage. For transmission purposes is stepped up to around 50,000 volts so if you lose 50-80 volts it is a very small percentage of the total. If you tried to send it long distances at 100 volts and lost 50 to 80 volts your voltage would be to low to be usable at the other end. DC has a steady single voltage AC voltage varies from (in 120 V) +60 volts to -60 volts. It is this variation in voltage that is required to make a transformer function. DC cannot be used in a transformer. You are stuck with a single voltage, thus as stated in the first paragraph DC voltage is difficult to use over long distances like 20 miles or more. A rotating magnetic field is essential for electric motor operation. With three phase current there are three different sections to each magnetic pole and they reach their peaks at different times. This offset creates a magnetic field that is constantly rotating around the motor. The rotating magnetic field creates an electromagnet in the rotating assembly. Because opposite poles attract and like poles repel, the rotating assembly (rotor) is pushed and pulled to keep up with the rotating field that is in the wiring of the stationary part of the motor (stator). I hope I haven't confused you a lot, I've tried to address most of your questions.
Q:How can you tell if a shaded pole AC motor is bad?
I'm not sure of the ohms but these units have a bad record of icing up on the fan. Try defrosting the entire unit manually by either unplugging it and leaving it open for 24 hours or carefully using a hair dryer on the components behind the walls like the tubing and fans. Be careful not to melt any plastic or wiring! If it runs for a day or two after doing this you have a defrost failure which can be defrost thermostat, heater or control board. The heater is easy enough to ohm out, usually either open (infinite) or very high (above 2000 ohms) or shorted ( less than 20 ohms). Most likely if it's light icing it's the defrost thermostat or control board failure. I'd hope the tech would have noticed this but try it yourself to rule it out. To check the fan, simply plug get to the harness it plugs into and check for ac voltage! Make sure to tape the door switches shut or if magnetic trick them into being closed by removing and holding them together so the fan would be running. If the voltage is present (it can vary depending what the frig is asking for) plug the fan in and see if it runs. If the no or low voltage, now you are probably looking at the power control board.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC and DC motors?
AC motor without carbon brush and commutator, maintenance free, strong and wide application, but the characteristics to achieve performance equivalent to DC motor to be used to achieve complex control technology. AC motor is divided into two categories: asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. Asynchronous motor is divided into single-phase asynchronous motor, two-phase asynchronous motor and three-phase asynchronous motor according to the number of stator phases. The three-phase asynchronous motor is simple in structure, reliable in operation and low in cost.
Q:what are the diffences between a synchronous and induction motor?
Q:02 Dodge Durango AC Blower Motor resistor burns?
Another possibility is the blower motor could be drawing too much power, causing frequent resistor trouble.
Q:what happens to a DC motor if connected across to an AC supply?
Nothing good. DC- direct current and AC-alternating current wouldn't be able to work together or with parts built for the other.
Q:Why is my heat inducer/motor running while my AC is turned on at the thermostat?
The inducer will run if there is a call for heat or your high limit on your furnace is open. You have the a/c running which tells me your unit may be leaking water onto your control board or you have a short in some wiring somewhere. I suggest you call a HVAC company to diagnose.
Q:How to build an digital AC ammeter for 3 phase motor?
I guess that is what you are looking for. There isnt one ammeter per motor, there is one on each phase, or a selector switch to change between phases.
Q:STC microcontroller through the relay control AC motor, in the motor start and stop the moment will be interrupted multiple times
You've taken some of the usual anti jamming measures, but the key issues haven't been solved.1, the relay is isolated, without individual power supply, the photoelectric coupler input, if need to power (such as 6N137), must be separate power supply.Signal 2, optocoupler out, if it is low speed optocoupler, decreased along with gentle, easy to false triggering, you can add a Schmitt trigger in optocoupler after. It should solve your problem.3, SCM procedures can also do some anti disturbance processing, for example, some of the microcontroller's external interrupt, anti disturbance processing, you can open. If not, you can use the query operation, for example, each 10uS query IO once, 5 times continuously high, think that it is effective to obtain a high level, high level, set a mark, marked effective, inquiry into the 5 consecutive low level (if the middle high level again just count) is deemed effective falling edge.

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