ABB AC Motor High Voltage HXR560

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:The difference between DC motor and AC motor
Master formulas n1=60f/P, S= (N1-N), /n1, n= (1-S), 60f/P, and understand their meaning (very important), and be able to flexibly use these formulas for calculations. Also remember: the slip rate of the motor at normal load is approximately SN, 0.01-0.06. The examples in the book should be emphasized.
Q:why my 3 phase AC motor pump overheating?
It could be many ... 1. in my mind is's low on refrigerant. U need a service call from a qualify Tech for that . 2. Ur motor is worned. 3. Incorrect wiring. (The question is was it working ok, before? 4. Motors do get warm, are u sure it's running hot?
There is no way to do that. This is an induction motor. A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) will not work as pointed out by lunchtime_browser. You will have to use a gearbox with almost any motor to do that. If you use an induction motor (squirrel cage or AC motor), it is possible to control a 3 phase motor to lower speeds by using a VFD, that reduces the voltage and changes the frequency, but only within limits. These can be programmed to a fixed speed, but not so slow as 120 RPM. The cooling might also need to be addressed (fan too slow). Single phase (split phase) motors are more limited, whether using a centrifugal switch or not. You probably need a DC motor if you insist on no gearbox. The variable speed controller to suit this motor is just set to the speed you want. If you need a precise speed it needs a speed controller with speed sensor and feedback. Note that the mechanical power is the product of RPM and torque. The torque is more or less the same, as it is determined by the current rating. However with 120 RPM from a 1440 RPM motor the speed is only 1/12 so the power is only 1/12. Using a gearbox increases the torque and reduces the speed so the power is more or less the same. There are gearmotors for a wide range of output RPM. A bicycle hub motor might suit if the power is in your range. Another idea is a stepper motor, which can run at these low speeds, but it does need a controller (driver) and power supply..
Q:ac generator from ac motor?
AC induction motors do not work as generators. Don
Q:How can direct current drive AC motors?
Originally 24V battery driven 120W motor, want to use alternating current drive, need a AC/DC power.Buy a AC220V/DC24V 10A (big, expensive, how many, but safe) switching power supply.If you do it yourself, buy a 220V/12V 150-200W transformer, a 10A rectifier bridge, a heat sink, and a few 50V4700uF filter capacitors. Transformer voltage transformer to 12V, rectifier, filter, DC 24V.
Q:my home ac unit works but no air from vents. I am deaf so I cant tell if the blower motor is coming on.?
it depends on the unit. it's either in the attic, basement, or in a closet. in a typical up flow unit the indoor fan motor will be under the a-coil evaporator. take the aluminum plate off the indoor unit and you should see the electrical components and the fan housing. put the unit in fan mode and see if the fan is spinning. you should see a big wheel thing spinning round and round. if it's spinning, put it in ac mode, let it cycle and see if the wheel thing is still spinning. if your fan is working in fan mode but not in AC mode, you have an electrical issue. fan relay switch maybe...tough call. no, if it's working in fan mode the relay is energizing. point is, it's something else, not the fan motor. (those are expensive) but um, it's hard to guess. some units are horizontal and some are vertical. you have push through and pull through. the fan can be below or above the indoor coil, OR in a horizontal unit to the left or right of the coil. you could have a duct work issue. if your fan is working and you arent getting air flow maybe one of your main trunk lines in the duct work has become lose. just FYI, you are supposed to get about 400 CFM out of the registers. (cubic feet / minute) that's in AC mode, high speed for the fan. man, i wish i could look at it. i could help you out more, but that's about the best i got. GL with it! jim
Q:Motor with variable speed control?
You state that you have a motor already. So I'll put my reply into a couple of different parts. 1) If your motor is an AC motor, the only way to properly vary the speed of an AC motor is with a variable speed motor drive. Toshiba makes some small ones (under 1 HP). But you have to manually set them and control them. They are digital. 2) If your motor is a DC motor, a variable DC voltage source is what you require.
Q:what is the ac blower motor resister for.?
I THINK that it is right behind the blower motor under the dash. Follow the harness from the blower motor and it will lead you right to it. Hope that helps! Matt
Q:Cost to Replace AC blower motor?
sounds high is it a fur down that unit above your tub or hallway if it is you might consider changing the whole unit out if its in a closet way to high a price either way make sure your evap coil is clean or cleaned
Q:Is suppression capacitor (Volt AC) can be used as motor starting capacitor?
I wouldn't try it. Capacitors have a maximum ripple current rating. The EMI cap doesn't have as high a rating as an oil filled motor start capacitor.

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