ABB AC Motor High Voltage HXR500

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Q:Can you cycle a 480volt-AC motor On & Off 3,000 times a day and not destroy it?
It I got it right you are turning it on/off every 28.8 seconds which isn't very fast most motors should handle this.But What are you doing that requires this cycle rate?
Q:What is the essence of motor rpm in industrial applications?
Machines are designed to operate at a stated speed. You select, (and gear or belt), your motor so that the desired speed is attained with the motor at its rated rpm. You size your motor so that it can maintain it's rated speed at rated current or less under the load imposed by the device operated.
Q:2006 hhr No power to AC fan motor. Old motor froze up. I replaced old motor but now have no power to it.?
get a fuse tester.
Q:how is the speed of a single phase ac induction motor determined?
The speed, 60 hz/secound., how many windings are in the fields.
Q:What can I do with ac electricity I only have done dc ?
AC is used for power generation and distribution, many motors, lighting, appliances, furnaces, electric stove, dryers, and other high power items. DC is used by DC motors, LEDs, most low power electronics equipment, etc. In most cases AC power is converted to DC for these applications.
Q:How much is the AC motor in the chevy volt worth?
nah the motor in the chevy volt would be rated at more hp than a motor in a hybrid cause in a hybrid you have a gasoline engine too so you don't need that strong of an electric motor. as for prices, the motor could be anywhere from $800-1000 or even up in the $1500-$2000 range. it all depends on its specs. an ICE will be more expensive. there are A LOT more moving parts in an engine compared to a motor. an electric motor will run more efficiently, and will require significantly less maintainence because as I said, less parts. infact there is only one moving part in an electric motor. electric motors also have more torque and better torque curves. ICEs usually have their torque and horsepower peak near the high rpm range. but electric motors have torque curves that are almost flat, so you get better acceleration AND more rpms.
Q:how to connect ac motors?
1 Confirm that the motor is a 3 phase AC motor. This information will be on the motor faceplate. It also can be noted that the motor has 3 connecting wires, rather than 2. Confirm from the motor faceplate the operating voltage that the motor will require from the power distribution system. 2 Figure out the direction that the motor will turn. The motor nameplate and motor manufacturer's information should explain the needed wiring to make the motor turn in a particular direction 3 Attach the motor power leads. Wire the 3 motor leads to the 3 phases of input power. Do not use the neutral line. If the motor does not turn in the desired direction, swap any 2 of the 3 motor wires to reverse the direction of rotation of the motor.
Q:What is RC Motor ? Is it AC or DC or Both ? What are its advantages & Disadvantages ? What are its application?
An RC motor is a d.c. motor used in radio controlled models.
Q:Motor: More torque, less current?
Q:1999 Dodge Intrepid AC/heater blower motor?
Compressor will have nothing at all to do with whether or not the blower blows. Even if the compressor completely blew apart, the blower would still blow air, just wouldn't be cold air. The resistor on those is an electronic resistor, not a coil-type resistor (if it has the automatic temperature control where you can set by a specific temp, then it uses a control module). So if it burned out, it could cause the burning smell. Chances are very good it will be the resistor, those are a common repair on many vehicles (not just Chrysler products). Check the motor to see if it's good by running wires directly to it from the battery. Connect both ground and power wires direct, if it doesn't work, it needs a new motor. If it does work, then likely needs a new resistor. Remove the resistor and check for burn spots, or use a voltmeter and check for voltage going in and coming out of the resistor. If the resistor is good, then it's either a wiring harness, or the control itself that burnt up.

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