ABB AC Motor High Voltage HXR400

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Is it technicaly necesary to put resistor parallel to ac capaci2r when conected to motor compresor or ac motr?
The resistor is there to discharge the capacitor after disconnecting the power. It usually has a large resistance (470kΩ or 1MΩ are common values) and its effect is negligible in comparison to the reactance of the capacitor. It's necessary if there is a plug and socket connection anywhere in the circuit, because there would be a current path through the windings of the motor to the pins of the plug -- which could potentially be touched, giving someone a nasty surprise. And it's polite to fit it even if there isn't a plug and socket connection, because anyone working on the installation might think it OK to touch the motor terminals if they were isolated from the supply.
Q:Why would my AC Blower Motor Capacitor keep going bad? What amperage draw should the motor have?
It sounds like a problem with the load on the motor to me. The Cap is only for starting,you could have a start winding going bad or something is holding the motor back at startup, or centirfigal switch that cuts out Cap is defective.
Q:electricity coming from electric motor which is taken from rc toy car is it ac or dc?
If it operates on batteries, then the power to the motor is DC and it is a DC motor. It probably has a commutator. Electricity is flowing from the battery to the motor, it is NOT coming from the motor.
Q:Why would my fan motor on my ac stop working?
You didn't say what kind of car you have but you could have a bad resistor in the fan circuit. An easy fix.
Q:Can the speed of an AC Drill motor be controlled using a 5k Ohm rheostat?
It would not work. 5K turns into smoke right away. You need 30 ohm rheostat rated 500w to control it.
Q:how do electric motors work on the ff. devices and machines?
Pumps, Compressors, Washing Machines, Washing Dryers, refrigerators/freezers, potential chairs, electric powered Shavers, Hair Dryers, electric powered automobiles/carts, Lifts (Elevators), Hoists, CD/record gamers, computers, electric powered trains...??
Q:I have an AC 3-Phase Motor that is drawing current above it's rated value. What is the cause?
Vfd Drawing
Q:What is RC Motor ? Is it AC or DC or Both ? What are its advantages & Disadvantages ? What are its application?
An RC motor is a d.c. motor used in radio controlled models.
Q:Difference between split and a complete rings for an electric motor and a generator?
A good explanation requires diagrams which can't be included here. It is important to understand that the direction of the force on a wire in a constant magnetic field depends on the direction of the current. Reversing the current direction reverses the force. The force's direction must change each half-rotation to keep the motor turning. This force-reversal can be achieved by: - in a DC motor using a split ring commutator and - in an AC motor having two slip rings and using the fact that AC reverses direction each half-cycle. See link.
Q:How many lube points are on a Leeson AC motor? Cat# g140471.00. How much lube grease is to be applied?
If i remember right there are two lube points. Most AC motors have lube points at the upper and lower bearings. about 6 ounces of DOD-G-24508A grease is about all you need. Over greasing can lead to a messy situation. The way we grease at work is based on the motor horse power. It's not exactly an exact science. Mobile Red is a good substitute for 24508. Silicone grease can be used but tends to not last as long.

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