ABB AC Motor High Low Voltage QABP Series

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Q:how to turn an AC motor by using a microcontroller?
Use a relay triggered by an output pin on your uc. You might need to boost the current with a transistor amp enough to actuate the relay.
Q:ac brushless generator?
which windings are available on ac generator stator how do u come up with a neutral cable during rewinding
Q:How can I run a 90v dc 2.25hp motor from 110v ac?
I am no expert on this, but it is a simple case of stepping down the 110V AC source to 90V AC, and rectifying the transformer output to DC.
Q:I want to convert a car to electric. Which is better? AC motor or DC, and why?
Generally any professionally built electric vehicle uses an AC motor and home conversions most often use DC motors. DC motors are already in the type of current produced by the batteries. Therefore the controls used by a DC motor are easier to make and therefore cheaper. The RAV4ev had a DC motor. 1 AC motors have been used in the Tesla and EV1. 2 For an excellent breakdown on the pros and cons of each of 3 types of motors check out these sites. 3 Like many things in life what is better depends upon which selection criteria you give more priority to. DC motors are cheaper but can't climb hills as well and might be noisy. AC motors are more efficient but more expensive and perform very well.
Q:Name two different types of ac motors?
Shaded pole: Very simple, fractional horse power, The fan motor in your refrigerator Permanent split phase:Two sepearte coil windings help generate a good amount of torque,( poor man's 3 phase motor} Horesepower usually under 3 H.P. Air conditioning compressors, conveyor belts Three phase induction motor:Most commercial motors: Three seperate copper coil windings. Definitely commercial due to the fact that it requires Three phase electric power. Average Horse power from 3 to 200 H.P. Very efficient motor , but you must have that three phase electric service. Fan motors , Air conditioning compressors,Pump motors and elevator motors in office buildings and commercial buildings
Q:can someone show me relays that work with arudio uno 1)for AC appliance 2)for dc motors 12v or slighlty above?
Q:How do you energize windings of an AC motor? (or generator)?
you might be able to put some AC voltage at the correct phase into the capacitor start winding of the motor. If it is not a capacitor start motor, it might not have a winding that can be energized to operate as a generator. It will be tricky to produce the AC voltage at the correct phase and may not be practical since it might need to be in-phase with the speed of the motor. My guess is you will not be able to energize the capacitor start windings of an AC motor with DC and get anything useful. It might make a nice experiment for a science fair project, however if you do do an experiment driving with such a motor, be careful, the voltages can be lethal. a much better way to get electrical power from commonly available parts is to spin an automobile alternator that you got from a junkyard
Q:im 15 and have no clue how to wire a electric motor. plz help must get running.?
Q:How do I test an AC single phase electric motor with a meter to see if it is burnt?
With a megger tester, check the motor insulation resistance, line to ground. If its resistance is almost zero, the motor is possibly overheated or burnt. With a volt-ohm multitester, check the motor resistance from one line to another. Its resistance should be from 1 to 3-ohms only. If its resistance is above 100,000 ohms, its windings may be open. Also, check for a burnt smell. A burnt motor usually smells burnt enamel wire.
Q:AC Fan Motor connection?
I know exactly the motor you have with the brown/black/ sure the shaft size /amp draw/ and rpm are a correct match or compatible..I will answer you/but you really need to get a tech out there(seriously)...if you have a four wire condensor motor...the two brown wires will go directly to its own run capacitor/don't rehook to the dual run capacitor in the unit/it will make life easier on you.all you have now is line voltage to hook up.look at the top of your contractor.there is no polarity on 230 single phase.take your yellow or white(motor power lead and go to one side(t-1) and then black will be opposite (t-2)...if you have a heat pump this will be fed off odf on the defrost Board. If its got a yellow and a orange small set of plugs they are your rotation plugs.also make sure you set your depth on your blade....and reomove moisture plug...good luck be careful.

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