ABB AC Motor High Low Voltage HXR560

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Q:What is the difference between the excitation winding and armature winding of AC motor?
The motor defines the armature as the main power loop of the motor. You just have to think about the power of the stator circuit or the power of the rotor circuit. That big one is the armature". Power is voltage X current. Only synchronous generator and synchronous motor have excitation winding and armature winding. In general, AC induction motors do not have field windings. The asynchronous motor is divided into two major categories, squirrel cage and winding. The stator winding structure is the same. The squirrel cage rotor is a squirrel cage, and the winding rotor is a coil (which can be changed by an external device to change the rotor impedance). The so-called armature winding is the main power circuit of the motor". Rotor and stator coil which power is larger, which is "armature", needless to say, most of the stator coil is armature winding".
Q:Does the DC motor work the same as the AC motor?
1KW DC motor with 1KW AC motor is not the same, 1000 Watt DC motor will be a lot of small volume, although the power is 1000 watts, DC motor torque is relatively large, speed control is relatively easy. The DC motor is more powerful against overload, but the price is more expensive.1KW DC motor can bring a large generator, 900 watt generator, the actual output power of power generation is at most 800 watts. If you want to get the power of different types, using a motor driven generator is one of the most stupid way to use the lowest efficiency, power supply module, the highest efficiency, fast response, easy to adjust the noise to a minimum, the price is the cheapest.
Q:Can any AC motor 220 and 380V control positive inversion? What are the conditions?
Single phase motor has two coils, three heads, two ends of the coil and connected together to a head (public side), the starting coil of a head, a head coil operation, starting capacitor connected between the operating coil and start coil, the power supply is connected in common end and operation coil when the motor is transferred, connected to the power supply public end and start winding motor reversal.
Q:Where are the low voltage AC asynchronous motors used in electric machines?
As long as the driving force is the place, basically used,Widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, aerospace, scientific research, construction, transportation, and people's daily life.
Q:When the AC motor is burnt out, is the stator burnt out or the rotor? What about DC motors?
Normally, the AC motor burns out is the stator coil, and the DC motor burns out is the rotor coil. Because the stator coil of the AC motor is armature, the rotor of the direct current motor is armature. The fluctuation of the load and the fluctuation of the supply voltage directly affect the armature coil. Of course, there are exceptions to the special case of motors.
Q:What's the difference between a variable frequency motor and a servo motor?
Then it is servo motor, variable frequency motor and the main difference with the encoder, and then transmitted to the servo motor drive, and then using the control theory, such as gain, adjust time, simply say a servo motor is a closed-loop control system, and quick start, stop, load capacity a variable frequency motor, with these characteristics, also makes the speed, torque, third position control method for high requirement application. 1, servo motor and inverter and working principle of AC motor is basically the same, belong to the AC-DC-AC voltage type motor drive, but the technical requirements of big differences, so there are great differences in the aspects of motor and driver design.
Q:What does the D axis and the Q axis mean for AC induction motors?
The D axis and the Q axis represent the direct axis and communicate. By decomposing the stator current into the direct axis component and the quadrature axis component, the armature responses are calculated respectively so as to better control the stator currents.In permanent magnet synchronous motor control, in order to obtain similar control characteristics of DC motor,
Q:How can the electricity of household electricity be connected to the three wire motor?
You must first determine whether the single-phase motor or three-phase motor, the general motors are nameplate. I do not know where you come to the power diagram, L1, L2 is a single-phase 380V diagram, single-phase 220V should be marked L, N, and the AC is no positive and negative poles.If the single-phase 220V motor, most of which is to be equipped with capacitors, with a multimeter can determine how to connect the three wires (see below); also have carbon brush motors, not capacitors.If there should be three-phase motor three-phase power, estimation of your home may not have three-phase power supply, the only way is to use the inverter, but the investment is relatively large, and the need for professionals to set.If you need the type of converter, you can ask again.
Q:Winding of single-phase AC motor?
The winding of AC single-phase unidirectional motor is composed of two sets of coils, which can be a plurality of magnetic poles (electromagnets), which can be divided into main or auxiliary parts or can be operated and started, and the two sets of coils can not be connected wrongly. AC single phase bidirectional motor of the two sets of coils, regardless of the main, deputy, or can be composed of a number of magnetic poles (electromagnets). AC three-phase motor three sets of coil parameters are same, magnetic pole number can also be more than one. The connection between the coils of a single phase three-phase motor must be in a certain order, not necessarily in series. The number of poles (electromagnets) varies according to the speed of the motor.
Q:Why AC motor speed control system will replace DC motor speed regulation system?
PWM control is the control core of AC speed regulation system, and the final realization of any control algorithm is almost finished by various PWM control methods.

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