ABB AC Motor High Low Voltage HXR560

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Q:why in a motor its said if voltage drops FREQUENCY drops & so overheating occurs in frequency drops?
Unless it refers to frequency of the motor's rotation, and not supply frequency. That would make sense. With ohms law and all that.
Q:how torque varies in ac motor?
A variable-frequency drive (also termed adjustable-frequency drive, variable-speed drive, AC drive, micro drive or inverter drive) is a type of adjustable speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage
Q:How brushed DC and AC motors are different?
AC motors use slip rings and brushes . AC current is changing direction at 60Hz. The slip rings maintain electrical contact with the coil while allowing the coil to rotate. Slip rings to do not provide any mechanical switching of the conductor path (wiring) DC motors use a communtator and brushes. DC current is unidirectional, alway flows in the same direction. The commutator also allows the coil to rotate while maintaining electrical connection but with an important difference. A commutator will perform switching based upon the angle of rotation. A communtator is a series of individual copper strip pairs. Where each individual strip in a pair is connected to one end of a coil. The commutator strips are electrically isolated from one another. As the coil rotates the commutators conductive strips pass under the brushes. DC current is applied to the coil in one direction and as the coil winding of the motor rotates the communtator bars (strips) connect to pass DC current in the opposite direction in the coil. In essence a commutator causes the DC current to switch back on forth in the motor winding of the armature(shaft). Thus by defintion The DC motor has AC in its armature windings when the motor is running. The frequency of this AC is a function of RPM and the number of poles....
Q:On a variable frequency ac drive, can you still use a amp-clamp to check the motor current? Are amp clamps only for 60 cycle power?
Ordinary analog clamp-on ammeters have generally not been very good for checking VFD current. There are a lot of digital clamp-on ammeters that are designed to read true RMS current. Some may also read true fundamental current. Read the meter specifications and instructions carefully to determine if a particular meter is suitable. There is also a clamp-on ammeter with an iron vane movement that reads true RMS current from DC to above 60 Hz. It is the Columbia Tong Test meter. They were once considered the best meter to use, but now digital meters are preferred.
Q:I want to convert a car to electric. Which is better? AC motor or DC, and why?
Alternating Current. Direct Current has a history of being dangerous.
Q:Name two different types of ac motors?
(a) Synchronous Motors. 1. Plain 2. Super (b) Asynchronous Motors. 1. Induction Motors: (a) Squirrel Cage (b) Slip-Ring (external resistance). 2. Commutator Motors: (a) Series (b) Compensated (c) Shunt (d) Repulsion (e) Repulsion-start induction (f) Repulsion induction
Q:How to control the speed of AC motor
The starting mode of three-phase asynchronous motor includes:Full voltage direct start, step-down start, increase rotor circuit resistance start.For Buck start, it mainly includes the start of autotransformer, the change of star delta and the start of variable voltage. When the asynchronous motor starts, the rotor is in a stationary state with a slip rate of s=1. At this point, the rotor resistance of the T type equivalent circuit is very low, so the starting current is larger, and the starting current can be lowered by the start of the buck. As the starting torque of asynchronous motor is proportional to the square of voltage, so it is necessary to guarantee the motor's starting ability for step-down start.
Q:If I have a 1/5hp 120V motor, how many AC amps is that?
Depends how efficient the motor is. At 120 V it could draw anywhere from 80MA to 8A depending on if the motor draws 1000 Watts or 10 Watts. Probably draws around 50 Watts which would put it at 410 MA or about a half an Amp. You can by the way make it way more efficient just like any AC motor by placing a capacitor over the Hot and Ground.
Q:Converting an AC motor to DC?
Some AC motor designs will only operate on AC; others will operate on DC also. I don't know what your application is, but you might also consider converting your DC power to AC by running it through an electronic device called an inverter. This approach also allows you to step the voltage up with a transformer so the motor operates at its rated voltage. Converting to AC may also involve a few gotchas of its own. Induction motors, for example, are sensitive to both the frequency and the waveform of their input power and may overheat if fed with the wrong waveform even if it is at the correct voltage and frequency.
Q:Why Does My New AC Condenser Fan Motor Turns the Opposite Direction Now?
If its a reversible like one of the trip savers look at the diagram on the motor. Not exactly sure what the colors are but its the 4 wires that get connected together right from the motor ( all 4 will be 2 different colors ) like 2 orange and 2 yellow for example. Just switch these from how you have yelow to yellow / yellow to yelloe or yellow to orange/ yellow to orange If its not one of these switch your hot and common - I've seen this work one time

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