AAC、ABC and ACSR Aluminium stranded cable and steel-core aluminium stranded cable

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Aluminium stranded cable  and steel-core aluminium stranded cable have the characteristics of simple  structure, easy for laying and maintenance, low cost of circuit, biggier  transimission capacity and convenience for laying across the river and valley  with special geograghic conditons. Thus the product is suitable for using in the  aerial transmission circuit of all kinds of voltage.

Implemented  standard.

GB/T1179Round wire concentic stranded aerial cableequivalent to IEC61089. According to the customers requirements, we  can manufacture the aluminium stranded cable and aluminium stranded conductor  steel reinforced based on the standard, such as ASTMDINBS etc. We can also produce the non-standard aluminium stranded cable  and steel-core aluminiym stranded cable based on requirements of section,  structure and properties put forward by the customer.According to the different  anti-corrosion needs, the anti-corrosion paint can be coated in the any layer of  the aluminium stranded conductor steel reinforced,manufacture the anti-corrosion  type aluminium type aluminiym stranded condcutor steel  reinforced.

Material  standard

The stiff aluminium wires  used in the aluminium stranded conductor and aluminium sranded conductor steel  reinforced implement GB/T17048(equivalent to IEC60889)

The galvanized steel wires  of the aluminium stranded conductor steel renforced implement  IEC60888.

According to the customer’s  needs, we can manufacture the cable based on the material  requirements.

Product  characteristics

The properties of the  aluminium stranded cable and steel-core aluminium stranded cable is expressed by  the kilometer resistance at 20.The specific resistance of the stiff aluminium wire should be not  more than 0.028264Ω.mm2/m, which is standard value internationally  accepted.

There are three strengh  grades for the aluminium stranded conductor steel reinforced: general strength  grade, high-strength grade and super-high strength grade.

Product  Maintenance

During handling and  transportation, the prodcut should prevent form impact and collision.When  transportation and storage,the cable drum should not be layed flatly. The  moisture-proof measures should be used during the storage.

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Q:Ipad charge does not enter the charge does not support this accessory charge
The In general, single-core 15 square wire, for lighting fixtures; single-core 2

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