AAC、ABC and ACSR Aluminium stranded cable and steel-core aluminium stranded cable

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Product Description:

Aluminium stranded cable  and steel-core aluminium stranded cable have the characteristics of simple  structure, easy for laying and maintenance, low cost of circuit, biggier  transimission capacity and convenience for laying across the river and valley  with special geograghic conditons. Thus the product is suitable for using in the  aerial transmission circuit of all kinds of voltage.

Implemented  standard.

GB/T1179Round wire concentic stranded aerial cableequivalent to IEC61089. According to the customers requirements, we  can manufacture the aluminium stranded cable and aluminium stranded conductor  steel reinforced based on the standard, such as ASTMDINBS etc. We can also produce the non-standard aluminium stranded cable  and steel-core aluminiym stranded cable based on requirements of section,  structure and properties put forward by the customer.According to the different  anti-corrosion needs, the anti-corrosion paint can be coated in the any layer of  the aluminium stranded conductor steel reinforced,manufacture the anti-corrosion  type aluminium type aluminiym stranded condcutor steel  reinforced.

Material  standard

The stiff aluminium wires  used in the aluminium stranded conductor and aluminium sranded conductor steel  reinforced implement GB/T17048(equivalent to IEC60889)

The galvanized steel wires  of the aluminium stranded conductor steel renforced implement  IEC60888.

According to the customer’s  needs, we can manufacture the cable based on the material  requirements.

Product  characteristics

The properties of the  aluminium stranded cable and steel-core aluminium stranded cable is expressed by  the kilometer resistance at 20.The specific resistance of the stiff aluminium wire should be not  more than 0.028264Ω.mm2/m, which is standard value internationally  accepted.

There are three strengh  grades for the aluminium stranded conductor steel reinforced: general strength  grade, high-strength grade and super-high strength grade.

Product  Maintenance

During handling and  transportation, the prodcut should prevent form impact and collision.When  transportation and storage,the cable drum should not be layed flatly. The  moisture-proof measures should be used during the storage.

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Q:Where do u put the cables?
well for convenience, id run the power cables on the side of the car that the battery is on and the rca's on the other side.
Q:PCI Express Power Cable Questions Problems.?
You're going to want to buy a new power supply that can handle it. To require two cables, this card sounds like a behemoth and you're likely going to want a bigger supply anyway. Adding a 6-pin cable isn't really a thing. I'd recommend Corsair for any supply as they're high quality and cheap.
Q:Can I mix different power cables / transformers for different electronics? The plug does fit in.?
uk is now 230, the ecu voltage. (easily, capacity is transmitted under the Channel from France throughout the frenzy hour, that's a risk simply by fact the Continent is on needed ecu Time; no longer correct on your question yet exciting.) some electronics bought interior the USA of a are marked one hundred twenty˜240 and those could be utilized interior the united kingdom with basically a plug adapter. Hair dryers and another home equipment have outfitted in resister circuits and you will pass a swap from one hundred twenty to 230/240. or you elect a converter (no longer reported by way of many electricians different than as an emergency holiday expedient) or a transformer. you may desire to examine up the wattage or amperage or you will burn out the transformer. For digicam battery chargers etc, interior the no longer likely experience they are not twin voltage, you may positioned them interior the one hundred twenty v. socket of a batheroom shaver outlet (those have circuit breakers in them for a million amp or much less). I easily have not viewed any digicam chargers recently that are no longer twin voltage. yet confirm. you need to purchase adapters to extra healthful the unique British electric retailers in drug and equipment shops throughout Britain, and at airports.
Q:could i use 2 cable to power 1 object?
In this case, you should have put the batteries in series to get 48 or 96 volts, that makes the cabling easier. Too late now. Yes, at 5kW, that is 5000/12 420 amps I don't know what size wire you are using, and what the distance is, so I can't help further without that information. For example, if you are running 10 feet of cable (20 total) and you want to lose only 5% of the voltage, which is 0.6 volts, then the resistance of the wire needs to be less than 0.6/420 1.4 mΩ. That is, over 20 feet, 71 mΩ per 1000 feet, which is 000 AWG wire. Mush more than 10 feet, and you need to use MCM wire. .
Q:What power cable do I need for my mixer?
Look at the mixer itself and see what voltage it says on it, If it states 250V then you cannot use it in the USA as the voltage there is 110V.
Q:Switching my PS3 power cables?
It won't short out, cause it will only take certain power
Q:What are ways to string a electrical power cable across a valley?
That's a long span, but not impossible. You might want to check out the Ameralik span in Greenland for some ideas (it is about 3 times that long, at 5376 meters) Here's one reference:
Q:how many 4pin molex power cable is needed to convert it to the 6pin adapter for ATI radeon hd 2900xt?
a 6 pin power adapter uses 2 molex (4pin) connectors. However, you can't have them from the same cable (you know how some cables have 2 or 3 connectors on them), or else you won't have enough amps.
Q:Should Ferrite Core be tight on the power cable?
It doesn't make any difference, they are just as effective if they are loose. Actually the bigger ones should be more effective at filtering because there is more ferrite material in them.
Q:Cable zc_y v22 what does it mean
No problem with the copper, the home is no problem as if you take a twisted pair as a telephone line KVV with BV material, the process is not much difference in the production

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