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Aac block


1.aac plant is a potential industry in the future

2.low invest,high profit

3.we are the professional manufacture


The following is the detail information of aac block making process and brief introduction of aac production line.



The aerocrete produces the technological process:


1.The raw materials store in the material storehouse (or stores the pot) after dealing with reserve such as lime, cement, gypsum, sand (or fly ash)


2. Aluminum powder or aluminum lotion is through dealing with the reserve material for use


3. Raw materials measure according to certain matching by electron balance measure, aluminum powder, water put into aluminum powder mixer is it is it suspend the liquid to make to mix after measuring


4. The batching water (cold water or hot water pitcher hot water) is measured by the electronic water balance


5. Put into and pour among the mixers in certain order after, raw materials, aluminum powder suspend the liquid is measured, pour and enter the mould after mixing evenly (panel should be put network slice of reinforcing bar in advance in the mould)


6. Quiet to is it raise in advance to park through certain temperature and time, is it transport to the cutting machine to hang from upset hoist upset 90° after the base body reaches certain intensity, the drawing of patterns is cut

a. The base body carries on the side and cuts and mills the trough vertically

at first

b. Then carry on the vertical level to cut

c. Cut horizontally finally

d. Cut good base body, raises to cauldron car go on one yard of shelves organize into groups to steam to transport to hang to drive a vehicle to load


7. Raise products well, produce after the cauldron breaking the board off with the fingers and thumb by the board breaking off with the fingers and thumb machine to steam


8. Pile from finished product hoist or forklift to finished product field pile the buttress according to specification to carry


9. Steaming and raising the car and side board and entering the next board of circulation and returning after, the finished product is unloaded, with upset hoist mould frame association that drawing of patterns get off, restore 90°return to pour mixer pour again after clearing up.

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Q:Living room shop 800 tiles, skirting with what material is good?
The first floor of the right, with deep point of color, can withstand the color of tiles, tiles because of the color is light, and then light-colored baseboard on the house appears to be floating, you can use tiles and made solid wood, the price side You can use the polymer on the line, choose the hardness of the good, and some of the body of the body to give you the decision to buy the floor, Soft, cost-effective
Q:Will the room decoration floor tiles with which is better, please recommend a more suitable for the family to me ah?
First of all: from the appearance of color, consumers should carefully check its color is pure, may be a lot of owners will ask in the end how to determine its color is pure? Here Xiaobian teach you a little trick, we can observe the back of the tile Whether the color is uniform and consistent, good quality tiles it is very uniform color is very uniform Second: observe the floor tile cross-section of the particles, that is, the fracture of the ceramic tile fragments are delicate Because the fine particles on behalf of this tile on the waterproof ability is very strong, whereas the larger particles of the tile, easy to produce water and affect the quality of tiles So the fracture at the fine and the same color tiles for the top grade Note that the thickness of the glaze layer is also when we buy tiles should pay attention to the thickness of the glaze layer is directly related to the thickness of the glazed cross section, because the glazed tiles cost the most expensive material, so you can see glaze Of the thickness to determine the thicker glaze layer that the more glaze, the better the natural quality Finally: floor tile sound and water resistance is also necessary to check when the purchase Tap the floor tiles, if the sound is heard crisp, clear the quality of this floor tile is better At the same time you can pour some water in the back of the floor tile to observe the speed of water absorption of floor tiles If the water is too deep after the spread of the floor tile density is relatively large, and if the watermark is not obvious, then its quality is the best It is worth noting that the bathroom is relatively slippery place, it is best to use anti-skid effect is good, anti-fouling ability, low water to turn
Q:Will the construction of rural ordinary residential 1 square need the number of material brick reinforced concrete sand and gravel
Under normal circumstances, the construction of rural residential buildings in one square meter of the amount of material: 1. Steel 9.6kg, diameter bottom bar Φ8 spacing two-way 150cm, negative bending moment Φ8 spacing 150mm, distribution tendons Φ6.5 spacing 200mm2 cement 42.7kg, Marked 32.5 grade, concrete label C303. Sand 52.5kg4. Stone 128.6kg5. Cast-in-place floor around the ring beam main reinforcement 4Φ. stirrup Φ6.5 spacing 200mm, ring beam section 240 * 300mm
Q:Self-built two-story building 300 square, what materials, how much use each
Since the construction of the province, the amount of steel per square meter (by the construction area) about 17kg or so more reasonable, about 1 per gram of concrete per square meter of concrete, brick wall by 240 thick wall porous brick . solid clay brick . other Sand stone and so on. Self-built housing Note: First, the construction area and budget to determine. According to their own economic conditions, to determine the construction area and make a preliminary budget. Second, the layout of the design, bedroom, living room, main room, garage, farmhouse, grain depot, bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, staircase, livestock circle, the number of rooms to be, the rooms to be appropriate. Third, the foundation should be solid and stable, before the construction should be exploration, or digging pits to engineering geologists to confirm the reliability of the foundation. Fourth, the choice of materials, try to use local materials, regular materials, control budget. Fifth, the construction should pay attention to safety.
Q:The reason why my government banned the use of red brick building materials is
Red brick is a solid clay brick, because of its destruction in the production process of arable land, a waste of resources, pollution of the environment. In order to protect the cultivated land and the environment and promote new types of lightweight, environmentally friendly wall materials, the state has taken banned measures.
Q:Want to build a house next year .......... Will the building price increase after the Spring Festival? About how much will rise, when the cover is cheap and appropriate
Winter to buy should be better, less decoration, relative to the low price of building materials.
Q:Is the building material in the building covered with tiles and composite wood?
If you want to explain what the building decoration materials are included
Q:Toilet floor tiles with what to add a good barrier to waterproof material
Just rely on the gap waterproof is to die, waterproof mainly depends on the waterproof layer, such as: the East rain rainbow or the golden shield two components of the infestation through the tide of the turtles to kill the waterproof coating can be, each time do not brush too thick, After .4 times, there is a layer of waterproof film formed, and then can be tiled.
Q:Red house guest room 9 meters long, 6 meters wide, to choose a floor tile floor. Choose which of the following specifications
Choosing a brick of 600 is not missing, but it does not look good. Choose the brick of the 800 material but look good
Q:Now many buildings use hollow bricks to build walls. As shown in the figure for a building material factory production of a specification of 200mm × 150mm × 100mm rectangular hollow brick, each brick quality of 4.5kg. The material density of this brick is 2.5 g / cm3. (1) What is the gravity of this brick? (G 10N / kg) (2) What is the volume of the hollow part of each brick? (3) What are the benefits of using this hollow brick and what to say
5kg25 the weight of the brick: G = mg = 4
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Henan,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets 40.00% Southeast Asia
30.00% Domestic Market
20.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% Africa
Company Certifications NQA Quality certification

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Qingdao,Tianjin,Shanghai
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range