AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

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Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Flat
Temper: Half Hard Application: Decorations

Product Description:

1.Structure of AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Description

AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is widly used in building, industry ect. Its weight is much lower than steel. So many customers choosed aluminium material instead of steel.

AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is one semi-finished aluminium material. This strip can be rolled down to aluminium foil.The final thickess can be 5-20 microns.  Aluminium foil is soft, ductile and with a silver-white luster which can be widely used in a large scare of fields.

2.Main Features of AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

1)Excellent weather-proof durability 
3)High erosion resistance 
4)Stable color and gloss 
5)Good mechanical processing performance 
6)Abrasion resistance 
8)High flexibility

3.AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Images

AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

4.AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Specification




H14, H16, H18,O/F


0.5mm   -- 4mm


200mm   -- 1200mm


GB/T   3880-2006

5. FAQ of AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006

What is the largest width?

---It is 2300mm

How to guarantee the quality?

---Customers are welcome to our mill to visit and check the products. Besides, we can arrange a third party to test AA1100 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware.

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Q:Some of the extruded aluminum materials become waste, and then from the new processing into aluminum rods, shipped back extrusion aluminum, how do accounting entries?
Outsourcing:Processing materials by entrustmentLoan raw materialPayment of processing fees:Processing materials by entrustmentTax payable - VAT - inputLoan bank depositTake back:Borrow raw materialsEntrusted processing materials
Q:I would like to know the benefits of the aluminum bar homogeneous process and some related knowledge, know the master, please let me know, thank you!
At present our company mainly production 15 tons, 20 tons, 35 tons and 40 tons, 15 tons of available specifications, electricity, oil or gas heating, and more than 20 tons of oil or gas heating.
Q:What is the deformation temperature of the aluminum rod mold?
It depends on the requirements of your equipment (imported or domestic) and refining the main function of control, there is a guarantee to improve the quality of continuous casting measures, such as the need of EMBR EMS mold expert system, all your requirements are not the same, the price difference is certainly much worse, I suggest you can design consulting institute the relevant information related to go directly to.
Q:Which wear resistant die casting aluminum and aluminum bars?
These two processes are not very different, mainly depends on the alloy composition, the general choice of aluminum is because of good corrosion resistance and small proportion of aluminum.
Q:When an aluminum bar and an iron bar are inserted into the water to conduct electricity, are there any floating objects? Why?
It depends on what rods and electrodesWhen the iron rod is connected with the positive electrode of the power supply as an anode, the negative electrode connected with the power supply of the aluminum rod is used as the cathodeThe anode electrode is active metal, then the metal preferentially loses electronsThe iron reacts with electrons to produce ferrous ionsThe cathode is made of aluminum, so the metal does not get hydrogen ions in the electronsThe cathodic reaction of hydrogen ions leads to the formation of hydrogen and the alkaline enhancement of hydrogen cathodesTherefore, a large number of white floc near the cathode, immediately after the shock into gray green, exposure to air, long reddish brownWhen the aluminum rod is used as the anode of the power supply, the negative pole of the iron rod is connected with the cathode of the power supply as the cathodeBecause aluminum is a living metal, aluminum will lose electrons as an anodeThe anodic reaction leads to the loss of aluminum to trivalent aluminiumThe cathode react with hydrogen ions to change electrons into hydrogenIf water is to be produced by electrolysis of water, oxygen should be used as anode and the cathode material connected to the negative electrode of the power supply does not matter
Q:Which of the aluminum and aluminum bars of the same length bear more force?
Is the aluminum plate with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to 500mm, 200mm width, length less than 16m aluminum material called aluminum plate or aluminum sheet, aluminum is below 0.2mm, 200mm within the width of the row material or bar (of course, with the progress of the large equipment, the width can be 600mm row material also more). Aluminum sheet refers to the rectangular plate made of aluminium ingot rolled and divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, middle thick aluminum plate and pattern aluminum plate.
Q:What is aluminum material called fine material? Is it made of aluminium bars?
Fine material is aluminum and other industrial aluminum tubes, such as {aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum] distinguish named, is the production of fine material life we often use has been processed, section does not need to change, only need to cut the direct use of aluminum in length. Such as processing Aluminum Alloy aluminum doors and windows aluminum fine material material. Many specifications. Aluminum fine material is Aluminum Alloy.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum bars for high temperature and low temperature extrusion?
The most widely used non-ferrous metal structural material in the aluminum alloy industry, has a large number of applications in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries. With the rapid development in recent years, the scientific and technological, as well as the growing demand for industrial economy, aluminum alloy welding structure, welding of aluminum alloy will also be in-depth study.
Q:The difference between die cast aluminum and extruded aluminium rods
(a) the final purpose of casting process casting process is the production to meet the requirements of the aluminum rod, and to produce the aluminum rod, to go through the process of melting, casting, cutting bar, aluminum rod homogenization, cooling, washing bar, aluminum rod into the warehouse.1, melt casting workshop Refining process: charging, melting, melting, stirring, adding waste completely melting, adding waste, melting, and covering agent and deslagging agent, slag, stirring, sampling, furnace analysis, plus Al-Si (Sl-Cu, Cr, Mg, additive) ingot furnace after stirring, sampling, analysis and composition to adjust the refining slag cover, standing for 2, 3, 4, casting material cutting aluminum rod homogenization, cooling, washing 5 rods (two) extrusion extrusion process: preparation, pressure extrusion, stretching and straightening, cutting, trimming and framing finished 1, before 2, extrusion extrusion 3, 4, stretching and straightening cutting products, trimming and framing (three) aging process 6061-T6 state: solid solution heat treatment after cooling to achieve high strength. No cold working status: 6061-T6511 solution heat treatment after cooling to achieve high strength, and then to the school Is the straightening process of.6061-T651 state: solution heat treatment cooling to achieve high strength. Then the tensile cold drawing machine, to eliminate the residual stress after heat treatment, reached after deep processing after deformation to ensure the machining precision of products.
Q:What are the elements of the national standard aluminum rod 6063t5?
chemical compositionAluminum Al: marginSilicon Si:0.20 ~ 0.60Copper Cu:0.10Magnesium Mg:0.45 ~ 0.9Zinc Zn:0.10Manganese Mn:0.10Titanium Ti:0.10Chromium Cr:0.10Iron Fe:0.35Single: 0.05 total: 0.15

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