AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

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Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Flat
Temper: Half Hard Application: Decorations

Product Description:

1.Structure of AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Description

AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is widly used in building, industry ect. Its weight is much lower than steel. So many customers choosed aluminium material instead of steel.

AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is one semi-finished aluminium material. This strip can be rolled down to aluminium foil.The final thickess can be 5-20 microns.  Aluminium foil is soft, ductile and with a silver-white luster which can be widely used in a large scare of fields.

2.Main Features of AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

1)Excellent weather-proof durability 
3)High erosion resistance 
4)Stable color and gloss 
5)Good mechanical processing performance 
6)Abrasion resistance 
8)High flexibility

3.AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Images

AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

4.AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Specification




H14, H16, H18,O/F


0.5mm   -- 4mm


200mm   -- 1200mm


GB/T   3880-2006

5. FAQ of AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006

What is the largest width?

---It is 2300mm

How to guarantee the quality?

---Customers are welcome to our mill to visit and check the products. Besides, we can arrange a third party to test AA1060 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware.

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