A515Gr70 steel production in Wugang

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SA515Gr70belonginlowcarbonsteelpressure vessels,performASMEstandards,Wugang2006R & Dproduction,is widely used inpetroleum, chemical, power plants,boilers and otherindustries for the productionreactors,heat exchangers,separators,ballcans,gas tanks, nuclearreactor pressure vessel,boiler drum,hydropowerhigh pressurepipes,water wheelsvoluteother equipment and components.

1.SA515Gr60, SA515Gr70, SA516Gr60, SA516Gr70, SA516Gr60N, SA516Gr70Nthickness≤1.5in, (40mm)steelis usuallysupplied inrolled condition, steelcan also benormalized oreliminate stress,or normalizedstress relievingorders.

2thickness> 1.5in. (40mm)steelshould benormalized.

3Unlessotherwise specifiedby the demand side, the thickness≤1.5in, (40mm)plate,whennotch toughnessrequirements,shouldbe normalized.

4, ifapprovedby the demand side,allows the use oflarger than thecooling ratein the airto improve thetoughness,butas long as thesubsequentsteel1100-1300°F (595-705 ℃)within a range oftempering.


SA515Gr60 / 70is widely used inpetroleum, chemical,power plants,boilers and otherindustries for the productionreactors,heat exchangers,separators, tank, notank, nuclearreactor pressure vessel,boiler drum,hydropowerhigh pressurepipes,waterscrollwheeland other equipment andcomponents.

Grade              thickness                width             length                 remarks

SA515Gr60              8                    2300              10000              FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60           185                   3815              10322                  

A515Gr60              25                    2400              12000              FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            30                    2500              11400              

SA515Gr60            36                    2300              10000                FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            40                    2520               8400                  

SA515Gr60            50                    2300              10000                FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            60                    2000              10000              

SA515Gr60            80                    2560              10800                  

SA515Gr60            100                  2700               8900                 FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            120                  2550              10500              

SA515Gr60            200                   2550             3330                  

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Q:What is hot and cold rolled steel plate? How to distinguish? What high hardness? Which will produce noisy eye?
Cold and hot rolling are two different rolling technology, as the name suggests, is in the cold rolled steel at normal temperature of rolled steel, the hardness of hot rolled steel is large. Under the condition of high temperature hot rolled.1. continuous casting slab or as raw material, after reheating furnace heating, scale into the roughing mill in addition to high pressure water, roughing material by cutting head, tail, and then enter the finishing mill, the implementation of the computer controlled rolling, after finishing through the laminar cooling (computer controlled cooling rate) and coiler, become straight hair volume. Hair straightenerrollhead, tail tongue shapeand thefishtail shape, thickness and width precision, edgehaswavy, folding, pyramid and other defects. The volume weight heavier, steel coil diameter is 760mm. (love. General pipe industry) thestraightthroughcutting head cutting, cutting tail, cutting edge and multi pass straightening and leveling finishing line processing, again Cutting board or heavy volume, which becomes: hot rolled steel plate and flat steel coils, slittingstripand other products. In hot finishing rolling by pickling descaling and oil is made by pickling hot-rolled coils. The product has a tendency to partial substitution of cold-rolled plate, moderate price, loved by the masses of users.
Q:What are the reasons for the steel mesh on both sides of the back pouring belt?
Increase overall stability. To prevent cracks due to settlement, uneven cement shrinkage, etc., but also to increase the overall firmness. Generally speaking, the stability of the post casting belt is increased.
Q:Why can iron and steel stick with glue?
This kind of synthetic resin adhesive has the metal or non-metallic materials sticking to the prison so, partly because the adhesive into the plastic surface of the pores, forming a mechanism combination; on the other hand is because the adhesive and plastic surface chemistry, the molecular junction.
Q:What are hot and cold plates?
Hot and cold plate is cold rolled sheet (coil) and hot rolled plate (coil) collectively.
Q:What does "steel plate 10t" mean in the specification column of engineering material?
The width of the sheet is 500~1500 mm; the thickness is 600~3000 mm. According to the type of steel sheet, ordinary steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, silicon steel and industrial pure iron sheet; according to professional use, with drums board, enamel board, bulletproof plate; surface coating and plating, plating with zinc thin plate, tin plate, plating lead sheet, plastic composite plate.
Q:What's the difference between single rolling steel sheet and continuous rolling steel plate?
Single rolled steel plate usually refers to medium plate, in the process of rolling and finishing, the plate has been flat, usually thicker (6mm or more), the width of the fastest up to 4800mm.
Q:How do I print the steel plate?
It's not print. It was corrosion first. It's laser engraving. Now it's 20 watts above the laser to carve the metal
Q:Is the cold rolled steel plate good or the stainless steel plate?
Although it is impossible to provide specific parameters to prove, in fact, most stainless steel plates are used in oven making. Corrosion resistant, easy to clean, safe and sanitary.
Q:How much is the rent for a day of Larson steel sheet pile
As a kind of new building materials in the Larson steel sheet pile cofferdam, bridge construction, large pipeline, temporary ditch excavation for retaining, retaining water and sand retaining wall; in the wharf, unloading field wall, retaining wall, Levee Revetment, play an important role in engineering.
Q:Should the carbon fiber reinforce the steel bar on the side of the beam?
Not necessarily, mainly depends on how the design is calculated, usually put 100~200mm carbon fiber layering

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