A515Gr70 steel production in Wugang

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SA515Gr70belonginlowcarbonsteelpressure vessels,performASMEstandards,Wugang2006R & Dproduction,is widely used inpetroleum, chemical, power plants,boilers and otherindustries for the productionreactors,heat exchangers,separators,ballcans,gas tanks, nuclearreactor pressure vessel,boiler drum,hydropowerhigh pressurepipes,water wheelsvoluteother equipment and components.

1.SA515Gr60, SA515Gr70, SA516Gr60, SA516Gr70, SA516Gr60N, SA516Gr70Nthickness≤1.5in, (40mm)steelis usuallysupplied inrolled condition, steelcan also benormalized oreliminate stress,or normalizedstress relievingorders.

2thickness> 1.5in. (40mm)steelshould benormalized.

3Unlessotherwise specifiedby the demand side, the thickness≤1.5in, (40mm)plate,whennotch toughnessrequirements,shouldbe normalized.

4, ifapprovedby the demand side,allows the use oflarger than thecooling ratein the airto improve thetoughness,butas long as thesubsequentsteel1100-1300°F (595-705 ℃)within a range oftempering.


SA515Gr60 / 70is widely used inpetroleum, chemical,power plants,boilers and otherindustries for the productionreactors,heat exchangers,separators, tank, notank, nuclearreactor pressure vessel,boiler drum,hydropowerhigh pressurepipes,waterscrollwheeland other equipment andcomponents.

Grade              thickness                width             length                 remarks

SA515Gr60              8                    2300              10000              FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60           185                   3815              10322                  

A515Gr60              25                    2400              12000              FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            30                    2500              11400              

SA515Gr60            36                    2300              10000                FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            40                    2520               8400                  

SA515Gr60            50                    2300              10000                FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            60                    2000              10000              

SA515Gr60            80                    2560              10800                  

SA515Gr60            100                  2700               8900                 FourcutGuaranteed

SA515Gr60            120                  2550              10500              

SA515Gr60            200                   2550             3330                  

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Q:Is the steel plate 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters wide at the same price? .
The steel plate price is generally not the width, they only according to the different material steel plate, gives you to quote the unit price.
Q:What's the difference between a spray plate and a colored steel plate?
Then the color, not the quality of the domestic coatings products, fully meet the demand, the high price of imported coating reduces the competitiveness of skin colour in the plastic film is still dependent on imports, lack of high-grade color coating thickness, functional, high strength, rich color coated plate. Therefore, the choice of color steel plate is relatively narrow, and basically are low-end products, but more convenient, you can buy directly!
Q:Stainless steel plate and steel welding
Depends on your stainless steel plate number and steel brand, and then choose the corresponding electrode, in general, commonly used should be 304 stainless steel, steel bar should be Q235, so with 307 of the welding rod can be welded
Q:What is the function of an automobile leaf spring?
The longitudinal arrangement also has the function of guiding the force transmission. The non independent suspension mostly adopts the leaf spring as the elastic element, and the guiding device and the shock absorber can be omitted. The structure is simple
Q:Q195 galvanized steel plate, is it hot or cold?
The difference between cold rolling and hot rolling is not in the smelting process, but in the temperature at which the steel is rolled, or the temperature at which the steel is rolled. When the final rolling temperature is lower than the recrystallization temperature of steel, it becomes cold rolled steel. Hot rolled steel is easy to roll and has high rolling efficiency, but the steel is oxidized under hot rolling and the surface of the product is black and gray.
Q:How much is 2 millimeters per square meter?
The performance of carbon steel mainly has the following deficiencies:(1) hardenability is low. Under normal circumstances, the maximum quenching diameter of carbon steel water quenching is only 10mm-20mm.(2) strength and yield strength are relatively low, such as the s of ordinary carbon steel Q235 is 235MPa, while that of low alloy structural steel 16Mn is 360MPa and above s. The sigma S / sigma B of steel 40 is only 0.43, much lower than that of alloy steel.(3) the stability of tempering tempering stability, carbon steel in quenching and tempering treatment, in order to ensure the high strength with the tempering temperature is lower, so the toughness of the steel is lower; in order to ensure good toughness, with high tempering temperature strength is low, the mechanical properties of carbon steel level is not high.(4) stainless steel can not meet the requirements of special performance. Carbon steel is often poor in oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and special electromagnetic properties, and can not meet the needs of special performance.
Q:What do you pay attention to?
Considering the quality factor, quality of the primer must have good corrosion resistance, and the old paint film or metal layer has good adhesion, excellent filling force, smooth surface; from the construction perspective, quality should be applied to the body of the primer, vehicle repair and local repair; from the view of time and operation high quality, primer volatilization and shorter drying time and simple mixed paint; considering body material, quality repair primer should be used for the old paint, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, fiber, plastic products, hard wood, putty and other substrates.
Q:What material can be replaced by 345D steel plate?
Higher than its level of material of steel plate can replace.Q345D. yield in more than 345 of the steel.D class -20 degree of shock. Can replace the Q370D.Q390D.Q420D.Q460D.Q550D.Q690D., generally in engineering machinery can be higher generation low
Q:What are the properties of deep drawing properties in sheet steel?
Refers to the change of the thickness of steel plate and the change of plane (length and width direction) when the steel plate is pressed.
Q:Is PCM steel better than galvanized steel?
In order to obtain the bending and curing enough; and can obtain good washing resistance, pollution resistance and high hardness. The pencil on the back with modified epoxy paint at the back, one can obtain good corrosion resistance, also can obtain excellent adhesion foaming.PCM color steel plate can not only meet the household appliances use environment and the requirements of the service life, but also has good processability, can meet the high speed and precision machining equipment requirements, can be used for bulk refrigerator door, side plate, back plate, box washing machine, water heater

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