A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL

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A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL

Brief Introduction for Edison Bulb

Used in everything from table lamps to electric flashlights, incandescent bulbs can be purchased in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 300 volts. They work well with either alternating current or direct current. An incandescent bulb also has a fairly low manufacturing cost, which is the primary reason why these bulbs have remained so popular.


1.Low color temperature:2500K-2600K, soft light and no harsh;

2.Various patterns of filament shape, beautiful lights effect;

3.Carbon filament, molybdenum wire lamp holder;

4.Old-fashioned, applicable to the warm yellow places;

5.Create a special atmosphere to make you relaxed.


1.Retro design, highly decorative and use for all kinds of decorations;

2.Tungsten filament, molybdenum wire lamp holder,beautiful lights effect;

3.Copper cap, the best conductivity, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance;

4.Thickening of the cystal glass, light transmittance rate reaches to 99% or more;

5.Produced by nano carbon particles and have super seismic force;

6.Long life more than 3000 hours;

7.Quality trustworthy and the most preferential price,etc.



110-130V 220-240V





colour temperature(CCT)




base material                              


quality grade

A grade

filament shape                                

squirrel cage, christmas tree etc.

anchors No.








glass shell pattern

point cone/flame tip


more than 2000 hours


50 pcs

Different Design of Filament Bulb:

A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL


A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL

A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL

A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL

A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL

A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL

A19 / A60 25W-60W Edison Light Bulbs with UL


1.Q:What's your payment terms?

   A: T/T or L/C

2.Q:When could you send me the samples


3.Q:How long is the bulk time?

   A: About 8-25days

4.Q:Do you also sell other kinds led lights?

  A:Yes, we also supply led bulbs, spotlights, led light, led tube light ,ceiling light etc.

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Q:LED bulb 5W is equivalent to the number of ordinary incandescent tile
5W is equivalent to ordinary energy-saving lamps 15W,
Q:What is the difference between E27 and E40
Common specifications are E27 E40
Q:Led lamp incandescent lamp eye protection that the best eye
Directly driven by a resistor current limiting method (limiting the LED current to 10mA)
Q:The diameter of the traditional white light bulb lamp
In a patent file in the United States in 1845, Cincinnati's Stahl proposed the use of carbon wire in a vacuum bubble
Q:Ordinary incandescent lamp with what kind of light mouth
E40 is a high-power, generally more than 32W will use
Q:1 watt LED is equivalent to how many watts of incandescent brightness
Incandescent lamp for 10-15 lm / W, energy saving lamp 50-80 lm / W,
Q:What is the color of the incandescent lamp when it is bright?
This is because the color temperature of the reason, the tungsten light issued by the light due to color temperature
Q:Who invented the incandescent lamp?
Incandescent invention, the United States is usually attributed to Edison
Q:What are the advantages of incandescent light and fluorescent lamps?
Incandescent light is good, power saving, durable.
Q:2wled lights equal to how many w incandescent?
Incandescent light efficiency 15lm / W, then 140 ÷ 18 = 9.33W

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