A Wide Variety of network cable OEM made in Japan compliant to RoHS

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* Finished cable products 
* OEM 
* Made in Japan

A wide variety of network cable OEM


We handle small lot production of many products. 
Because we have a wide variety of tools in stock,

we are compliant with the processing of various connector manufacturers. 
We are compliant with environmental research .

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Q:Can i use my video card without the six pin power cable?
..... aaaand how did you expect to power your GPU then?
Q:how can I power my 3rd hard drive (no cable!)?
goto the computer store and get a power plug T adapter or make one yourself u know cut, splice and tape or saulder just make sure it is in parallel yellow to yellow red to red etc...
Q:when you hook up a resistor to a power capacitor should it be at the end of the power cable?
The resistor just has to be in line somewhere between the battery and the capacitor, and it is TEMPORARY. Its' only purpose is to slow down the initial charging of the capacitor so you don't get a giant spark. Once the cap is charged (which shouldn't take much more than a minute, depending on the size of the capacitor) the resistor gets removed. What I always do is remove the main power fuse at the battery, then connect the uncharged capacitor into the system near the amp, mount it, ground it, and then just place the resistor across the fuse holder's terminals to charge the cap before I put the fuse back in. Actually, I use a 12v test light instead of a resistor; when the light goes out, the capacitor is fully charged.
Q:my cable often gets unplugged soo im really worried that i may loose 280 dollars?
Yes, power failures can be associated with voltage spikes that can cause damage to the PC and its components. Buy a decent surge protector or extension cord with a built in surge protector, and use this to power your PC.
Q:Power cable error while connecting video card to Dell inspiron 531?
In okorder.com/... EDIT The adapter would connect to any two unused 4 pin molex connectors coming from the power supply, it doesn't connect to the motherboard.
Q:Locating damage to lighting power cable?
Ohm meter, to detect foreign ground on the wires or the fixture. Water on the line or the fixture will show up as a high resistance ground, versus a good ground.
Q:Which is better: continuously plug the power cable to my laptop or pull the plug out when it is full?seedetail?
Ok, straight to the point, keep it plugged. Besides losing the power over the time you have it unplugged, most laptops are equipped with a power saving feature that reduces it's power consumption. This means that the PC will have to use less for processing which in turn reduces your PC's speed. To check this out, try booting your Laptop with plug on. When you see the desktop, look for the my computer icon on the desktop or on the start menu. Right-click on it and select properties. Look for some number preceding Ghz and remember it. now, unplug the power cord from the laptop and restart the PC. do the same thing when you see the desktop after the restart. notice that the number you had the last time decreased. (if it did not decrease, then it means your laptop still operates at the same speed when unplugged and will be fine when unplugged) besides the speed reduction when unplugged, the screen will be dimmer when unplugged. also, when the batteries are full, they are not charging when the plug is still on the laptop. the laptop will use AC power when it knows that the batteries are full and it's plugged in.
Q:Formula of current carrying capacity of electrical power cables?
There is no definite safe formulas for your cables because it depends on many factors like what conductor . what insulation, how many cores ,what is your load , where is your load and ambient temperature and so on. The best guidance will be from the particular manufacturer who would provide the tables under various conditions as above.
Q:How to hook up power control cable to factory deck?
continuously flow with a smart harness which you would be able to get at radioshack..you'll be able to need an antenna adapter. fool data way and defintitely quite certainly worth the money because it makes it a cinch to place in in sprint or flow reason you do not could decrease your production unit wires....
Q:How long is the service life of the cable?
For corrosive environments, cable trays with suitable corrosion resistant coatings should be used

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