A Grade Polycrystalline Solar Cell 4.2W-4.3W

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A Grade Polycrystalline Solar Cell 4.2W-4.3W

Main Characteristic

17.6%-18% High Efficiency A Grade 125mm Monocrystalline Solar Cells

1.First-class production technology and packaging technology.
2.Adopting the world's leading technology of silicon and polycrystalline silicon cells, power density, peak hours more battery power, higher conversion efficiency.
3.Beautiful, stable, easy to take down the anodic aluminum frame electric degrees and has a wind-resistant, anti-snow function.


17.6%-18% High Efficiency A Grade 125mm Monocrystalline Solar Cells

1.High transmissivity low-iron tempered glass, strong aluminium frame.

2.Manufactured according to international quality and Environment Management System (ISO9001, ISO14001).

3.Low voltage-temperature coefficient allows higher power output at high-temperature condition.

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A Grade Polycrystalline Solar Cell 4.2W-4.3W

A Grade Polycrystalline Solar Cell 4.2W-4.3W


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Q:After the completion of the silicon chip will appear in the shadow of the white spots or what is the situation? How to solve
There is a shadow or a spot to prove that there is an uneven phenomenon in the cleaning process
Q:How to make a resistor on a silicon chip (integrated circuit)
The site is general one-sided, to consult the detailed understanding of literature, over the wall out to find it, say one thirty,
Q:What is the use of silicon?
The domestic semiconductor leader GRINM (600206) general manager Zhou Qigang told reporters that the original price is less than $30 per kilogram of raw materials of polysilicon, now prices rose to about $110 per kilogram, affected by this, GRINM 2005 production costs increased by 30 million yuan.Zhou Qigang believes that the culprit is the price of polysilicon solar cells. Because of the global crude oil prices, rising demand for new energy in Europe and the United States, these countries have taken measures to encourage the development of solar energy, the solar energy industry is booming, leading to the surge in demand for polysilicon.
Q:What can be used to adjust its viscosity
Polyethylene glycol and water soluble, I believe this may help you solve the problem
Q:Why integrated circuits can be etched on silicon
Integrated circuit (integrated circuit) is a kind of micro electronic device or component. With certain techniques, the transistor, required a circuit of resistance, capacitance and inductance components and interconnect wiring together, produced in a small or a few bits of the semiconductor wafer or substrate, and then encapsulated in a tube shell, a micro structure required for the circuit function; all of them element in the structure has formed a whole, so that the electronic components to miniaturization, low power consumption, high reliability and intelligent a huge step forward. It is represented by the letter "IC" in the circuit. The inventor of the integrated circuit is Jack Kilby (based on Ge) and the (silicon based (Si) integrated circuit). Most of the semiconductor industry today is based on silicon integrated circuit.A new type of semiconductor device developed in the late 1950s of 60s. It is through oxidation, photolithography, epitaxy, diffusion, evaporation of aluminum and semiconductor manufacturing process, the connecting wire between the required circuit has a certain function of the semiconductor, resistors, capacitors and other components and they are integrated in a small piece of silicon wafer, and then welding electronic devices are encapsulated in a casing. The outer shell of the utility model is provided with a round shell type, a flat type or a double line type. IC technology includes chip manufacturing technology and design technology, mainly in the processing equipment, processing technology, packaging testing, mass production and design innovation ability.
Q:The higher the resistivity of silicon wafers, the better?!!
Weak questions: why single crystal resistivity in about 1 would be better?
Q:What are the reasons for the phenomenon of monocrystalline silicon chip
Or storage time is too long, vacuum packaging problems, the outside world has the dust into the adsorption on the surface of silicon, this will happen. There is the central part of the polishing process, there is a problem of pressure, resulting in the removal of the center is not enough, the surface roughness is very poor, in the semiconductor level light irradiation, the center of the silicon will appear black.
Q:Manufacturers of solar wafers belong to the photovoltaic industry which specific industry classification below
Polysilicon for chemical, silicon wafer for machining, battery components for semiconductor processing
Q:Solar silicon wafer cutting fluid can burn explosion?
Combustible gas is hydrogen is not polyethylene glycol, but no matter because of ventilation, ventilation, to avoid the closed environment in the case of an open flame on the line
Q:Who is the best silicon chip dryer?
Heating oil bath furnace and electric heating two ways, our company is now used in the two, it should be said that each has its advantages and disadvantages

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