A+ Grade Laptop LCD Panel Ltn156At05 Ltn156At02 B156Xw02 Lp156Wh2 N156B6 Laptop Screen

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$30.00 - 35.00 / pc
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15.6" laptop LCD Screen
1,Model:  B156xw02
2.Size: 15.6 inch
3, Condition: A+ New
4, MOQ: 1pc


Burey  Reading






Aspect Ratio






Delivery Detail

2-5 days after we got the payment


3-days returned purchase;90-days warranty, doesn't include shipping              


New Original  A+ LTN156AT05 LTN156AT02 B156XW02 LP156WH2 N156B6-L02 for 15.6 inch LED laptop screen LCD PANEL


Model:  New Original    A+ LTN156AT05 LTN156AT02 B156XW02 LP156WH2 N156B6-L02 for 15.6 inch LED laptop screen LCD PANEL We still have other models and more :




Model No.


10.1 LED 1024*600 NEW MATTE




N101L6 L0D


8.9 LED 1024*600 NEW MATTE



11.6 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

N116B6 L02


12.1 LCD 1280*800 80-90% in new glossy



13.4 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

N134B6 L02


13.3 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP133WH1 TL A3   


13.3 SLIM LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP133WH2 TL N1


14.0 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP140WH1 TL A1


14.0 SLIM LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP140WH2 TL N1


15.6 LCD 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY

LP156WH1 TL C1


15.6 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY



14.1 LCD 1280*800 NEW GLOSSY



15.4 LCD 1280*800  80-90% in new glossy & matte



14.1 LED 1280*800 NEW GLOSSY

B141EW05 V.0


15.4 LED 1280*800 NEW MATTE

LP154X7 TL P2


16.0 LED 1366*768 NEW GLOSSY



17.0 LCD 1440*900 NEW GLOSSY



Sizes: 7.0, 8.9", 9.7”, 10.0”, 10.1", 10.2”, 10.4”, 11.1”,11.6”, 12.1", 12.5",13.1”, 13.3", 14.0", 14.1", 14.5",15.0" 15.4”, 15.6", 16.0”, 16.4”, 17.0", 17.1”, 17.3" ,18.4" 


Backlight technologies: LED, SLIM LED,1 CCFL, 2 CCFL



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Q:Which is the best computer LCD?
Apple display, regardless of clarity or resolution, is very goodMatters needing attention:Select the display area to pay attention to or more, to talk about the problem size more intuitive, display size, this is often an important standard user to judge the quality of FPDs, indeed the right size can make users more comfortable. It's entirely up to you to buy it.Resolution is keyAt present the display resolution is the key, the resolution is very important for the user, a considerable part of the time in order to select the display game player is cheap to ignore the factors, it is very not advocated, mainstream resolution is 1920*1080 now, we can see the plain 1080p Full HD video display resolution to this need normal to experience full HD effect.Panel type selectionAnother important parameter is the type of display panel, the first panel is TN, the popularity of the panel is the highest, the most important reason is that the price is cheap, the production technology is mature, disadvantage is that the visual angle is small, as long as the game player slightly tilted body color will be distorted, and not conducive to the reduction of color. Color can only reach 16.2M color.
Q:LCD power switch after opening
The high voltage board for LCD is faulty. Don't try again. Please repair it as soon as possible.
Q:Computer even LCD display how to adjust the clarity?
The TV should use the best resolution, such as 1366*768 or 1920*1080 Full HD, update the graphics driver, or using third party software PowerStrip auxiliary settings, because each brand of TV graphics and compatibility is good or bad, after the connection will encounter not full screen, unable to use the best resolution and font burr phenomenon, debugging it slowly, there are also many online the forum can learn from TV brand.
Q:LCD bezel and LCD gap
No problem. This is called the art line. The second line brand art line is around 2MM
Q:How to deal with LCD snow ripple?
One: VGA line contact bad or VGA line aging, two, adapter aging (that is the small box of DC power), with poor load capacity or filtering change. Three scan control panel is bad
Q:Is a LED monitor a liquid crystal display?
LCD is talking about liquid crystals, and there are two kinds of back light. They are cathode ray CCFL and led LED, and the two are LCD liquid crystalThese two methods do not have any good or bad in specification, and the effect of imaging is not bigWhen the liquid crystal came out, it was basically CCFL backlight, so I didn't mention it. It was called LCD directlySince LED came out later, it gave a more advanced impression, and it made the screen thinner, which CCFL could not do
Q:Liquid crystal display burn, you can repair it?
Let me explain why it burns. Because liquid crystals are generally 12V, as long as 3-5A is enough. The A number of the battery should be more than 10 A. The current is too high. It burned. It wasn't expensive to fix it. 60-100 like this. The boards are all burning.
Q:Why does the color change when the LCD is tilted?
This is formed by the characteristics and structure of LCD tv. Because when the incident light of the back light passes through the polarizer, the liquid crystal and the so-called alignment film, the output light has a specific directional characteristic, that is, most of the light emitted from the screen has a vertical direction. The outermost layer of liquid crystal itself does not emit light. The light we see is backlit by the backlight located behind the LCD panel. The light from the backlight lights through the switch of the LCD panel so that we can see the image. Because there is a certain distance between the backlight and the LCD panel. So if you're not facing the television, you'll see images that have changed color.
Q:Why does the LCD look a little flash?
There may be a problem of lower hardware configurationYou can change the monitor to someone else's computer to see if there is any blinking or not. That might be the reasonMy display is also like this before, for a long time over load online games, the results of a flash on the phone, and later added a new memory to solve this problem
Q:LCD TV, power or LCD?
People think that electricity is not important, they should be estimated power consumption between 30-50 watts, if the difference, may be between 5-10 watts, 0.01*0.6*24*30=4.32 by now 6 yuan, calculate the angle / degrees, 24 hours, 30 days a month is not 4 yuan.LCD is better than LCD TV. It is now using 37 Inch SKYWORTH LCD TV, and sometimes used as a computer monitor (plus host computer). The effect is worse than the liquid crystal display. It's tiring to look at it for a long time.

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