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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Warm White LED type: COB Size: SF-GU5.3-9W-76
Lamp luminous flux(lm): 700 Type: Spotlights Body material: Aluminum Alloy
Working lifetime(Hour): 35000 Power(W): 9W Certification: CE,EMC,Energy Star,RoHS,SAA,CCC,C-tick,BV
Base type: GU5.3 Working Temperature(℃): -20-45 PF: >0.9
Beaming angle: 30-60 Input voltage(V): 100-240 CRI (Ra>): >80
Warranty: three years IP Rating: IP20

Product Description:

Product description

 1. Scientist construct for thermal dispatch.

 2. Adopted COB LED, high lumious efficieny, uniform lighting.

 3. input DC12V/24V compatible with more 90% electronic and magnetic transformers, installation and cost effective.

 4. Energy saving up to 90%, lifespan is more than 10 years.

 5. Optional: Traic dimming

 6. system options : GU5.3 - 5W,7W,9W; GU10  -5W,7W,9W


  1.High efficacy, Minimal 70lm/W, up to 80lm/W

  2.Energy-saving, over 70% compared to incandescent lamps

  3. Constant current driver, no strobe, no harmless to eyes and ensure LED lamp to have a long life time

  4. Constant light output and even lighting

  5. No mercury, environment friendly.

  6. No mosquito around the lights compared with tradtional lights
  7. No UV or IR radiation, Harmless to human body



  1.  Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom; 
   2.School, university, hospital, hotel; 
  3.Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase; 
  4. Commercial complexes; 

  5. Factory, plant, warehouse, office; 
  6.Supermarket, department store.

Our services

  1.ODM & OEM

  2. High and stable quality LED lights

  3. Lighting design solution.

  4. Logistics coordination.

  5. Credit 30 days to 60 days.

  6. Customize light design

  7. AC LED technology sharing   



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Q:The difference between tube lights and shoot the light
Tube lights and shoot the lamp to belong to a ceiling of the category. LED lighting, LED light source of the directional light color uniformity is better, tube lights and shoot the lamp to be less and less, the difference between the LED lamp can replace the LED tube light in many fields. Tube lights and shoot the light is widely used in all kinds of commercial, household and engineering lighting field. Domestic top ten LED tube lamp brands are philips, leishi, sidon, op, mitsuo aurora, WAC lighting, lighting, kei, lighting, TCL lighting on product, gerber, lighting, etc.
Q:LED to shoot the light flashing or not on how to deal with?
If 1 no problem that is likely to be the inside of the lamp capacitor was broken, this kind of words or change only, not good maintenance, also have no how much value, only is you is newly bought only try repairing, call him and have a look to buy a lamp
Q:How to choose to shoot the light
LED brightness: different brightness LED price, ordinary brightness and highlight LED price comparison. Therefore, when purchasing must know oneself need is what kind of brightness, such ability accurate positioning their products.
Q:What is the thinnest embedded LED lamp size?
Now used in billboards, the thinnest can be less than one centimeter.
Q:LED track lamp series and LED lamp series, what's the difference?
Shoot the light is mainly refers to a lens, have concentrated effect, such as lamp cup, ceiling lamp, project-light lamp. Corresponding floodlight, such as tube lamp, solar tube, lamp shade with diffusion function
Q:What is the difference between LED lamp and LED lamp cup?
LED ceiling lamp and shoot a lot of people are confused, I don't know what is the difference between the two types of lamps and lanterns, what position to apply to the household, and the effect of the application. Simply put, LED ceiling lamp is a kind of relative to the general with the lamps and lanterns is more concentrated sex of lamps and lanterns, is generally used for general lighting or assist illume. The lamps and lanterns of shoot the light is a highly concentrated, its light is a specific goal. Mainly used for special lighting, for example to emphasize a very tasty or is a very interesting place.
Q:LED lamp PAR30 - more than 40 w hours kilowatt-hour
Another noise. Another time grew much dust accumulation, heat, light attenuation soon..Once power 1000 w, so need to 25 hours!!
Q:Led12V3W's radio lamp is ac or dc
Friend, you ask, I don't anticipate someone can give you a accurate answer, because you said the illegibility of oh!!!!! There is a way is the LED many words, if you like AC DC if not dawn on directly, to see the light on! But note that this is risky, because there are may burn!!!!!
Q:The original old how long pole to shoot the light to LED lights
The assembly Electronic transformer is fixed on the original position of lamps and lanterns, two output connecting line respectively with that of the original lamp socket is linked together, good insulation and voltage polarity on the socket, and then do the LED board according to the polarity insert inside the lamp holder, even a good power cord. Check the wiring and correct after insert the 220 v power source, the light, each with 10 v voltage measurement resistance pressure drop, use the formula I = U/R calculated through the current of each group of LED lights, as long as no more than 20 ma.
Q:A transformer with 10 led to shoot the light, to buy what kind of transformer?
10 only 3 w LED series, high efficiency, but high output voltage, 9.6 V * 10 = 96 V, filter capacitance pressure is high also, only 1 circuit, all is not lit up. Current 300 ma, power = 96 v to 102 v * 300 ma = 28.8 to 30.6 W, considering the power reserve, it is recommended to use 40 W constant current source.

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