9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

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200 set/month

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Hebei, China (Mainland)

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Scissor Lift

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Max. Lifting Height:


Table Size:


Overall Dimensions:







1 year

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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Packaging & Delivery

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as customers' requirement

Delivery Detail:

about 25 days after receiving the deposit


1 9m used lift equipment 
2 Scaffolding system 
3 Vertical raising of platform 
4 Easy to operate

1 Both indoor and outdoor usage
2 Vertical raising of platform
3 Main structure made of high-duty steel
4 Roll-out deck extension is available
5 Easy to operate
6 Unmatched large loading capacity

Subject to the type of work, a great variety of the scissor lift can be used.

Since no two jobs are the same, we need you supply the data as follows:
a. Loading capacity
b. Lifting height
c. Dimension of table
c. Power supply
By doing this, QW will give you sound advice to suit your project.


9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

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Q:The electromagnetic Jack does not seem to use the principle of electromagnetic induction.
Magnetic jack for permanent magnet lifting, lifting electromagnet and permanent magnet electric jack. The permanent magnet generally require manual rotating wrench demagnetization operation, high labor intensity, but also by the permanent magnet structure prevents electromagnetic permanent magnet to large size. Lifting electromagnet is magnetic in the work of the need to maintain the Everfount has power, high power consumption, and in the case of external power or coil system failure, will cause the workpiece to drop electromagnet magnetic loss, using low security. The electronic permanent magnet technology overcomes the shortcomings of the above mentioned permanent magnet and electromagnetic products, and sets up the advantages of the two - - using permanent magnetic force as the working suction, and controlling the charging and demagnetization with the power supply. The electric permanent magnet with high performance permanent magnet material inside, and equipped with the excitation coil. When the moment into the positive pulse, the permanent magnetic constant external display for magnetic moment; to reverse pulse power source, the permanent magnetic force in the magnets inside the closed, do not show magnetic (demagnetization), truly achieve the safe use, convenient operation etc..
Q:What's the difference between a horizontal jack and a vertical jack?
Vertical jack: using hydraulic principle, different from the traditional mechanical jack, it has the advantages of easy operation, safety, reliability, labor saving, mobility and so on.
Q:Do you know the manufacturer of small lifting equipment?
Lifting equipment company operating mainly include: imports of high-end hand chain hoist, hoist, electric hoist, pneumatic hoist, permanent magnetic chuck, electronic hanging, lifting shackle, hardware tools, steel plate lifting clamp, sling, take-up binder, lifting sling, lifting tool and riot lifting chain etc..
Q:Please explain how to prevent the safety accidents in the process of tower crane installation and disassembly
The tower crane (also known as the tower) with crane and tower body mutually vertical shape, so it can be installed in the nearby construction engineering and effective working range than other types of cranes. The working height of the tower crane can reach 100 ~ 160m, which is especially suitable for the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings. In addition, the operation is convenient and the amplitude is simple, and has been widely applied in the construction. However, due to the uneven assembly and disassembly or other reasons, tower crane safety accidents happen frequently. In view of the serious accidents occurring in the loading and unloading of tower cranes in recent years, this paper discusses the problems concerning installation, demolition, operation, maintenance and safety management of tower cranes.
Q:Rack type lifting machine, rack press, rack lifting machine
Rack type lifting machine is mainly used for railway track laying and maintenance. The utility model is widely used for lifting and supporting the installation of various heavy objects and equipment in industrial and mining enterprises, as well as bridge erection.
Q:Working principle of mechanical screw jack?
Jack by the manpower through the screw drive, screw or nut sleeve as the top lift, jack screw thread self-locking action on the support, to avoid severe vibration should be top jack jack jack users to use process, according to the use of regular inspection and maintenance is made of high quality alloy steel material, more durable than similar products, as a commonly used lifting tool, Baoshan screw jack is a good helper to improve work efficiency. In the use of Jack, if only one, then be sure to select the weight of the center of gravity, and then point to the center of the jack, so as to prevent the lifting process in the tilt, resulting in accidents.
Q:What is the working principle of a screw jack? What's the difference between an ordinary hydraulic jack and an ordinary hydraulic jack?
The piston will slowly rise, can not see), lift power transmission by spiral, formed a large thrust (x = thrust pressure area), hydraulic oil pressure acting on the piston in the piston, push upward, in the lower part of the piston, screw nut stop, hydraulic oil through the pipeline (in the case, as with a wrench bolts / pressure, small piston pushes the hydraulic oil, the bolt will be stretched out.
Q:The permanent magnet use principle
The working principle of permanent magnet lifting jack is the use of the principle of Faraday electromagnetic induction to manufacturing.
Q:Working principle of mechanical screw jack
Screw jack, also known as mechanical jack, is driven by the screw through the screw, screw or nut sleeve as a lifting device. Ordinary screw jack by thread self-locking function support heavy, simple structure, but the transmission efficiency is low, return slow. The self - lowering screw jack has no self-locking function and is equipped with a brake. When the brake is relaxed, the weight can fall rapidly and shorten the return time, but the jack structure is complicated.
Q:Lifting equipment, chain hoist need maintenance?
Daily inspection shall be carried out for 2 minutes before and after no-load operation, and the following key points shall be detected:Please use the meter to check whether the voltage is normalPlease use the meter to check whether the voltage is normalThe motor is functioning properlyIs the chain running smoothly?Will the limit switch cut off the power when the hook is running to its peak?Is the brake equipment normal?Is the lower hook secure tongue piece secure?Is the chain dry and oil-free?Check that the chain bag is damaged or not

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