9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

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2 set
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200 set/month

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Hebei, China (Mainland)

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Scissor Lift

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Max. Lifting Height:


Table Size:


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1 year

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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Packaging & Delivery

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as customers' requirement

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about 25 days after receiving the deposit


1 9m used lift equipment 
2 Scaffolding system 
3 Vertical raising of platform 
4 Easy to operate

1 Both indoor and outdoor usage
2 Vertical raising of platform
3 Main structure made of high-duty steel
4 Roll-out deck extension is available
5 Easy to operate
6 Unmatched large loading capacity

Subject to the type of work, a great variety of the scissor lift can be used.

Since no two jobs are the same, we need you supply the data as follows:
a. Loading capacity
b. Lifting height
c. Dimension of table
c. Power supply
By doing this, QW will give you sound advice to suit your project.


9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

9m Easy to Operate Used Lift Equipmentfrom CHINA CNBM !!!

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Q:What elements should I take into account when purchasing a car?
As the saying goes Forewarned is forearmed. Adequate preparatory work is essential in deciding to buy a lorry to enter the road freight transportation industry.
Q:Lifting equipment, chain hoist need maintenance?
Main gear box lubrication: use 800 hours later, please change the oil, and then check every three months, if found inadequate, please add oil to add.
Q:What important attention should be paid to large equipment?
Lifting tools are not allowed to exceed nameplate, safety check is carried out every month.
Q:What are the characteristics of HHXG type inverted chain chain electric hoist?
HHXG type electric hoist chain stage designed for manufacturing stage electric chain hoist inverted or normal position, such as stage sound / light / set / steel widely used. The utility model has the advantages of high reliability, a limit switch device on the upper and the lower, and a micro switch with short reaction speed, can quickly and effectively stop, prevent the chain from exceeding, and ensure the safety.
Q:I want to know what the principle of magnetic suspension is. Why does it make magnetism disappear?! What is the structure like?!
Jack has filed for an upper ring, a V shaped groove for holding a cylindrical object with the corresponding. High performance permanent magnet magnetic crane is used: a rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB magnetic source, has no power consumption characteristics, strong suction, low remanence, convenient operation, long service life, safe and reliable, advanced structure, according to the export standard production, quality and performance reached the international advanced level of similar products.
Q:The principle of an air compressor for connecting two pistons
In order to improve efficiency and reduce air temperature, intermediate cooling is needed. As the piston type air compressor air compressed by two stage low pressure cylinder pressure from p 1 to p 2, T l to T temperature by 2; and then flows into the middle cooler, at constant pressure of cooling water heat, the temperature is T L; the high pressure cylinder compression pressure to 3 P. As can be seen from the diagram, the air temperature T, l and T 2 entering the low pressure cylinder and the high pressure cylinder are located on the same isotherm 12 '3', and the two compression processes deviate from the isotherms. The same compression ratio p 3 / P 1 single stage compression process is 123 ", which is much higher than the two stage compression deviation from isothermal 12 '3', that is, the temperature is much higher. And the single stage compression work is equivalent to the area of 613 "46", and the two stage compression work is equivalent to the sum of 61256 and 52 '345 in the figure, and the work saved is equivalent to 2' 23 '32'. It can be seen that the staged compression can reduce the exhaust temperature, save compression work and improve efficiency.
Q:Is the electric crane with track electric hoist or other mechanical products?
WKTO chain chain electric hoist, with electric sports car, can track around, with driving, you can track back and forth
Q:What are the protective measures against crane injuries?
Avoid travel with load, short distance travel with load load can allow the weight of 70% members from the ground using 50cm.Two crane lifting reasonable load distribution, unified command and close coordination.The sling should be calculated and the binding method is reliable. Lifting tools are regularly checked.The center of gravity and the weight lifting point should be in the same vertical line, hanging point should be in the center of gravity above.The commander must be certified, in close coordination with the crane driver.It is prohibited for lifting heavy objects long time hanging in the air.To check the ring hook, hook ring welding is prohibited.
Q:Working principle of mechanical screw jack?
Jack by the manpower through the screw drive, screw or nut sleeve as the top lift, jack screw thread self-locking action on the support, to avoid severe vibration should be top jack jack jack users to use process, according to the use of regular inspection and maintenance is made of high quality alloy steel material, more durable than similar products, as a commonly used lifting tool, Baoshan screw jack is a good helper to improve work efficiency. In the use of Jack, if only one, then be sure to select the weight of the center of gravity, and then point to the center of the jack, so as to prevent the lifting process in the tilt, resulting in accidents.
Q:What are the points for attention on the course of transportation of double beam cranes?
Component preparation, component preparation, including component counting, inspection and appearance modification, etc..(1) counting the components, including the type and quantity of the components, checking the order of the components according to the lifting sequence of the components, and determining the sequence of the loading of the components.(2) inspection component. Including size, geometry, the placement of parts and rings, and the stability of the location of the installation hole and the hole through the hole and so on.(3) check the weld seam of the steel structure. Including the weld size, appearance and connections whether the design and specifications meet the requirements, such as beyond the allowable error, should be taken effective measures to deal with.(4) appearance inspection and modification of components. Found defects and damage, such as cracks, pits, broken edge, weld length, height is not enough, weld ash or porosity, should be modified and after welding, to transport and use.

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