8kva 50Hz Three Phase Genset Diesel Generator with Electronic Governor, Leroysomer Alternator

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Product Description:

1. China Brand Yangdong Engine:Y385D,YD480D,Y4100D

2. Leroysomer alternator 230V/400V, 50Hz, three phase

3. 1500rpm or 1800rpm Rated RPM


8kva to 35kva Genset Diesel Generator China Yangdong




Genset Model

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Genset  Features:

1.Composed of of Yangdong diesel engine and Stamford or Leroy Somer alternator
2.12V DC start motor and storage battery
3.Brushless, Self-excited, IP23, insulation class H alternator
4.40°C radiator as standard, 50°C is optional
5.Key start panel control system as standard, digital auto-start panel is optional
6.8-hour operation base tank
7.All generator sets are gone through rigorous testing before being released to the market place, including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load, 110% load and all protection function


Engine Features:

1. World most famous brand diesel engine: Yangdong

2. Multi-cylinder in-line or veer engine, 4-stroke, direct injection

3. Naturally aspirated, turbocharged, water cooled or turbocharged with air intercooler

4. Machinery or electronic governing

5. Fuel injection pump

6. Electric motor starting system

7. Forged steel crankshaft, cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner

8. Low discharge, and low fuel consumption

9. Installed conveniently and maintain easily


Alternator Features:

1. World famous brand AC alternator: Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon, ENGGA

2. Brushless, 4 poles, rotation magnet

3. IP21-23(NEMA1) enclose is standard for all industrial alternators

4. H class insulation system

5. AVR self-regulated, voltage regulation rate:≤±1%


Control system:

1.  Automatic alarm system: the unit has the acousto-optics alarm system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat, the water is over temperature, the oil pulls down, over speed, over load and over current.

2. Operation display:

   a) Unit voltage, tri-phase load current and frequency display   

   b) Water temperature, oil pressure display   

   c) Fuel level, fuel temperature display   

   d) Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers



1) Standard accessories: Standard 40 radiator mounted on skid, Common steel frame, circuit breaker, damper, exhaust silencer, flexible pipe, battery and connecting wires, Standard tools kit, operation manual and document.

2) Optional accessories: Engine coolant and oil heater, alternator space heater, cooling for heat exchanger, communication interface, battery charger by main supply, daily fuel tank, ATS and paralleling system, soundproof canopy and moving trailer.


Quality control of Genor Power Genset 

1.The genset canopy can be designed by customers demand free of charge.

2.Noise level can be designed by customer demand, standard noise level is 70-73DB at 7m. Super silent is 60-65DB at 7m.

3.Canopy color can be painted free of charge by customer demand. It is high quality paint.

4.All connection components and door lock are stainless steel.

5. We added oil filling inlet with lock

6.The oil box is separate made and then welded to the base frame, not by simple welding on the base frame. It is to make sure there is no oil leakage

7.The base frame is with forklift mouth which is easy to load and discharge

8. For Logo, we can paint customer's logo when the order is more than 5 sets.

9. For technical specification or question, we can support you by our strong technical team



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Q:The motor does not turn except sound
The motor shaft and shaft sleeve clearance is too large, or motor rotor momentum is too big, a magnetic field when electric motor internal rotor and the stator attraction bruised (commonly known as "chamber"), unable to turn. At this point the electric current will soar, if not handled in time, the machine will burn down.
Q:The difference between high voltage motor and general motors
A high voltage motor is defined by a voltage difference. For example, the high voltage motor is considered to be 1000V, 380V, 660V for low voltage motor. A general motor is a relative special motor. Such as drag pump, fan, compressor, crusher and so on. Special motors such as Marine, explosion, traction, diving, etc. Most of the high-voltage motors are general motors. Ordinary motors have a lot of electric motors.
Q:What is the difference between explosion-proof motor and ordinary motor
Explosion-proof electric motor is a kind of electric motor which can be used in inflammable and explosive factory. Explosion-proof motors are mainly used in coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain oil processing, paper, medicine and other departments are also widely used. Explosion-proof motors as the main power equipment are commonly used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other driving machines.
Q:What is the difference between the two class motors and the four-stage motors?
The level 2 motor represents 3, 000 revolutions per minute, and the 4 levels of the motor represent 1, 500 revolutions per minute and you need to know more about the xi 'an motor repair factory. That good point depends on your use and speed requirement!
Q:How do you solve the problem of stepping motor jitter
It is usually possible to set the current value on a finalizer, and try it on a smaller scale. Note that too small a current can cause jitter, but the noise is low, not obvious. Also, the current is too small, high-speed rotation may need longer acceleration time, highest speed will be limited, need to find a balance between the two.
Q:The ordinary motor is adjusted by the frequency converter
As the speed increases, the output torque decreases as the speed increases. So the maximum speed is to limit the load. If increasing the motor power, can continue to improve, but increase the proportion of the severely reduced, transmission efficiency have fallen sharply, various losses rapidly rising, and need higher power converter. It should not be more than 100Hz. Too much speed is not good for a transmission system. The limit of the high frequency converter can be increased by 400HZ
Q:The difference between servo motor and general motor?
The insulation level, which is usually F or higher, strengthens the insulation strength of the ground and turns, especially considering the ability of insulation to withstand shock voltage. 2) to the problem of vibration and noise of the motor, the motor should be fully considered component and overall rigidity, trying to improve its natural frequency, in order to avoid and every force wave resonance phenomenon. 3) cooling mode: the general adoption of forced ventilation cooling, the main motor cooling fan is driven by an independent motor. To prevent shaft current measures, the bearing insulation measures should be applied to the capacity exceeding 160KW motors. Mainly produces magnetic circuit asymmetry, also can produce shaft current, while the rest of the high frequency component generated by the current role in combination, shaft current will increase greatly, which can lead to bearing damage, so often insulation measures. For constant power frequency converter motor, the special lubricating grease should be used to compensate the temperature of the bearings when the speed is over 3000 / min.
Q:What is an electric motor
Motor is a device that converts electricity into mechanical energy. It USES the electric coil (which is the stator winding) to generate a rotating magnetic field and is applied to the rotor (such as the cage of a cage) to create the magnetoelectric rotation torque. Motor by using the power divided into dc motor and ac motor, electric power system in most of the motor is ac motor, can be synchronous motor or induction motor (motor stator magnetic speed and rotor rotating speed is not synchronized rate). Motor is mainly composed of stator and rotor, the direction of motion of the wire in the magnetic field force with the direction of current and magnetic induction line () in the direction of magnetic field direction. The operating principle of an electric motor is the effect of the magnetic field on the current, making the motor spin.
Q:The problem of single chip machine controlling motor
Single chip computer control machine: The dc motor is spun by the interaction of two magnetic fields. The structure shown in figure, the following page on the stationary part (stator), equipped with a pair of stationary dc excitation main pole N and S, furnish the armature iron core on the parts (rotor). There is a gap between the stator and the rotor. Placed on the armature iron core of the two conductors are joined by A and X armature coil, coil head end and respectively connected to the two circular arc form at the end of the copper, the copper is called the commutator segment. The commutator segment is insulated from each other, and the integral part of the commutator is called the commutator. The commutator is fixed on the axis of rotation, and the commutator is insulated from the rotor. A pair of fixed, fixed brush B1 and B2 are placed on the commutator, and when the armature spins, the armature coils are connected to the external circuit through the commutator and the brush.
Q:What is the difference between an energy-saving motor and a general motor
Features of high efficiency energy-saving motor: 1, save energy and reduce long-term operation cost, very suitable for textile, fan, water pump, compressor, power saving a year recoverable motor acquisition cost. The machine can be switched on and off, and the asynchronous machine can be replaced completely. 3, rare earth permanent magnet high efficiency and energy saving motor itself than ordinary more than 15 ℅ save power. The power factor of the motor is close to 1, improving the quality factor of the power grid without the power factor compensator. Small electric current, saving power distribution capacity and extending the overall operating life of the system.

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