8GB Cute Mini Cartoon Monkey Portable USB Flash Memory Stick Drive Purple

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10000Pcs Per Month pc/month

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8GB Cute Mini Cartoon Monkey Portable USB Flash Memory Stick Drive Purple Convenient-pocket sized for easy transportability
Portable design, easy to use
Great and comfortable hand touching texture
Plug and play, No need extra power supply
Interface: USB 2.0
Capacity: 8GB
Reading Speed: 12MB/sec
Writing Speed: 6MB/sec
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X
Weight: 2.12 oz (60g)

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Q:How to save the file in the disk
Upstairs said is right, I am here to add: there are several ways to save the file in the disk. First: drag and drop method, put your U disc in the open open, you want to save the file, press and hold the CTRL key and then click your mouse to save the file, select the file is highlighted, can not press the CTRL button in the drop process, but not before must hold the drop in. Otherwise, the wrong operation may cause your selected files to be cancelled and re selected for the hassle. When you have selected, then put your selected files on the taskbar and move the disk. That is where the drive disc U. A little pause on the above, pop-up U disk window, release the left mouse button, you can copy it, waiting for the completion of the copy on the OK. Note: First: you must hold down the CTRL button, and click the left mouse button on the file you want to choose, otherwise you can only choose one. Second: must first open the U disk drive, do not close to him, to click on my computer, you need to open the file, otherwise you dragged on the way no place or copied to another place. The second is the reproduction method, if all the words, shortcut keys ctrl+A and then press ctrl+C to copy, if you want a discontinuous menu file, or to hold down the CTRL key while you click with the left mouse button to save the file. After you have finished, copy Ctrl and C, open the U disk, find the seat you want to deposit, press ctrl+V, or right-click to paste the command. I am here to emphasize on the copy and paste the meaning of shortcut is clip (ctrl+x) for the original file clip is moved to the specified location, the original copy is a backup file to the specified location. Note: to move or to copy, see clearly, and then operate, or the computer selected files are moved to the U disk. Because of the time, write here. I hope my answer can help you.
Q:Plug in the U plate... Toot toot, continuous call
1:U has a virus. Proposed killing virus.2:USB interface conflict, it is recommended to try another USB interface
Q:Why is the U disk always full of viruses?
Because your system itself on the U poison, so access to the U disk will be caught
Q:Is it harmful to U disk to format U disk? A little more detailed, thank you
Rest assured, formatting and you reinstall the same computer, but not recommended every day, ha ha ha!
Q:U disk to delete files is particularly slow!
With my experienceDelete the file replication is not just the size of the file, if the file is small but very much, also can make the rate of decline (I think, copy files, each file creation time, if it is a file, you only need to create a lot of documents, and when will.#%, and... #).You can try as I mean, and you'll see{if the said is wrong, hope everyone comments}
Q:How can the U disk be made waterproof?
Waterproof U disk is a U disk chip group seamlessly packaged U disk, because there is no gap, so it can waterproof, dust-proof. On the market see more, is UDP packaging technology, commonly known as black colloid, soak in water for 3 days are all right, Cenda and PNY is the use of this chip set; there is the core of the introduction of the overall U disk. Although this kind of U plate is waterproof, but the running speed is mostly average. Zhongguancun ever evaluated, Cenda's waterproof U disk speed is slightly faster, other brands are more general. If there is no demand for water, want to speed, then there is no drainage function of the U disk may be better. Of course, after the ordinary U dish is soaked, do not use it immediately. Place it for 2-3 days, or use a hair dryer to dry it before you use it. There is usually no problem.
Q:Why do I even have the USB computer display but can not read the
With a long time, sometimes this will happen ~!Can't you tell?Wipe the interface position with alcohol, the U disk and the computer interface!If not, it could be a virus!If you can't do it again, try the case!
Q:U disk does not have a file, but shows more than 600 M of space available
You can try to Hide protected operating system files in the folder options inside "(recommended), the tick removed, then displays all the files and folders selected, see if there is no what!In addition, tools folder options - Show hidden folders are also selected!In addition, you can also use winrar, open this, and then, as with a resource manager, into the U disk, you can see all the hidden files, as usual, how to operate can beIf not, the estimated U disk has been suspended....
Q:How do I partition the U disk?
You can click on this step to have a look:Put your disk on the computer, right click "my computer" in the menu and click "management" - and you see a box titled "computer management" in the "storage" directory, click "disk management" - you will see the right disk 0, disk 1 1 - disk size you can control what should be your U disk size, then right click on the disk of the menu will appear: there is a "delete partition" option -- if this option, you can click on it, and then determine - right click, will be created disk partition "option, then you can put your disk partition, the partition of attention to the size of the line.Note: 1, if the "delete disk partition" option does not appear, please ask the landlord not to wait for my answer, because the U disk may not be directly partitioned on the computer. I misled you, and I said sorry to you.2, if you are 1G disk, after you delete the partition, you will see the remaining space with 970+, you can create a partition, the option, the system should require you to specify a drive name to your local hard disk partition, is according to the order later, you first a region can be on, then another points to remember, is a must, otherwise the system does not recognize.
Q:U cannot copy files
Using fat format to format your U diskRemember, in fat format, no other formatThen the new related questions!!
Our company is dedicated to becoming a top industrial manufacturer of mobile storage products and digital related products in manufacturing and sales industry. Currently, our company is a professional manufacturer integrating manufacturing and sales. Our firm mainly produces all kinds of usb flash drives, SD/TF cards, etc. We provide OEM & ODM, wholesale and agency services and the products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value
Main Markets Europe, North America,Middle East.
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 10 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional