8-in-1 Magnetic Socket Wrench 42CRMO Hand Tools Carbon steel

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8-in-1 Magnetic Socket  Wrench

Material:42CRMO,45#Carbon steel

Finish:  mirror polish ,matt



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Q:Volkswagen Polo wrench and suggest how to remove oil?
If you have just finished maintenance, there are still small wrenches in the flash, according to the following steps performed:1. Insert the key (do not rotate);2. Press the reset button on the instrument panel (press and hold);3, turn the key to electrify or start the car (do not put the reset button until the small wrench disappears).
Q:How many kilograms does it take to tighten the M20 high strength bolt?
The torque of the 313NM is OK, that is, 31.3 kilograms.High strength bolts are mainly used in steel structural engineering to connect steel structural steel plate connections
Q:What does a wrench on a dashboard display mean?
That is to say, when the lights are lit for a long time, you should go to the 4S shop for maintenance, and the maintenance time of different models is not the same, the car manual is the standard. When the maintenance is over, there is a setup procedure that requires the maintenance light to be switched from zero to zero. If not, the indicator will still be lit, even if it has been repaired. Hope to be of some help to you!
Q:Toshiba 206 wrench light, how to clear?
You press the number 8 and stop button to see what code is displayed, and if the code is not displayed, the machine can copy
Q:How to change the type of adjustable spanner?
1: adjustable wrench specifications are length * opening maximum width, commonly used specifications have 250mm * 30MM (10), 300mm * 36mm (12), 375mm * 46mm (15), and 400mm55mm (18).2: the size of the plum wrench is to use a large nut parallel to the side of the distance from the small nut parallel to the edge distance to express. The commonly used specifications are 5.5mm * 7mm, 8mm * 10mm, 12mm * 14mm, 17mm * 19mm, 22mm * 24mm, 24mm * 27mm, 30mm * 32mm.3: the opening wrench is indicated by the width of the opening. Commonly used specifications are 41mm, 46mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, five kinds.
Q:What is the difference between worm gear and worm wheel?
To determine who is worm gear and worm, as long as the main component can be the worm, and the follower is worm gear, because the worm gear drive has self-locking characteristics. The parts in the wrench in thumb rotation adjustment of jaw opening is a worm, because it can move the spanner opening is not as active.
Q:Working principle of hydraulic pulse wrench
An oil hydraulic wrench, as the name suggests, is an impact wrench that uses hydraulic oil to drive a blow shaft to produce torque.
Q:Why are the plum blossom wrench to bend
The rotation angle of the plum spanner is limited, such as 10 bolts are distributed at the same time on the plane, and the other 9 bolts are likely to be distributed inside the rotation radius of the wrench, which blocks the wrench to remove the bolt. So the two wrench generally bent, out there for people operating space.
Q:M6.m8.m12 which six angle bolts should be equipped with some specifications of the inner six angle wrench?
The inner six corner bolts of m6.m8.m12 shall be equipped with M5.M6.M8 inner six angle wrench.
Q:Bolt and wrench size conversion
Usually the diameter of the bolt is multiplied by 1.5 times, that is, the size of the mouth and the plum blossom. The inner six angle wrench is generally the diameter of the bolt minus 2. All wrenches, including open-ended wrenches, inner six angle wrenches, Plum wrenches, socket wrenches, etc., all of which mean the width of the head to the side of the bolt, and the bolt specification refers to the nominal diameter of the thread. For example, the outer six corner bolts of M10, whose width of the opposite side is 16mm (see GB GB/5780-86, are included in the design manual), use the 16 open-ended wrench or the plum wrench. Also, such as GB/70 - 85, six angle bolts, M10 of the six - angle bolts of the opposite side of the size of 8mm, then choose the 8mm's six - angle wrench.

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