7Inch Universal Tablet Pc Keyboard With Case , Black Color With Red Thread

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$2.00 - 2.50 / pc
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1000 Pieces pc
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200000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

1. 7 inch universal keyboard case .

2. Usb ,Micro usb and mini usb port is optional

3. One side PU leather ,one side plastic  keyboard

4. Support Win and Android system

5. Black color with red  thread 



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Q:Looking for a cheap Keyboard?
I seen kids keyboards down to $17 on special. Much be so good there nearly paying you to take them. Eric. haha.
Q:Logitech Wireless Keyboard troubleshooting?
My wireless is a K350. I unplugged and moved my desk top computer. Now my wireless Logitech K350 keyboard isn't working. I have tried the above to troubleshoot and I can't type any letters in.
Q:CPU beeping and keyboard not working?
Its beeping because theres stuff in your keyboard. i know it sounds silly but its true my mechanic just turned my keyboard upside down and hit it harda few times, then restarted the pc and beeping was gone so do what i did you need to get a driver for your speakers, (driver is like a program or thingy that you download online that makes a device work). Good Luck spanking your keyboard!!! XD!!!!
Q:My keyboard won't work!?
see if u can chage language back if not go to system restore point
Q:Music assignment help (musical keyboard)?
During the 17th century (baroque period) in Europe, numbers of keyboard was invented during this period, the keyboards that was used here are clavichord, harpsichord and organ. The development of pianoforte which is now the full scale piano was introduced during the 18th century (classical period). The adventages of having a keyboard for me, it would be probablly give me enjoyment, especially when you can play a keyboard well, aside from giving an entertainment feature it can also provide us jobs for those talented musicians out there. It can also express ourselves through playing a keyboard. Well for the disadvantage side, I don't see anything problem aside from its high cost. Maybe some muscians cannot express their interpretation on the keyboard but somehow they can used other medium. Im not sure about the inventor of the keyboard: Rubenstain or waldstein.
Q:What is the Troubleshooting method
, if used, may be excluded from the keyboard, then it is likely that
Q:I need to remap my keyboard?
Buy another keyboard and use 1 for English and 1 for Russian.
Q:Remove all about of the keys
The key is fixed with the plastic buckle, so it can be removed as long as the hard pu
Q:Regular PC keyboard on iMac G3?
Yes. You can also use PS/2 keyboard and mice if you use a PS/2 to USB converter (I do so on my green tower G3 and a graphite G4, though my machines are running PPC Gentoo Linux). If you're using OSX on it, when you plug in your keyboard, it should ask you to hit the keys next to the SHIFT keys, and then you're set. If you're using OS9 (or earlier), I don't know what will happen.
Q:US international keyboard?
A keyboard designed for speed typing. The Dvorak keyboard was designed in the 1930s by August Dvorak, a professor of education, and his brother-in-law, William Dealy. Unlike the traditional QWERTY keyboard, the Dvorak keyboard is designed so that the middle row of keys includes the most common letters. In addition, common letter combinations are positioned in such a way that they can be typed quickly. It has been estimated that in an average eight-hour day, a typist's hands travel 16 miles on a QWERTY keyboard, but only 1 mile on a Dvorak keyboard. In addition to the standard Dvorak keyboard, there are two additional Dvorak keyboards, a left-handed and right-handed keyboard. These keyboards are designed for people who have only one hand for typing.

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