788T-36B Forklift Loader with 38Tons Max

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Product Description:

788T-36B Forklift Loader with 38Tons Max

    Product Description

    788T-36B Forklift Loader

    1. The enlarged driving Q axle improve the load capacity.  
    2. The horizontal hinge structure enhance the integrity of loader's structure.
    3. The size of wheel hub,gears and bearing are enlarged to improves the load capacity.
    4. The double-pump confluence hydraulic system,featured with high efficiency and saving enery, matching the engine and torgue converter perfectly,ensures stable operation and reduces fuel consumption.

    Powerful Performance: 
    1. The turbocharged engine with low oil consumption and high quality, enjoys good performance and strong torque. 
    2. The planetary power shift transmission and hydraulic torque converter with two turbo have wider high-efficient area, easy control and high reliability. 
    3. Integral quenching fork is high intensity and more wearable. 
    4. Enlarged Q-style axles with bigger axle hub/gears and bearing have a strong surport capacity. 
    5. Hydraulic coaxial flow-enlarge style turning system makes operation easy and flexible. 
    6. Sound/heat isolated and damping ROPS cabin with broad view and comfortable seat makes operation more safe and reliable. 
    7. Double-tube caliper disc brake in four wheels and rear installed brake booster make the operation more safe and reliable.


    • The loader with single rocker arm connecting rod can lift materials up to more than 28 t.
    • Powerful turbocharged thgine with 6-cylinder 4-stroke for excellent performance and high torque reserve is low-oil consumption.
    • Beautiful streamlined appearance .Pressurized cabin with optional air conditioning and heating system provides comfortable operation environment.
    • Four-wheel, dual-line and pliers disc brake system ensures safer and more reliable operation.
    • Double-turbo hydraulic torque converter facilitates the gear shifting for easier operation.
    • Various working equipment and shovel can meet the requirements of different customers.

    • Used as both pallet fork and bucket.

    FDM788T-36B Performance parameter and Dimensions

    Operating weight


    Time of raise


    Rated Load


    Hydraulic cycle time


    Max. load


    Torque converter

    Single stage,       four elements

    Traveling Speed


    Fuel tank


    Turning angle


    Hydraulic oil tank






     HANGFA D10.26T20

    Grade ability


    Rated power


    Overall dimension


    Tires type


    Optional equipment

    Warm air blower or heat and cool air-conditioner

788T-36B Forklift Loader with 38Tons Max

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