720 Wheel Loader with 1.2m³ Capacity

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China main port
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1000 PCS/month

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Product Description:

    720 Wheel Loader with 1.2m³ Capacity 


    • Advantages

      • The design for automatic dust removal of engine exhaust is good for maintenance;
      • Single-turbo hydraulic torque converter together with countershaft gear box, this simple makeup enables convenient repair and high work efficiency;
      • 4-wheel caliper disc braking system ensures safer and reliable operation;
      • Steering system adoping constant current exposed circuit steering system makes steering performance at different speed and linear travel stable;
      • Higher dump height and bigger dump reach can satisfy more work requirement;
      •z-form connecting rod has strong break out force and high raising ability and enables high operating efficiency;
      • Support of two rocker-arms enables stable performance;
      • A broad view and a comfortable seat enable easy and flexible operation;
      • Knock-down cab enables a wide work range;
      • Rational matching parts, superior machine performance and extraordinary operating efficiency;
      • Various optional equipment and buckets can satisfy different needs of customers.

      Standard equipment

      • Weichai Engine R4110G1 65kw/2400rpm
      • Single-turbo hydraulic torque converter and countershaft gear box
      • Feicheng drive axle
      • Two-way valve for lift arm and bucket
      • Lift arm cylinder and bucket cylinder
      • Standard lift arm
      • Adjustable seat
      • Caliper disc brake
      • Accumulator 2×12V
      • Alternator 28V 750W

      • Motor 24V 4.2KW




    Rated power

    Overall dimensions

    Overall length


    Overall width


    Overall height


    Dump height


    Dump reach


    Tread width


    Tires type


    Performance parameters of entire machine

    Operating weight


    Bucket capacity


    Rated loading capacity


    Digging Depth(bucket lean forwards 10 degree


    Turning radius


    Gear box

    Gear box FUDA/SHANTUI

    Number of shifts (forward reverse)


    Fuel tank capacity


    Hydraulic fuel tank capacity


    Lifting time


    Total cycling time


    Travel speed

    Forward gear Ⅰ 9 km/h

    Reverse gear Ⅰ 9 km/h

    Forward gear Ⅱ 22 km/h

    Reverse gear Ⅱ 22 km/h

    Optional Equipment (with different payment)

    ROPS(roller protective structure)

    Loose material bucket, rock  bucket, quenched integral cutting edge bucket;

    Side dump device, clamping (Pipe or grass) device, high dump device

    Cool air, warm air, air-condition (cool & hot)

    Engine LR4108G84A 55KW/2,400rpm

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