7 ton Hydraulic hammer mini excavator with air conditioning

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Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: YOREINT

Model Number: WY75

Condition: New

Moving Type: Crawler Excavator

Operating Weight: 6310kg

Bucket capacity: 0.25m3

Maximum Digging Height: 5840mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 3970mm

Machine Weight: 6310kg

Max Digging Radius: 6400mm

Rated Speed: 1.9/3.7 km/h

Certification: ISO9001:2008

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Engine Model: Yuchai YC4F60Z

Engine Power: 43kw/2200rpm

Back-end swing radius: 1770mm

Overall Dimension: 6200*2050*2660mm

Max unloading height: 3920mm

Rotation speed: 10 r/min

Hydraulic system pressure: 21.5 Mpa

Track shoe width: 400mm

Manufacturing date: 2014 brand-new

Shipping method: 40'OT; frame container; Ro-Ro ship



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Q:How much dirt will my 1 ton truck haul? I think we have been hauling 5 tons on it.?
Curb weight + cargo weight + passengers = gross vehicle weight Gross vehicle weight + loaded trailer weight = gross combined weight One-ton trucks usually carry about 16,000 pounds
Q:Attentions of excavator operation
Three. Travel on soft groundExcavators in the swamp, flood and other soft ground work, should first use the bucket to try whether the ground can withstand the weight of excavators. If you forget the process, there may be serious consequences unless you are driving an amphibious excavator. Although the excavator is tracked design, contact the ground area is large, but the excavator into the mud, can not move events also occur! Just note that this can be avoided. In the swamp, flood and other soft ground work, to avoid excavators trapped, should pay attention to these: 1, first with the bucket test. 2, do not stay long in the same place. 3, go straight, turn less.Wetland excavatorIn case the excavator gets stuck in the mud, don't worry. Never try to climb out of a climbing system. That will only get you deeper and deeper. There are many ways to save. 1, if it's not deep enough, try to hollow out the two tracks. 2, if it is not, on the first try, how deep mud, if not very deep, directly to the front of the silt layer, for their own way, slowly toward the shore near the hard ground. 3, if it is infinitely deep silt, can rent a few piece of iron or board, sideways pressure to the track below, you can easily out.Four, vision blind areaThe driver's cab is on the left, the middle of the passive arm blocks the view, so there is a large blind spot on the right, especially in the rear of the right. Many excavator accidents are caused by falling or dying of the right side of the tail! So in the not very wide field work, try to let the excavator on the left, the right to set aside more space.Excavator rearview mirrorRearview mirror in the excavator is a very fragile things, often in work or transport in the touch off, many drivers will feel touched, it is not important, it is not in time to replace the new rear-view mirror. In fact, the rearview mirror is very important in excavators, especially on the right side. Accidents are often due to a lack of safety awareness!
Q:landscaping question!!?
I agree that that is the best way forward, so what was your question. Cost in skip (dumpster ?) hire, and waste disposal charges. (high in U.K.)
Q:akbash dogs? pros? cons?
They okorder.com... for more information on whether it would be the right breed for you.
Q:What type of contrator do I use to fill in a concrete pool?
Part of it depends on what you want to fill it in with. If it's just dirt, check the Yellow Pages under 'topsoil'. If you want to take out the concrete, things starting getting expensive. Edit: I should have added that in many places, local law requires you to remove the concrete before filling in. This can get expensive. I would also check with those who do backhoe and/or bobcat work. Sometimes they're listed in the yellow pages as 'excavators'. Even if they can't do the job for you, they'll probably know someone who can. A good, reliable pool company, who either installs or maintains swimming pools, should be able to offer advice as well. Good luck.
Q:What is the ground like in Utah, about to do some excavation??????
Better bring some dynamite if you have kaliche deposits, which you probably will. Otherwise sand, rocks and gravel and not much different from the neighboring states. But the kaliche, a native clay, is like granite when it's dry.
Q:Can I use Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate to make my bearded dragons a home?
the suitable issues you ought to use as substrate are paper towels and reptile carpet. Sand, of any style, poses the probability of impaction. in case you prefer to furnish a sand field on your bearded dragon maximum reccomend worry-unfastened playsand which you will get low priced at domicile Depot etc.
Q:What type of co. should I ask to fill my in-ground pool with dirt ?
I've seen many people that just post a sign in their yard saying, 'Clean Fill Wanted'. If you don't want to do that, you can call a local building contractor, and explain what you need.
Q:Magic the gathering? Need help tryin to make a ally deck?
Yes I've made a couple ally decks and I love them. But you got to stick to the three best ally colors atm these are 1. White 2. Blue/Green. A pure mono white ally deck is very powerful and a good competitor. But if you figure out a good combination with the 2 or 3 you can make an amazing deck. I've made a blue/white ally deck and I pulled out ahead in many occasions beating some of the top competitors in my area. So definitely give them a chance. Red is decent but definitely not one of the better one's but splashed right it could be deadly. But definitely stay away from black allies they just plain suck.
Q:What card does excavator driver need to mount guard?
For the driver of the excavator, the required certificate is: Excavator operation permit.Excavator (loader) operation certificate, namely: by the Ministry of labor or Safety Supervision Bureau approved the formal operation card (also known as the certificate of work, also known as IC card), type of technical certificate and various certification. Also known as "special operations operation card", is engaged in special types of work personnel must be familiar with the corresponding special types of job safety knowledge and prevention of various accidents skills. Practitioners must be required to hold (IC card) posts, that is, by the State Administration of work safety issued the "People's Republic of China special operations permit" before the job, this certificate nationwide. The old version of the certificate is reviewed every 2 years, and the review of the new special operation permit is reviewed 1 times every 3 years.

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