7.5kw 380v 3 phase variable frequency drive ac motor controller

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2.37kw variable frequency drive 
3.MOQ:1 set 
4.Best price and quality 
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7.5kw 380v 3 phase variable frequency drive ac motor controller

Technical Specification





Rated voltage

T4 series: Three phase 380v, ±15%


50/60Hz ±5%



Three phase 0-380V



Overload ability

Type G: 150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 2 second;

Type P: 120% rated current for 1 minute, 150% rated current for 2 second.

Heat Dissipation

Cooling type

Forced Cooling

Temperature protection

Heatsink temperature >85degree trip protection against overheat

Fan control

Heatsink temperature> 50degree, fan forced operation, frequency inverter continue work



Control mode

Open-loop vector control, V/F control, Torque Control

Start torque

Open-loop vector control: 0.5Hz 180%;

VF control:0.5Hz 150%

Speed range

Open-loop vector control: 1:200;

VF control:1:100

Speed control precision

Open-loop vector control: ±0.2%;

VF control:±0.5%

Torque control precision

Open-loop vector control:  ±5%

Torque response time

Open-loop vector control: <20ms< span="">


Channel of operation command

Keyboard control,terminal control,communication control

Start mode

Direct start, DC injection braking before start, speed tracking before start

DC injection braking

Start DC injection braking, stop DC injection braking

Dynamic braking

Built-in braking unit < = 11kw, get external braking unit>15kw

Frequency source choice

Keyboard digital frequency setting, analog V1 setting, analog V2 setting, Keyboard potentiometers setting, Multiple speed operation setting,

PID control setting, telecommunications setting, PLC program operation setting, HDI High Speed Pulse setting

Main and auxiliary frequency combination set

Just main frequency setting, just auxiliary frequency setting, QUICK/JOG or terminal switching selection, main frequency + auxiliary frequency, main frequency - auxiliary frequency, maximum, minimum, could realize

Frequency overlay and fine adjustment function

Frequency resolution

Keypad setting:0.01Hz; Analog setting: 0.1%

Carrier frequency

0.5Khz~15.0Khz, both PWM mode could be chosen

Acc/Dec time


Multiple VF curve

Linear V/F curve, 2.0 times power drop torque V/F curve, custom V/F percentage (can realize manual energy saving control), multipoint VF curve.

Built-in PID

Built-in PID controller, apply to process control occasion such as water or gas supply. Meanwhile the sleep wake up function could save energy to the great extent possible.

Simple PLC operation

16 segment goal setting, frequency or mode of percentage setting could be chosen, each segment of operation time and direction could be set separately, and realize timing stop function.

Common function

Speed tracking, Cut-off restart, fault recovery, Automatic torque promotion, the motor’s parameters auto-learning, Pendulum frequency operation, hopping frequency, UP/DOWN control, AVR, Over-voltage stalling protection,

rapid current-limiting, Instant power down and drop frequency operation




Analog input


V2:4~20mA or 0~10V, Select through JP2 jumper

Keyboard potentiometer input: 0~5V

Analog output

FM1:0~10V or 0~20mA, Select through JP9 jumper

FM2:0~10V or 0~20mA, Select through JP10 jumper. Need the support of SC-EXT1-IO expansion cards

Digital input

Standard configuration S1~S6, can expand S7~S10 through SC-EXT3-S expansion cards. A total of 30 kinds of function could be selected.

Digital output

Standard configuration 2 channel including SP1, SP2 electrode output;

1 channel relay output T1;

Expanding 4 channel relay output T2~T5 through SC-EXT2-R expansion cards.

High-speed pulse input

HDI: 0~50.0Khz, support by expansion cards SC-EXT1-IO

High-speed pulse output

HDO: 0~50.0Khz, support by expansion cards SC-EXT1-IO

Communication Port

Communication protocol

Based on RS485 hardware, support standard MODBUS protocol, should match expansion cards SC-EXT1-IO

Expansion Cards

3 type expansion cards

Standard expansion cards SC-EXT1-IO, Relay expansion cards SC-EXT2-R (can realize one drives 2 function), Multifunctional input expansion card SC-EXT3-S, refer to the explanation in Appendix.

Display Functions

Five digital tube display

Can monitor the operation state of frequency inverter flexibly and conveniently; can set normal monitoring parameters separately when operation and stop.

Protection Function

25 kinds of protection functions

Including over-voltage, over-current, overheat, overload, under-voltage, short circuit, ground fault, input and output default phase, protect the frequency inverter running reliably all-round.




Ambient temperature

-10degree~+40degree(ambient temperature is within 40degree~50degree, derating use is required), not allow to contact direct sunlight.


Less than 90%RH, without condensation

Application environment

Non-corrosive, flammable, explosive, dust absorbent material, all kinds of lint does not accumulate.


Less than0.6G


0~1000m, reduce the rated specification 10% when lift 1000m for each.

Storage temperature




Factory Overview






Textiles, Plastics, Ceramics, Electronics, Numerical Controls, Foods Processing, Light Industry, And Pharmaceuticals. Oil, mining and other fields.



7.5kw 380v 3 phase variable frequency drive ac motor controller

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