6 Inch 3BB Monocrystallin Best Solar Cell Price 18.0%

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China (Mainland)

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Monocrystalline Silicon


6 inch

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monocrystalline Silicon


156mmx156mm or 6 inch

Max. Power::

4.3 watts






Dark Blue





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100pcs in one box,1000pcs per carton, standard   export carton

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5-7 days after received the payment


3BB Monocrystallin Best Solar Cell Price 
1.Size: 6*6 solar cell 
2. Efficiency:4.3WMonocrystallin Best Solar Cell Price


6 Inch 3BB Monocrystallin  Best Solar Cell Price 



Dimension:       156mm x 156mm

Diagonal:          200mm (round chamfers)

Front:               Anisotropically texturized surface and dark silicon nitride

                        anti-reflection coating

                       1.9mm silver busbars

Back:               Full-surface aluminum back-surface field

                       4.0mm (silver / aluminum) continuous soldering pads




1.High conversion efficiencies resulting in superior power output performance.

2.Outstanding power output even in low light or high temperature conditions

3.Optimized design for ease of soldering and lamination

4.Long-term stability,reliability and performance 

5.Low breakage rate

6.Color uniformaity  


Packaging & Shipping



1. Item are only shipped after PAYMENT is received. 

2. Originally our solar cells are 100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton.
2. Please check out your ADDRESS carefully when processing order.
3. Please CONTACT us ASAP if you haven't received the parcel.

Shipping will be made via EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS , TNT etc


1. Q: Do you have your own factory?

   A: Yes, we have. Our factory located in Jiangsu

2. Q: How can I visit your factory?
    A: Before you visit,please contact us.We will show you the route or arrange a car to pick you up.
3. Q: Do you provide free sample?
    A: Commenly we provide paid sample.

4. Q: Could you print our company LOGO on the nameplate and package?

   A: Yes, we accept it.And need an Authorization Letter from you.

6 Inch 3BB Monocrystallin Best Solar Cell Price 18.0%

6 Inch 3BB Monocrystallin Best Solar Cell Price 18.0%

6 Inch 3BB Monocrystallin Best Solar Cell Price 18.0%

6 Inch 3BB Monocrystallin Best Solar Cell Price 18.0%

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Q:The metal in the silicon wafer
The properties of silicon have excellent electrical properties. The band gap is moderate, and is 1.21 ev. Higher carrier mobility, the electron mobility is 1350 cm / sec / V /, hole mobility is 480 cm / sec / v. The resistivity at room temperature (300K) up to 2.3 x 10 - Europe - cm wide, doped resistivity can be controlled in 10 - to 10 - Europe - cm, can meet the needs of manufacturing various devices. The minority carrier lifetime of the single crystal silicon is longer than that in a few tens of microseconds to 1 milliseconds. Larger thermal conductivity. The chemical property is stable, and is easy to form a stable thermal oxidation film. It can be used to realize the surface passivation and protection of the PN junction in the fabrication of planar silicon devices, and the metal oxide semiconductor structure can be formed to produce MOS field effect transistors and integrated circuits. The properties of the PN junction has good characteristics, so that the silicon device has the advantages of high pressure, the reverse leakage current, high efficiency, long service life, good reliability, good heat conduction, and in the 200 - high temperature operation etc..
Q:What is the cutting fluid for solar wafer cutting?
Solar wafer cuttingThe nine day of the moon is 1 | browse 4555Posted on 2011-03-08 14:06 best answerWire cutting equipment in Sweden, Japan, and domestic equipment;Sweden's MB and HCT devices are a little better;B, HCT, NTC and Ernst & Young wire cutting machine in the silicon wafer cutting silicon wafer cutting fluid and mortar requirementsLabel: cutting machine wire cutting machine silicon solar energyIn recent years, Chinese solar wafer cutting industry booming in Japan in 2008, another solar wafer multi wire cutting machine brand - Ernst & young, also started in the domestic debut, and big cost savings card, that technology has many advantages, more advanced. However, from the point of view of the effect of the use of domestic users, and NTC and MB and HCT in Switzerland, Ernst & Young in China there is a clear case of acclimatized.
Q:What is a silicon wafer for unidirectional and bidirectional cutting? What is the difference between the two?
One way and two way cutting of silicon wafer is the two way to cut silicon ingot by using solar energy cutting wire.When slicing machine uses solar cutting line to cut silicon ingot,
Q:How many watts can a piece of silicon produce
A piece of silicon chip, 156*156 efficiency of 17.4%, a single chip power of about 4.2 watts, that is, under the 1000w/m2 light, power generation is 4,2w, you can calculate the amount of electricity by irradiation time.
Q:Wafer cutting will appear thick sheet, I would like to ask what the reasons are
There is a gap between the guide bar and C. silicon block, cut after the start, with the steel wire operation, part of the guide bar is broken into wire, steel wire dislocation, because the steel line will instantly locate in the cutting process, thus causing the phenomenon of silicon chip thickness.D. guide groove wear serious. Guide for coating of polyurethane materials, cutting knife must guide groove root wear, wheel groove cutting process of cutting steel wire side, in the wheel groove due to sloshing around the lead sheet thickness.
Q:How to detect the surface finish of photovoltaic silicon wafers, what equipment?
Physical examination of the surface roughness on the line, whether it can be cleaned with chemical or optical
Q:Why can silicon chips store information? Even if it is a miniature circuit, unplug the power will be no electricity
So when you need to save the power. As you say the iron, can be used to save the information - the tape is the use of micro magnets to record
Q:What is the role of silicon wafer annealing furnace, what specific requirements
The resistivity changes after annealing, as if it is mainly about the high resistivity of the oxygen donor.
Q:Geometric parameters and testing of silicon wafer
Silicon chips have side length 125mm, 156mm, and 125 of the large chamfer diagonal 156mm and small chamfer diagonal 165mm, polycrystalline silicon chip to the side of the 156mm based, diagonal 219.2mm.
Q:Why do you choose a silicon chip as a chip?
Silicon is a semiconductor, of course, germanium is also, but silicon is easy to find, you go to the ground to see is the siliconPhysical principles on the complex, the first point of memory knowledge to say it, we generally say how much G, strictly speaking, GB, 1GB=1024MB

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