5ton wheel excavator with cotton grapple

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Model Number: WYL5.6

Condition: New

Moving Type: Wheel Excavator

Operating Weight: 5350kg

Bucket capacity: 0.25cbm

Maximum Digging Height: 6450mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 3400mm

Machine Weight: 5350kg

Max Digging Radius: 5950mm

Rated Speed: 40km/h

Certification: ISO9001:2008

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Egine Model: YTR4108

Engine Power: 74.9kw/2200rpm

Overall Dimension: 7940*2200*2900mm

Max unloading height: 4750mm

Hydraulic system pressure: 20Mpa

Wheel Tread: Front 1760mm Back 1680mm

Wheel Base: 2760mm

Tire Model: 9.00-20

Shipping: 40'HQ 40'OT

Wheel drive type: 4WD

Technical data for 5ton wheel excavator with cotton grapple




Operating mass









Rated power



Rated speed



Standard bucket capacity


Face shovel


Back shovel




Appearance parameters      




Transportation size (L*W*H)



Cab height



Minimum ground clearance      



Track length / tread  



Front1760 Back 1680

Track gauge / wheelbase



Tire model specifications



Minimum turning radius        





Hydraulic system



Pressure setting




Working device














Operation range parameters



Maximum excavation radius      



Maximum excavation depth      



Maximum excavation height      



Maximum unloading height    



Maximum excavation force      




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Q:How to play on a heroic union excavator?
Single, secondary positioning thunder Alexis, don't play the first choice of the wild. The line of soldiers made up the defect of the thunder Alexis view, while ignoring collision and vibration drilling to make it more easy to detect and prevent the line of soldiers playing field. The wind is straight ahead, really can not, can also rely on E Enron escape. What can I do? The short duration of cooling ground, Q harassment, makes it a consuming force. Of course, after all, is the main playing field, the disadvantages are also very significant, first of all, good recovery ability make it is early to attribute crispy or wind effort, although the consumption capacity, but the soldier can be blocked, but also as a AP bonus skill damage is not too optimistic, at most, Bubu knife. (PS:AP addition has been raised recently. Is there any possibility of AP?
Q:What are the main features of buying second-hand excavators?
In fact, if you are an expert, you don't need to see too much at all. Just look at the four. Instead, people who are not experts see it that way. Many friends say that second-hand excavators should pay attention to what?. As a matter of fact, there are so many and so many, not many. But individuals still suggest that if you are not an expert, bring an expert. Otherwise, you can't buy a good car. Do you want to worry about it?. Or buy a bad car to go back. In fact, the main thing to buy a second-hand excavator is to look at your funds. Do not think that two mobile phones are worthless, and always remember, a price, a sub - goods. If you can try to buy to buy a private private, if you want to go to the market to see if you can choose Shanghai Jincheng second-hand excavator market. Let's not say how the car, at least compare credibility. Some of my buddies are going there to buy it. I hope these words can help you.
Q:What's the difference between Carter 320C excavator and 320D excavator? Where's the difference?
The cab is different, 320C arm long, bucket small, 320D arm short, bucket big
Q:Kato 450 excavator multiple
Hello Kato 450Engine modelMITSUBISHI Mitsubishi 4D31TBucket digging force (kN)Fifty-three point nineBucket digging force (kN)Seventy-five point fiveCountry of originJapanBucket capacity (square)0.22-0.55Overall work weight (kg)Eleven thousand and six hundred
Q:What do you mean by excavator?
Do you have such a hot word? Excavators are engineering vehicles.
Q:Is the power supply voltage of the excavator AC or DC?
The power supply of electric excavator is AC power supply.The AC power is introduced into the interior of the excavator and then converted into direct current by the unit or the electronic converter.
Q:What excavators brands do you have in China?
Foreign or joint venture: Carter, Komatsu, Keith, Liebherr, Volvo, Kato, Kobelco, Hyundai, DoosanChina: Guizhou jonyang heavy industries, Liugong, Xiagong, Xu, Sany, ZOOMLION, mountain, xuanggong, Shantui, sunward, this is a relatively large enterprises, small businesses a lot of excavator production
Q:31, 75 excavators
It should be about four hundred thousand of it, one of my friends bought four hundred and five thousand, gave him a pile of parts.
Q:How about automatic flameout of excavator?
The cause of excavator flameout:Clogged work parts cause the excavator to stall itselfTo turn off before the engine speed is decreased gradually, the exhaust pipe smoke. In this case, you should first check the excavator working parts are not blocked. If the blockage, will be blocked after liquidation, the engine can be restarted. In addition, the engine due to poor lubrication, showing the axle bush burning accident, also have this phenomenon. In this case, the engine needs an overhaul. The reason to stall the excavator2 engine fuel supply is poor, cause excavator flameoutIs the machine before the engine flameout speed instability or slow down, but no obvious exhaust black smoke phenomenon. In this case, should check the fuel tank is depleted, the oil pump oil supply is normal, there is no precipitation cup oil inlet debris blocking, diesel filter is too dirty. If the diesel filter is too dirty then, remove the diesel filter, cleaning and re installation, and remove the oil in the air. The reason to stall the excavator3 engine oil supply suddenly interrupted or load suddenly increased, resulting in excavator flameoutBefore the process of speed reduction of excavator flameout, a sudden flameout. In this case, you should first check the engine components are suddenly loose or fall off, the flameout solenoid valve control high-pressure pump oil rod engine, flameout solenoid valve should also check whether cut off the electricity. Reason to stall the excavator
Q:The streets were wild and the ads said the excavator was carrying an oil hammer. What's the hammer?
The piston weighs from a few hundred kilograms to several tons.Use the hammer pile sinking hammer should be tapped. If the heavy hammer hits, the hammer work is absorbed by the pile body most, the pile is not easy to break in, and the pile head is easily broken. There is a certain ratio between the hammer weight and the pile weight, or the hammer stress is controlled to prevent the pile from being damaged.

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