5t Explosion-Proof Chain Hoist high quality

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Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: CNBM

  • Model Number: HBSQ5T

  • Usage: Construction Hoist

  • Power Source: Hand Chain

  • Sling Type: Chain

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 5 tons

  • Maximum Lifting Height: 3M

  • Lift Speed: same with pulling speed

  • Certification: CE,GS and ISO9001

  • Warranty: one year

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

  • Capacity: 5 tons

  • Standard lift height: 3M

  • Running test load: 5TONS

  • No.of falls of load chain: 2

  • Net weigth: 65kg

  • Color: cooper color

  • Description: cooper chain hoist


 Main Features

Superior rigidity makes the hoist dust-proof and water-pfoof;
Severe environment and work condition are acceptable;
Simple structure and few components
Adopt Janpanese FEC chain;
To greatly enhance the performance of the fatigue  and wearresistance.
Limit protection adevice can avoid overload occerring;
Hook bolt can prevent the rigging accidently from slip;
Moter is equipped with thermal protection device;
limit contactors are set in the machine.









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5t Explosion-Proof Chain Hoist high quality




Our Service

1.We can make special sample according to the customer’s requirement.

2. We have more than 60 professional technical team, provide best after-sales service.

3. Fast delivery time.

4. We have CE, ISO9001 and GS certification.





1.What’s your product range?

 Electric Hoist: electric chain hoist , electric wire rope hoist, mini wire rope electric hoist, mini electric chain hoist.

Manual Chain Hoist and Lever Hoist Chain , Trolley , Jack,Lifting Strap,Cable Pulley, hand pallet truck,etc.

2.When Can I get the quotation?

We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry . If you are very urgent to get the price , please  tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.

3.How can I get a sample to check your quality?

After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. If you need the samples, you need pay the express fee , 

4.What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

  1. Lifting capacity.

   2. Lifting height.(hook center to ground)

   3. Power supply: Voltage.

   4. Span(rail center to rail center)

   5. Working condition: which material to lift? temprature?

   6. Would be better if you have drawings of your plant.



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Q:What tools are slings in lifting operations? What is the function of the slings?
Sling made forms are more commonly used in engineering with inserting end ring and inserted nonpolar (Universal) slings in hoisting work are the steel wire rope is connected with a hook, shackle, sling made of various styles, for lifting, or binding.
Q:How much is the crane arm of the tower from the residential building recently?
(1) hook safety device: a sling that prevents the hook from slipping and is automatically slipped from the hook. A spring is arranged at the opening of the hook head to seal the opening; the spring sheet can only be pressed downwards and can not be turned upwards after being put into the sling to prevent the sling from falling off automatically.(2): reel insurance device is effective measure to prevent accidents caused by improper wire rope winding drum out outside. There are different ways to do this. The main reason is that a steel bar is welded outside the drum to restrict the wire rope to move within the reel range.(3) fixed foundation: the depth of digging pit is 600mm, the concrete is poured on the lime soil, the surface is smooth, and the waterproof and earthing protection measures are adopted.
Q:What is the safety factor of the wire rope as a motor lifting equipment, slings and slings?
1 phosphating coating steel wire rope (patent products), steel phosphating manganese or zinc manganese by wire surface is very wear-resisting, effectively inhibit the occurrence of fretting wear, is a substitute for plain steel wire rope upgrade, service life far beyond the structure of smooth steel wire rope, wire rope including imported from developed countries such as Germany and Japan (currently the rope is about three times of phosphating, smooth rope after may also be able to improve the phosphating film 3-60 g / M 2, wire drawing no longer after phosphating processing, direct twisting wire rope), has been in China copycat wire rope technology innovation. The innovative technology is suitable for almost all kinds of high-quality carbon steel wire rope varieties, such as elevators, steel ropes, important use steel wire rope and so on.
Q:What are the connections and differences between hooks, slings, rings and heavy truck rings in cranes? What are the hoisting designs?
Synthetic fiber tape series: flexible sling, sling, ring ring cylinder cylinder eye sling, sling, flat glass, polypropylene flat sling, sling, sling fastening belt, pickling container windproof belt, hand woven tape, tied with tape, nylon, special oil pipeline pipe sling, sling dupont. (flat suspenders can produce 1T-30T, flexible suspenders, which can produce 1T-300T)
Q:Why are the suspension bridges a main cable, even a n multi sling, not a bridge directly from the tower?
Finally, the gravity of the main beam becomes the two vertical force of the tower, so that the force passes to the pier under the tower.There are more cables, and the same reason. There are a lot of bars, that's to distract the main girder from the cables.As a kind of cable of cable-stayed bridge, more than beam bridge spanning capacity is the main bridge of long span bridges. The cable stayed bridge is composed of many cables which are directly connected to the tower. The cable-stayed bridge is composed of pylon, main beam and stay cable. The types of pylon are A, inverted Y, H and single column. The materials are steel and concrete. There are single cable plane, parallel double cable plane and inclined cable plane in the stay cable. The first modern cable-stayed bridge was built in Sweden in 1955 and has a span of 182 meters. At present, the largest span cable-stayed bridge built in the world is the Normandy bridge in France, with a main span of 856 meters. The Shanghai Yangpu bridge, built in 1993, is the largest cable-stayed bridge in China, with a main span of 602 meters
Q:What torture refers to the lever and the sling
China used suspension has a special method commonly used, is the only victims of hanging to toe the height, so that the victims are difficult to completely rely on the wrist or thumb under the weight of the whole body, and can not completely rely on the toes to support the body, is very painful, this is the unique China torture method.There is a special way of suspension is relatively rare, is the so-called "monkey holding pile", will be the victims before the hands (also can only bind the thumb to hold the two) was forced to bend the knee, the knee bend into a stick with a rope, lifting the stick ends (also stick to a certain height of the frame other instruments). When the victims of the buttocks, genitals and soles of the feet completely exposed, for the use of other means torturer. In this gesture, the wrist (thumb), knee joint, waist and neck will be squeezed, twisted and pulled by the weight of each part of the body. It is very painful, and Yang Kaihui has been subjected to the punishment.
Q:Notice of tower crane?
The metal structure of the tower crane, the track and the metal shell of all the electrical equipment shall have reliable earthing devices, and the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 ohms, and lightning protection devices shall be set up.Fourth. Pole arrangement, each attachment device attached to the wall and spaced distance should be in accordance with the provisions of the original factory, homemade bar design calculations should be.
Q:What are the specifications for the length, length, and method of operation of the wire rope?
Users need high quality steel wire rope, it should be long life and high quality stable and reliable wire rope.
Q:Slings and rigging manufacturers, which cost-effective?
Crane users need high quality steel wire rope, it should be long life and high quality stable and reliable wire rope. The use of wire rope in the atmospheric environment, mainly caused by the failure of wire rope is fretting fatigue, at present, the wire rope for the first time in the field of fretting fatigue control measures is the phosphating coating steel wire rope patent technology production, steel wire after manganese phosphating or zinc manganese treatment, wear resistance, enhance the surface of steel wire that is not easy to wear and corrosion fatigue life of the steel wire rope large increase, fatigue life is three times the same structure of plain steel wire rope, the highest test value has reached an alarming four times contrast (laboratory comparable conditions), can be verified by fatigue test, fatigue test machine if they have on their own contrast test, this test results the most credible, the service life of wire rope and the fatigue life is directly proportional to the fatigue life, long service life of the same proportion of extension.
Q:Where should I pay attention to the formwork?
When the welded steel bar and the formwork are installed together, the following requirements shall be met:The formwork must be fixed on the joint of the load-bearing welded steel frame;When installing the reinforcing steel formwork assembly, the sling shall be tied up according to the hanging point designed by the template.

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