5inch HD IPS Android Mobile Phone WCDMA GSM

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01  Power
CPU: 1.2GHz Quad-core
Memory: built-in 16G ROM + 1G RAM LPDDR2
Storage: MicroSD(TF) maximum support 64 GB storage extension
Display chip: powerVR SGX544MP

02  Screen 
5 inch HD IPS
1280*720 resolution and 16 million colors
Capacitive multi-touch, single point rate of 150 points/sec and multi-point rate of 250 points/sec

03  Battery
Super long standby time
4200mAh large capacity lithium polymer battery
10 hours of continuously use

04  Double card
Double card double standby
Support WCDMA and GSM standard SIM card
3G: WCDMA 850M/2100M
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ

05  Button layout
Professional handle button layout
Power button is not less than 120g
Combo is 6 times faster than computer keys
Nine axle sensor
Gyroscope, electronic compass, accelerometer

06  Game experience
The king of the android emulator, LAN games
Online games, simulators, casual games
Designed for gaming experience

07  Share the happiness
Android 4.2 depth customization, 3G/Wifi
Internet access, wireless AP, Bluetooth 4.0, LE transmission
Online games, stand-alone, hand simulator, casual games

08   Dual cameras
Main camera: 800w pixels, digital zoom, autofocus, support for macro shooting
Rear camera: 30w pixels with LED fill light

09  Stereo
High-fidelity stereo
Dual stereo speakers, two K-class amplifier
10  Connect to the big screen
HDMI HD output, connect high-definition TV and Projector
1080P support for H.264/MPEG4/VC-1/H.263/MPEG2/etc
Internet access, wireless AP, bluetooth 4.0+LE transmission

11  Navigation
Easy navigation Easy going
GPS/Map software/Flashligh

Android PSP-Like Mobile Phone (MUCH G2)Android PSP-Like Mobile Phone (MUCH G2)

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Q:How to set up a wireless router using a tablet PC
Routing behind the routing of the IP address, generally or password, default is admin, go in the future is very good set, as long as the word recognition, basically no problem
Q:The tablet computer can restore accidentally deleted files, how to restore
Deleted files can be recovered, you can restore the file with AneData almighty. Whether it is a computer hard disk or memory card accidentally deleted or mistakenly formatted pictures is the most common office documents, these documents will choose a recovery to see content recovery tools, very intuitive, avoid after recovery can not open the file.
Q:What about tablet computers becoming sluggish?
You can download a ES task manager to see if there is a process running maliciously, and if so, find it clear to him.If not clear, then go to the next ONDA brush machine, you can also go to the ONDA store, this problem, the clerk will be free to deal with you
Q:Tablet PC how to use mobile phone traffic Online
Mobile phone Internet access method for tablet computer:Mobile phone to open WLAN hotspot share, and then open the tablet PC WiFi, search for mobile phones to share the hot network, click on the connection on the line. At this point, the flow generated by the Internet is the flow of mobile card binding.For pluggable SIM card tablet, you may directly handle a SIM network card, bound mobile card traffic can be
Q:Why is Apple's tablet computer connected to the computer? It doesn't show up on the computer
MAC OS (Apple) system computer can be displayed, you did not find it does not even go up after charging, it is best to go to Apple's official website, a iTunes operation on the iPad
Q:How do you set the font size of a tablet PC page?
The two fingers of the thumb and index finger press on the screen, and the font becomes smaller and becomes larger as soon as it opens
Q:Can an apple tablet install a mobile phone card?
Support 3G network, you can install 3G network mobile card. Only supports WIFI version can not.
Q:What is the difference between an all-in-one computer and a tablet PC?
One machine is a desktop computer, and a tablet is a computer that is more than netbooks... The notebook doesn't need me to explain
Q:Can Apple phone and tablet charger be shared?
Apple phone and tablet PC charger is best not to share. The reasons are as follows:1, the mobile phone and tablet output voltage, current and power is not the same, flat than the mobile phone to the most.If the tablet charger for charging the mobile phone, the mobile phone battery has great damage, is likely to cause the mobile phone does not work, if the mobile phone charger for charging time is too long, flat, flat easy to produce high temperature state, are also likely to become flat tile.The data line 2, mobile phone and tablet are not the same, the plug to plug to easily lead to the interface damage, it does not pay The loss outweighs the gain.
Q:Tablet PCs are unable to connect to wireless networks!
You set the settings inside, and then find a KFC (KFC) inside to try the network, to see if the machine is the reason, or you did not set up?!

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