5050 Flexible Led Strip Factory Price 12V Waterproof

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$2.06 - 6.18 / roll
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10 Rolls roll
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20000 Rolls Per Week roll/month

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General Introduction

5050 Flexible Led Strip Factory Price 12V


 Features of LED Strip 

 1 Flexible enough to be bent at any angles.

 2 Waterproof IP65 or IP68.

 3 Designed for free cutting every 3 LEDs.

 4 User can use DIY accessories for easy connection of cutting sections.

 5 Can apply indoor or outdoor,even under water.

 6 Energy saing,Green products.

 7 Soft,Flexible LED light strips.

 8 Super Bright 3528 & 5050(5060)SMD LEDS.

 9 Safe,Working under 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

10 Solid-state, high vibration resistant SMD chips.

11 Avaiable color:Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White,Cool white,Warm White,RGB or Pink,Purple.

12 LED quantity can be alterrative,or double quantity,or less,like 18 LEDs/m.

13 Little or no heat, low power consumption,saving 90% electricity compared the traditional lights.

14 Small volume,can use in narrow place that other light cannot apply.

15 Can be cut to size at marked intervals(Three LEDs) and rejoined by electricians(Just for SCT-F-4,IP 65).

16 Easy installation,With clips for fixing.or 3M double side tape on back for use indoor..

17 Operating temperature: -20 C ~ 40 C.

18 Working Humidity:0%-100%

19 Long life span of LED lights, >=50,000 hours plus


Application of LED Strip 

1. Border or perimeter lighting.
2. Architectural decorative
3. Path & Contour Marking
4. Emergency hallway
5. Auto decoration
6. Sign back light
7. Shelf light
8. Concealed lighting
9. Cove and under cabinet lighting.
10. KTV,Plub etc,.Decoration


Remarks of LED RGB  Strip 

1. Its working volt. is 12VDC, you need  suitable  power supply, of which outputing volt. is 12VDC, to operate the light.

2. It is RGB LED Strip Light, can be controlled by sound activated  controller. Very vivid and cool.


About this LED

1. SCT has been specializing in developing and manufacturing LED Lights for 10 years.  We gladly cater to provide you high quality in competitive price.  

2. Any request for assistance or information will receive our immediate attention. 


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Q:What is a light belt?
LED Strip. This is the English name for the LED light belt. The interpretation of Strip in Yahoo translation is "strip", and the interpretation in Google is "small strip", but the LED light carries the word "LED Strip" in the mouth of foreign customers
Q:LED lights with 0-10V dimming when flashing what reason?
The main reason for stroboscopic is frequency, and nothing to do with itYou can't adjust the voltage directly by using the common transformer to adjust the voltageThe best dimming method for LED is the PWM, which is actually frequency modulatedLED is not realistic to want to be completely strobe, but the average frequency is above 100HZ, you can't feel the strobe completelyYou use a transformer to tune, the supply or the city's standard 50HZ frequency, 50HZ must have strobe, but some of the lights may not be too obvious, and some obviously.So, if you want to sit with LED lamp dimming, recommended to buy a dimmer, the price may be relatively high, to hundreds of yuan, if your light load is not large, buy a large manufacturer of the wireless light, with remote control, an estimated more than 200.
Q:How do I connect the two LED light band?
Connect two LED lights, you need to see what kind of LED light belt, and some light belt itself has reserved lights, with serial plug, they can be directly inserted together.
Q:How much is the output voltage of the LED lamp belt driver?
A series parallel circuit and the main LED bulb lamp with you, if you are a series circuit with 3 LEDs, the driving voltage is 12VDC, 6 beads, the driving voltage is 24V, of course, the circuit should be added to the current limiting resistor.
Q:How does the PS make the band?
This simple ah, on a new layer, with a white brush, or other color you want, draw a strip (lines), and then to the layer with a layer style, choose the Outer Glow layer style, select the color you want, and the appropriate size, value can be.
Q:LED lamp belt, hot tin is not strong, what should I do?
The lamp belt is made of waterproof, and the inner conductive body can be insulated. You can use a knife to scrape or scrape the surface protection layer with sandpaper, so you can use the soldering tin
Q:Which is better, low voltage LED belt and high voltage LED lamp?
If the application can be any contact in the clothes cupboard, jewelry counters, kitchen cabinets and so on places where children, for security reasons, the best choice for low pressure led lights, in addition, low voltage lamp with life in general than the high pressure lamp with high 10000 to 20000 hours, please according to the actual demand, choose a suitable for your lights, recommended to choose low voltage lamp with photon LED lighting, the quality is very good, even if the leakage is not in any danger.
Q:LED how much is the band of light a metre?
At present, our company produces LED soft lamp with 30 yuan /M hard lamp, with 70 yuan /M
Q:The problem of residual light in LED lamp after power failure
In fact, it is not the induction voltage, but the voltage of the alternating current fire line to the ground. In fact, this phenomenon occurs in fluorescent lamps. In general, as long as the switch off the fire line, this phenomenon will be eliminated.
Q:Which of the 12 volt LED light band and 220 volt LED lamp is brighter? What's the difference in electricity costs? Want to use it in the mall counter, 12 volts
As far as power consumption is concerned, as long as you have the length of the belt, you can use 12V or 220V

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