50-800mm Plastic HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line Machine

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Product Description:

50-800mm Large Diameter HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Machine Line


Application of the pipes produced:

electricity wire sleeve, urban water supply and drainage system, agricultural irrigation pipe, underground filtration irrigation and the water supply or drainage system in buildings, etc.


Characteristics of the pipes produced:

 Light weight, good performance of shock resistance, high rigidity, corrosion-resistance, cold and hot resistance


Characteristics of the machine:

Mould and Auxiliary Machine: The mould die is of high precision and the mould blocks are changeable. There are two cooling modes to the mould block, by water and by fan. The planetary cutting machine is of high cutting precision; SIMENS human-machine interface control system realizes high automation.

Extruder: The extruder can be designed according to the different materials; HDPE material uses high efficiency single screw extruder, the PVC material uses conical double-screw extruder.


  1. Two high efficient co-extrusion single screw extruders

2.It adopts excellent screw and new groove sleeve design,
which makes the extruder with bellow advantages: high plasticization rate,
smooth melt, stable production process, 
and enable the inside and outside layer of the pipe to use different materials
3. Corrugation forming block is made by special alloy material. It has high precision, 
intensity and outstanding heat emission.
4. Nitrogen treatment of the mould surface. There is wall thickness adjusting device
in the mouth mould and can produce pipes of different raw materials.
It has a flaring function, which can reduce the investment and enhance efficiency.
6. The production line adopts advanced Simens PLC control system
, with human-machine interface operating system, has high automaticity, easy operation.
The main technical parameter:


Main Machine (extruder)

Quantity of Module

Specification of Pipe(mm)

SDSB 160

SJ 65/33×2 (PE)



SJSZ 51×105,

SJSZ 65×132 (PVC)

SDSB 800

SJ 150/35×2 (PE)



SJSZ 80×156,

SJSZ 92×188 (PVC)

the parameter may change without previous notice

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Q:What is an extruder?
Usually called extruder, it is a plastic extrusion machine.
Q:What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the extruder?
Attachment(1) inspect the rolling barrel, vibrating screen, motor and so on, and leak out the sealing parts.(2) cooling equipment and piping are clean and clean, and there is no suspended impurity in industrial soft water. Water filters and water tanks should be regularly checked, cleaned, kept clean and replaced with new water.
Q:Extrusion machine (ACS510 frequency converter + ordinary motor), low speed production current, how to solve?
Yes, the load characteristics and control characteristics are also to be matched. Otherwise, it will be very inappropriate and lead to abnormal phenomena.
Q:Our factory has a continental 590 control DC motor used in extrusion machine,
You can adjust the proportional gain, and if you don't move, the parameter has this problem, you should check to see if you really lost the pulse
Q:1: what is the difference between an extruder and an injection molding machine?
1: extruder, is threaded through the push rod, the plastic die forming process by melting in the forward process. After the extruder products are silk, belt, tube, plate, etc.
Q:Who knows the structure of the big extrusion machine head (has cooled), smash what structure, model of plastic crusher?
There is a kind of broken engineering material. I wonder if you can find it
Q:Why will the extruder frequency shift stop?
Because the frequency converter is out of order, you can look at the fault record parameters of the inverter.
Q:Which converter is suitable for extrusion machine 5
Proposed Delta VFD-cp Series ~!AskCP2000 is constant pressure water supply... Are you sure you can use it? And C2000 is better than qualifiedChasing the answerWrong number ~ ~ should be C2000, and VE Series ~ ~ these two are suitable, ~~B, CP is not good ~!
Q:Wire and cable extrusion machine extrusion die how to quickly adjust the core degree, how can I touch it by hand?,
In fact, if you are familiar with that extruder, there will be no problem!
Q:What are the two types of extrusion?
Extrusion? The extruder. The extruder is divided into single screw extruder and twin screw extruder, and the twin screw extruder is divided into two parts: flat, double and cone.

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