5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

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Item specifice:

LED dimming power: 5W 7W

Product Description:

Product model: ZX-G0701-T

Input parameters: AC 50-60HZ 

Output parameters: 300mA 15-25DC 

Output power: 5W 6W 7W

Dimming range: 1%-100% (applicable to the vast majority of dimming device)

Product size: long * wide * high =40*17*17mm

Product use: This product is suitable for E27 GU10 and other ball bulb lamp controlled silicon dimming lamps and lanterns can be equipped with the shell used in ceiling lamps, etc.

Product features:

2, constant current output

3, with isolated transformer, the human body is more secure

4, the use of import program (NXP2012) design, quality and stability, light adjustment effect of the whole process without flash

5, the life of more than 50000HR

6, with perfect over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power protection function

7, with moisture, dust function

8, can be in -40 C, +65 C environment stable work

9, in accordance with the RoHS standard

5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

5-7WLED dimmer power NXP IC,0-100% dimming range

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1, the principle of transformer work is: through the PWM (pulse width modulation) control switch, the rectified DC voltage for high-frequency switch conduction, making high-frequency current into the switching power supply of the high-frequency transformer primary side, which is the transformer vice Side induced current, after rectification can be obtained after the required voltage or multiple voltage.
Q:At present, switching power supply commonly used in high-power switch which?
Are you going to IGBT tube? Can be commonly used are transistors and MOS tube.
Q:Charger, switching power supply, power adapter these three different?
Charger, switching power supply, power adapter can (but not necessarily) is a thing, Switching power supply is to pay attention to the internal characteristics of the items, the charger is to pay attention to his use, power adapter is highlighted as the main equipment of the auxiliary. Such as ---- porcelain bowl --- switching power supply ------ refers to the bowl is made of porcelain       Rice bowl --- charger ------- refers to the use of the bowl (Note that the charger is not a switching power supply to do, rice bowl also has a glass bowl)       Tableware --- power adapter -------- refers to the service for the meal (power adapter also has a transformer AC output, the ordinary linear rectifier regulator output, as well as battery box. Tableware also has dish, spoon, etc. )
Q:What is switching power supply
The traditional method is to use the diode to pay attention to wave, it becomes a DC This kind of electronic component called rectifier Switching power supply and rectifier different and benefits: switching power supply can stabilize the current and voltage, the better
Q:Working principle of small switching power supply
Switching power supply is used to control the switch through the circuit for high-speed pass and cut off. The conversion of direct current into high-frequency alternating current is provided to the transformer for transformer, resulting in the required group or groups of voltages! The reason for the high frequency AC is that the high frequency AC is much more efficient than the 50HZ in the transformer transformer circuit. So the switch transformer can be done very small, and the work is not very hot! The The cost is very low. If not 50Hz into high-frequency switching power supply does not make sense
Q:Ming Wei switching power supply is why use?
AC variable DC, high voltage to low voltage for the equipment circuit to do power use.
Q:What is the basic principle of switching power supply?
The basic principle of switching power supply is: The 220v 50HZ exchange, finishing 300v DC, the switch and the oscillation circuit, so that it becomes 40KHZ or higher frequency square wave voltage, coupled through the high-frequency transformer to the secondary, so that the secondary to get the required voltage The That is, the actual switching power supply, is the high-frequency transformer.
Q:What is a linear adapter and a switching power adapter
. Linear power supply efficiency is low, and switching power supply efficiency is higher. But the linear power supply EMI is low, and the switching power supply EMI is higher, especially the low power. So the use of different!
Q:What is the component stress in the switching power supply?
Component stress is the element in the worst working conditions of the environment, for component reliability, the actual consideration of the main voltage stress and thermal stress. General companies set their own derating standards, the use of components in the stress can not exceed the established standards in order to obtain improved reliability.
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