4W LED Camping Light High-grade ABS JT-7024B Using Maintenance-free Battery

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Specifications of Camping Light JT-7024B

2.)LED:It has 8pcs Leds.
3.)Material:High-grade ABS
4.)Battery:Using maintenance-free battery 2000mAh-4V 
5.)Feature:Solar energy,DC5V-USB output charging,AC power,car charging
6.)Lighting Time:                                                                                     
Full Power:about 8 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 4 hours.                                                                  
Half Power:about 16 hours,light will be slowly weakens:about 8 hours.                     
7.)Charing Time:
AC100~240V:about 3~4 hours.
Solar charging:About 8~16 hours,according to the sunlight strong or poor.                                                
8.)Size:122*122*248mm(Box Size) 

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Q:Introduction to camping lights
Camping lights are provided at the camp for lighting, scaring off wild animals, indicating camp locations, etc., and are movable lights.
Q:Where there are camping lamps Himin photoelectric sell? I would like to buy it
Climate products are mainly divided into several series, main products: various types of heaters; including individual products: solar climate, solar charger, solar lantern, solar backpacks and other products; Home Furnishing series products: Solar Garden lights, climate zero rotation Pavilion and other products; and the latest solar camping cooking electric integration, integration, the solar bake Hyun shield doors and windows and other products..You can also log on the climate improvement mall, http://www.ehimin.com/, consult the official customer service, and choose one of your favorite products. Always bring you the most official and authoritative information. In the process of purchase and use, if you have any questions, please call me anytime, as long as you say, we will solve the rest for you, ensure that you stay at home and enjoy timely, convenient and efficient service.I wish you a happy life, there are problems, you can always ask, I will answer for you in a timely manner.
Q:What is explosion proof lamp and what is the explosion-proof grade?
Definition of explosion proof signs in explosion proof lamps:The explosion-proof mark in the explosion-proof lamp is used to describe the explosion-proof grade, temperature group, explosion proof type and the mark of the applicable area for the explosion-proof lighting lamps.Explosion proof sign:Explosion-proof lighting equipment according to GB 3836 standard requirements, explosion-proof lighting explosion-proof signs include:Explosion proof type + equipment category + (gas group) + temperature group1. explosion proof typeAccording to the explosion-proof measures taken, the explosion-proof lamps can be divided into flameproof, increased security, intrinsically safe, positive pressure, oil immersed, sand filling, casting sealing type, N type, special type, dust explosion-proof type, etc.. Their identity is shown in table 1.Table 1 basic types of explosion protectionThe explosion-proof type explosion-proof type explosion-proof type explosion-proof type sign sign flameproof Ex D sand filled Ex Q safety Ex e Ex encapsulated m Ex PN type Ex positive pressure type N intrinsically safe Ex ia dust explosion-proof type DIP A intrinsically safe Ex IB dust explosion-proof type DIP B type Ex o Ex special oil s
Q:What about solar charging and multipurpose portable camping light?
See if the battery is dead or out of touch
Q:Maintenance of explosion proof lamp
The lamp is not bright for many reasons, the main reasons are as follows: a bulb, lamp burned, maintenance method: replace the same type of lamp and lamp holder; two, trigger capacitance or burn, or replace the same trigger; you use shidianbi test screw power does not necessarily lead to circuit the best, open the electrical box, look at the electrical box has no electrical explosion-proof lamps should pay attention to maintenance... After a few points, first, after being cut open the light housing maintenance; second, maintenance can not change the wiring of luminaires and sealing; third, good maintenance, check whether electric spark and explosion effect to power.
Q:Ready to go camping. Where are the camping lights that buy those bright lights?
Taobao mall there is ~ ~ ~ you want to store or online?
Q:What's the USB interface for charging camp lights?
2 、 camping lamp discharge interfaceIf the shape of the USB mouth is rectangular, that is, the common form of USB port, this interface is generally used for mobile phones, tablets and other equipment charging.
Q:LED solar outdoor camping light 6LED and 8LED difference
The same word is a lamp power point, a small point, if the same product, battery or battery is big enough, some want to choose 6 long bright beads to a bright pearl on the 8
Q:Where is the explosion-proof lamp mainly used?
Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military, shipbuilding, coal, tobacco, wine and other industries
Q:The basic introduction of camping lights
Camping lights should be purchased with: light, easy to carry. Super energy-saving, super long life, effective light source solution, not hot, light source, no stroboscopic, effectively protect the eyes. Rain proof design, all-weather use, night work lighting, night fishing lighting, camping, field lighting, car maintenance, garage backup, etc..

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