4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light

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Product Name: Solar Spot Light Brand Name: CMAX Model Number: BS-8141
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Warranty: 1 Year Certificate: CE, RoHS issued by B.V (BUREAU VERITAS
Rated Power: 0.9W Voltage: 3.7v Material: ABS
Protection Level: IP44

Product Description:

Product Description


High brightness solar spot light hot modern style design with CE & RoHS certificated by B.V

 4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light


4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light

Application place: Garden, yard, park, bar, club etc.

4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light

4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light

How does solar light works?


Solar light uses solar panel with photovoltaic effect principle to receive solar radiation during the day, then converted into electrical energy, after that store in batteries by charge-discharge controller, while at night when the illumination gradually reduced to about 10LUX, the open circuit voltage of solar panels reaches the set value, after the discharge controller detects the voltage value then action, the battery discharge current to the lamp, solar light; when the battery is discharged to the set value, battery stops discharge, the solar light turned off. Or the next day when the illumination is higher than about 10LUX, charge and discharge controller action, the battery discharge suspended, solar panel starts battery charging.


1. High efficiency


2. Environmental and energy-saving


3. Long lifetime leds

What is your service?


1. Your price or after-sales inquiry will be respond in 24 hours


2. Your entire question can be answered by our well-trained and experienced staff in English


3. Quick response to compliant within 48 hours.


4. OEM/ODM services are available according to customer’s requirements.


5. We have advantages on R&D because we have our own tooling, molding and die-casting workshop and engineers with over 10 years experience in solar lighting industry.


1. Product lead time is from 1 day to 45 days according to order features.

2. Products can be shipped by sea, or by airship, courier service according to client’s instruction.

3. Cargo will be well protected before shipment.

4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light

4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light

4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light

4LEDs Good Design Solar Spot Light Outdoor High Quality Solar Led Spot Light


Why do we choose your company?


High quality with competitive price, good service.




What’s the payment method?


T/T, western Union, L/C and Bank transfer are acceptable for mass order. ESCROW is acceptable for small order.

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Heat is the manifestation of vibrating molecules, atoms, or both. As light has neither, no it does not contain heat. Of course it can and does create heat. When radiant energy, photonic energy, strikes matter and gets absorbed, that results in the molecules, atoms, or both of the matter vibrating more vigorously. And that means more heat in the struck matter.
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