4CH Home Security Indoor Digital Wireless Camera DVR System With 7Inch LCD Monitor 8204JM4

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Product Description:In-door 4CH digital wireless camera & DVR system with 7'' LCD monitor
· 2.4GHz digital wireless, no interferences, no privacy leak
· 7" LCD monitor with integrated video recorder
· Support up to 32GB SD card or external 2TB mobile disk by USB2.0
· Support 4 cameras/ 24hours /7days non-stop overwrite recording
· Multiple recording modes: manual, schedule, and PIR activated
· 5meter night vision range
· Video quality: 4CH VGA 30fps
· Indoor cameras with 300 m/1000ft transmission open range
· Video output function for bigger monitor
· IR-cut filter embeded

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Q:What is the difference between video conference and network monitoring?
The two systems are designed to meet different needs, which determines the difference between the two. Video conferencing is to meet the needs of enterprises or companies to meet in different places. Video surveillance aims at monitoring the real-time situation and ensuring the security of property.
Q:Security monitoring, forest fire prevention, solar power supply system, principles and matters needing attention
Safety monitoring, forest fire prevention, solar power supply system design considerations:1. Solar power supply system in use area2, the system load power.3 、 system output voltage.4 、 the system needs working hours every day5, if there is no sunlight rainy weather, the system needs continuous power supply time6, load, pure resistive, capacitive or inductive.7, the number of system requirements, the greater the quantity, the cost of power generation will be reduced.
Q:What are the main functions of CCTV security surveillance system
Closed-circuit monitoring is relatively old, usually coaxial cable transmission of video signals, and now more commonly used mainstream digital network video surveillance.
Q:Does weak current project belong to IT industry?
The conceptual scope of IT includes both hardware and software. The hardware mainly refers to the data storage, processing and network communication equipment; and weak project is mainly refers to the hardware part (part of the software is to verify the correctness and efficiency of hardware and accessory), which covers a wide range, far beyond the IT hardware.
Q:Emerson power environment monitoring system how to see ports?
The function monitoring of the moving ring converts the moving loop data into the controller identification signal, such as the dry contact signal, by the special function field controller.
Q:What industry does monitoring equipment belong to?
1, CCTV monitoring belongs to security industry2, computer network monitoring belongs to the IT industry
Q:What are the main contents of network system integration technology?
Equipment system integration, also known as hardware system integration, in most cases referred to as "system integration", or "weak current system integration", to distinguish from electromechanical equipment installation class of strong integration. It refers to the information management in the organization to build support platform for the purpose of using integrated wiring technology, automatic control technology, communication technology, network technology, multimedia technology, security technology, network security technology related equipment, software integrated design, installation and debugging, interface customization development and application support. Equipment system integration can also be divided into intelligent building system integration, computer network system integration, security system integration.
Q:How to invade the monitoring system? What principle?
When the detector detects the intrusion signal, namely the alarm to the residential property alarm center, alarm center linkage controller to open the relevant regional searchlight sent alarmsirens activated recorder analog electronicalarm regional dynamic display screen, alarm center monitor computer can pop-up map.
Q:ASUS motherboard power failure how to solve?
Solution: open the box, with a rubber finger wipe carefully put the memory clean, take down the memory re inserted, hot melt adhesive for the cracks on both sides of the memory slot filled, prevent further oxidation in the process of using. Note: in the swap memory must unplug the power line break, to prevent accidental burning of memory.
Q:The security system includes a detailed analysis of what security system
Security system is usually composed of security management system and several related subsystems.
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