48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Brushless Rear Wheel Motor

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Item No.:LPH10
Power (W)180-750W
Magnetic series (pcs)23
SensorIntergrated Speed Sensor
Current limiting(A)0.7
Install Size(MM)135
Flywheel seriesRear/6s
Brake typeV/Disc Type
Noise Level (DB)55
Salt testing(H)24/96
IP RatingIP54
Carton Size (MM)540*420*210
G.W (Kg)8

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Q:Electric motor heating what happened?
The motor will heat up or even burn out the motor when the work time is too long
Q:The car battery motor power much better?
84v, does 2000W travel shorter than 72V and 1200W?Answer: this depends on the capacity of the battery, and the voltage does not matter. The operating current of the 84V/2000W motor is about 23.8A; the working current of the 72V/1200W motor is about 16.6A. If the battery capacity is the same, it must be a small power consumption motor running far.
Q:Electric car brushless motor Holzer sensor, Holzer and Holzer without what is the difference?
Effect:L has a Holzer type motor and controller that is stable during use and has great torque at startup.L no Holzer type motor and controller in use, due to technical problems, it is not very stable, especially in the initial stage, the stability is poor, the power is not enough.In electric bicycles, Holzer sensors are used in many places, such as speed switches, brakes, brakes, and brushless motors,Speed regulating switch for electric vehicle:Speed control turn, as the name suggests, is the speed control components of electric vehicles, this is a linear speed components, a lot of styles, but the principle of work is the same. It is generally located on the right side of the electric vehicle, riding the right hand when the direction of the rotation of the electric car rotating angle range of 0 - 30 degrees between.
Q:What are the motors of the three wheel electric cars?
Most of the AC motors do not need commutator slices (brushes), and permanent magnets are not needed. But there are exceptions, such as series motor, series motor generally has two pieces of carbon brush.According to the rotor and stator, one of them has no magnet: permanent magnet motor and series motor, in which the permanent magnet motor is divided into brushless motor and brush motor
Q:Electric car boring how to do?
2, look at the current battery, which is after the battery is full, the road riding switch to the most high-grade, high capacitance pointer will not rotate well should be in full power when not moving, if the current is not stable, the battery may be already aging out, to be replaced or battery activation it would take hundreds of bills.Batteries are life, and often use about 2 years; and there is not to use electricity deficit (jump off) before charging, so that too much damage to the battery, to charge in time; do not overcharge. (it's more likely)
Q:Can electric motors generate electricity?
The stator current is in the motor state; if you rotate the permanent magnet rotor, then there is electromotive force on the stator
Q:What's the difference between the two wheeled electric vehicles and the three wheeled motors?
Two wheeled electric cars known as electric bicycles / motorcycles, such models are generally used by the motor wheel drum, there are two kinds of brush and brush
Q:I want to buy an electric car, but I don't know whether it's good for 48V or good for 24V
2, 48V than the 24V output current and voltage, speed.Electric cars are divided into alternating current electric vehicles and direct current electric vehicles
Q:48v350w electric cars, how much work current?
The starting current, climbing wave and cross current are from 10 to 12A, and the current is 7~8A at uniform speed.General 48V350W electric vehicles with batteries for 48V12AH, theoretical mileage of up to 49 kilometers, when the power of the same motor, the larger the battery capacity, mileage will be further. Lead acid battery technology is mainly based in China, and Japanese batteries are not comparable to domestic power batteries.
Q:What's the use of electric motors for motors?
2, the efficiency of the motor is the key, that is, the conversion rate.The higher the efficiency, the faster and farther the electric cars run, and vice versa.(of course, the capacity, size and performance of the battery are the same.)

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