450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR

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Product Description:


450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR



1. Rated voltage:0.6/1kv
2. High efficiency
3. Long lasting
4. CCC CE ISO certificate
5.High quality & Prompt delivery

VV Cable 0.6/1kv(copper conductor, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed electrical single-core cable PVC Insulated Wire and Cable)


Product Description

Reference Standards
The product is manufactured according to the standards of GB5023-1997 and JB8734-1998 or IEC, BS, DIN and ICEA upon request.

The products is suitable for laying indoors, in tunnel or cable trench, unable to bear external merchanical forces. Single-core cable in magnetic duct is not permissible.

Operating Characteristics
Rated voltage Uo/U: 0.6/1kv.
Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor: 90º C
The ambient temperature under installation shall not below 0º C
The bending radius of cable:
D≤ 25mm...≥ 4D
D>25mm...≥ 6D
(D- Diameter of the cable )









PVC insulation&sheathed Power cable

For laying indoors, in tunnel and in ducts, unable to bear extarnal mechanical forces



PVC insulation&sheathed steel tape armour power cable

Laying in the ground, afire-resistant, unable to bear extarnal mechanical forces


Specification Size and Technical Data



Voltage Grade


Nominal Section(mm²)

3x2.5+1x1.5, 3x4+1x2.5, 3x6+1x4, 3x10+1x6, 3x16+1x10, 3x25+1x16, 3x35+1x16, 3x50+1x25, 3x70+1x35, 3x95+1x50, 3x120+1x70, 3x150+1x70, 3x185+1x95, 3x240+1x120, 3x300+1x150, 4x2.5+1x1.5, 4x4+1x2.5, 4x6+1x4, 4x10+1x6, 4x16+1x10, 4x25+1x16, 4x35+1x16, 4x50+1x25, 4x70+1x35, 4x95+1x50, 4x120+1x70, 4x150+1x70, 4x185+1x95, 4x240+1x120, 4x300+1x150

We are a manufacturer of wire and cable with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force.

With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in power systems, information transfer systems, construction industry and other industries.



450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR


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Q:How to connect the power cable pre-branch connector
Pre-branch cable should be fully cooled before the plate can be installed, otherwise it will cause the connection flat, affecting the appearance of packaging should pay attention to branch and trunk The end of the seal, to prevent the core of the water
Q:Current carrying capacity in power cables?
Table 310.16 of the NEC (2008)
Q:flucatuation when Plug off power cable in my Laptop compaq v3424tu?
Maybe the power management resetting the notebook after unplug the power. it's not reset the whole system, only adjusting into battery mode (long life). Commonly, the screen will blank a moment. it's normal. the setting can be found in Control Panel, Power Option.
Q:1.2 meters below the road can use pvc tube wear armor cable?
Have to fight trumpet, mainly to protect the cable jacket is not scratched
Q:What's power cable do I need for this SSD?
You can use splitters.
Q:PC and cables?
If you are buying a PC that is bundled with a monitor, all of the necessary cables to set it up should be included (except a network cable). If you are buying the PC and monitor separately, the PC should come with a power cable, and may or may not include a video cable.The monitor should include a power cable and at least one video cable that the monitor supports. Monitors will typically come with a DVI cable and a DVI to VGA adapter if DVI is supported. If you are using a television instead of a monitor, it will likely only come with a power cord. You would need to buy your video cable separately.
Q:Power cable for amp(Car audio)?
Voltage isn't your significant enemy while coping with electrical energy. that is present day or amps that are the foremost venture. you could think of of it like a water hose, the V is the value of the water, the A is the quantity. Take Ohm's regulation as an occasion. Say we've an amp that's producing 1000W With a 230V capability gadget we've 4.3A, with a 14V capability gadget we've 71A. that's a good number of amperage. vehicle capability cables have a thick jacket to keep away from shorts, shorts are undesirable. in case you had a great cable going from one end of your vehicle to the different, and not employing a fuse. (lot's of people do not fuse properly) If that cable is presented in touch with the metallic of the motor vehicle it is going to short and that entire cable is going to get crimson warm and burn your vehicle to the floor.
Q:Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i Power Supply cable.?
There is no direct benefit for the operation of the speakers by upgrading to a 750 watt power supply. The amplificatiion power is external. Only a small relatively small power signal is delivered by the computer
Q:How do I jump start my power supply?
MATERIALS 1.) power supply 2.) power cable 3.)paper clip Step 1 Plug in the Power Cable to the wall, and then into the back of the Power Supply. Make sure the Power Supply is flipped to 1 and not 0. I like to remember 1 is for power because 1 looks like I, and I have ADHD. So I always haves me some powers. 0 is like O which is like my OH face. Then I am drained of power. Step 2 Take the paper clip and bend it into a 'U' shape. We want the two ends of it to be next to each other, or relatively close. Step 3 Now we are in the final step. Locate the Green wire on your PSU. There should only be one Green wire, whether you have a 20 or 24 pin power cable. Alright, we found it. Now we get have to find a Black wire on your PSU as well. There are a few, but we should be fine. Finally, take the paper clip and insert one end into the Green wire and the other end into any Black wire. And there we have it. Your power supply is alive and kicking. Again, this is a good way to test fans for functionality, CD-ROMs, and Floppy Drives. Almost any component that will plug into this is fine. I would not advise for your hard drive in case of data loss, but if it's a questionable hard drive (why else would we test it?) then you I'm guessing you don't care if it has anything on it, or it's too old to matter.
Q:Laptop power cable slightly wobbly, is this bad?
It should fit snuggly. Is it moved very frequently while plugged in? If so, this is the reason. As long as it makes a good connection and is 'slightly' loose, you should be alright. However, if I were you, I would ensure the lenght of the warranty and about 1-2 months before it expires, I'd bring it in and mention the cable is loose.

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