450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR

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Product Description:


450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR



1. Rated voltage:0.6/1kv
2. High efficiency
3. Long lasting
4. CCC CE ISO certificate
5.High quality & Prompt delivery

VV Cable 0.6/1kv(copper conductor, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed electrical single-core cable PVC Insulated Wire and Cable)


Product Description

Reference Standards
The product is manufactured according to the standards of GB5023-1997 and JB8734-1998 or IEC, BS, DIN and ICEA upon request.

The products is suitable for laying indoors, in tunnel or cable trench, unable to bear external merchanical forces. Single-core cable in magnetic duct is not permissible.

Operating Characteristics
Rated voltage Uo/U: 0.6/1kv.
Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor: 90º C
The ambient temperature under installation shall not below 0º C
The bending radius of cable:
D≤ 25mm...≥ 4D
D>25mm...≥ 6D
(D- Diameter of the cable )









PVC insulation&sheathed Power cable

For laying indoors, in tunnel and in ducts, unable to bear extarnal mechanical forces



PVC insulation&sheathed steel tape armour power cable

Laying in the ground, afire-resistant, unable to bear extarnal mechanical forces


Specification Size and Technical Data



Voltage Grade


Nominal Section(mm²)

3x2.5+1x1.5, 3x4+1x2.5, 3x6+1x4, 3x10+1x6, 3x16+1x10, 3x25+1x16, 3x35+1x16, 3x50+1x25, 3x70+1x35, 3x95+1x50, 3x120+1x70, 3x150+1x70, 3x185+1x95, 3x240+1x120, 3x300+1x150, 4x2.5+1x1.5, 4x4+1x2.5, 4x6+1x4, 4x10+1x6, 4x16+1x10, 4x25+1x16, 4x35+1x16, 4x50+1x25, 4x70+1x35, 4x95+1x50, 4x120+1x70, 4x150+1x70, 4x185+1x95, 4x240+1x120, 4x300+1x150

We are a manufacturer of wire and cable with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force.

With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in power systems, information transfer systems, construction industry and other industries.



450/750V 6491X PVC Insulated Electrical Wire cable H07V-R / H07V-U / BV / BVR


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Q:XBox power cable problem?
My xbox had this problem. What power cable are you using? The original or the new one that Microsoft sent out to everyone? They sent out a new one because some Xbox's were melting the cable and some kid got burned or something. At first they replaced only those customers that say theirs had the problem, then they just sent a new cord out to everyone. Anyway, mine never had the power cord issue but I tossed my original and used the new one. That's when I started having problems. My Xbox would turn itself on in the middle of the night sometimes. It would also turn itself off whenever it felt like it. I couldn't get it to turn back on unless I unplugged the power cord and then plugged it back in. And even then, it would turn on and play fine for about 10-20 minutes and then shut off by itself. Really weird. I simply sold my Xbox, never called Microsoft about it, so I never found out what the problem was. So really, my only advice is, if you're using that new power cord, go back to the old one. I'm positive that swapping those cords was the problem for my Xbox.
Q:Choose the configuration of good or bad computer graphics card memory processor, etc., how to choose a different manufacturers
Is not the power cord is loose, or is the motherboard battery power
Q:HP Printer Power Cable Identification?
Cada día tengo algo para imprimir o fotocopiar y por esto decidí que ya está la hora de comprar una impresora, después de todas mis buenas experiencias en OKorder estaba segura que, y de esta vez, voy a encontrar lo que busco, la impresora multifuncional que me he comprado cumple todas mis expectativos, ella me he hecho mi vida mucho más fácil.
Q:What causes the power cable to my amp to smoke?
What it sounds like is you accidentally connected the wires to the wrong terminals. If current were an issue u would most likely blow a fuse. But dont rule it out, u could just need a thicker gauge power 12v line. And also remember to ALWAYS GROUND the amp. either way, if it is an amp desined for car use, youre batt would never be too much power. If it is a high watt amp, you should look into buying a capaciter. Itll help regulate voltage usage and extend the life of your batt and alternator.
Q:Ask you a question: how the computer CD-ROM power supply 5V and 12V two lines? Another audio and video cable which group?
Cable can be parallel with the 10kV power cable laying, there is no distance requirements, two cables walking in a metal bridge is no problem. Fiber optic cable is through the optical communication, the power line of electromagnetic waves will not have an impact on it, there is no problem of electrical corrosion, because the cable is protected by an outer sheath. Now in the high-voltage cable directly attached to the internal fiber and power supply and communication, but also in the high-voltage overhead lines directly on the composite fiber (OPGW), while the power supply and power grid communication. Fiber optic cable, is a certain number of fiber in accordance with a certain way to form a cable core, outsourcing jacket, and some also cover the outer cover, used to achieve optical signal transmission of a communication line. Generally consists of cable core, reinforced steel wire, filler and jacket and other parts of the composition, as well as the need for waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulated metal wire and other components.
Q:Can I use the power cable to my laptop AC in countries with 240V?
If the power cord has a converter connected to it, then you can use it up to the voltage listed on the box. Yes, you will need an adapter though. If you are uncertain you could also call the maker of your laptop, or an electronics store.
Q:i have 2 amps that need to go into my car can i run to power cables from the one fuse?
its ok you can do it, because the fuse is 60 amp
Q:I lost the power cable to my monitor.?
Hp Monitor Power Cord
Q:Can anyone identify the type of this monitor power cable and where to purchase one?
totally non standard - look as though it must be propriatory to hp
Q:some one told me that cisco get this router without AC power it get the power from the network cable?
Let's just clarify a thing or two: Most networking equipment uses AC power. All routers and switches (or, at least 99% of them) must be powered from an AC wall outlet. However, a wireless access point or an IP telephone may receive power from it's attached ethernet cable. Where does the power come from? The device on the other end of the cable must be supplying power through the cable. This is called PoE (power-over-ethernet) and there is at least one IEEE standard for this, and one Cisco-proprietary standard. Typical devices that can supply power are switches (not all switches) and power injectors. A power injector is a palm-sized device that you insert between a non-PoE switch and a client device to inject power into the ethernet cable. The injector must be wall powered to function. Some routers, particularly ISR (integrated services routers) routers can suypply PoE, too. So, usually routers do not receive PoE. Often, switches provide PoE. Usually, access points receive PoE. Make sense?

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