44.4MM Voice Coil Ferrite Magnets Compression Driver and Horn Speaker

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 44.4mm voice coil ferrite magnets compression driver

 Item No.: SD-1040A   compression driver

 Rated Power:50w

 Peak Power:100w

 Impendance: 6 ohm

 Sensitivity: 104dB

 Frequency Response:1.2khz-20khz

 Voice Coil: 44mm


 44.4 mm ferrite magnet professional speaker  driver and horn speaker


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Q:What are some good affordable speakers?
i okorder
Q:What is the different between satellite speaker,subwoofer and center speaker.?
Satellite will go on outside of the room, sub-woofer and centre speaker will be in the centre of the room
Q:Connect old speakers to Computer?
I have done similar to what you are doing, though I am not quite sure what parts you are using. Hopefully what I have done might show you something different. I got 2 parts, 1st is the link to Amazon, where you find the 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Female Cable. The second is RCA To Speaker Wire Plugs. Those two together worked for me, and if you have the male cables for both, you can always get a connector, though I know that an additional component would add more impedance, thus lowering the connectivity and performance. Have you tried hooking up your setup to an external source such as MP3 player? The problem might not be in the wiring, but the computer jack not having enough power to drive your speakers especially if they were used to hook up to an amplifier. If the speakers are indeed powered stereo speakers, you might have to do a AUX line-in to a stereo that is powerful enough to drive your speakers.
Q:Logitech R20 Speakers?
Brice is right. Redo the sound card drivers yet first, bypass into the audio output for the sound card and make advantageous that the speaker ports are enabled. basic to envision. Plug audio gadget into the headphone jack. in the event that they paintings, then it is your project.
Q:How do I check left/right pc speakers?
Right click the speaker icon in the sys tray and click on Adjust Audio Properties there click on Speaker volume and use the slider controls to switch left and right speakers. Simple !
Q:Notebook speaker headset can not automatically switch, how to do
As long as the insertion of the headset will automatically switch, if the pull will automatically switch to speakers.
Q:Studio Monitors Vs. Regular Speakers?
Studio monitors work great as regular speakers - I have been using them for years in my home system. Studio monitors are meant to reproduce the sound in a neutral way so that the engineer can hear what the sound is really like. Many studio monitors these days are powered - that means they have the amplifier built in. That type of speaker would not work with a normal home receiver. That type of receiver is designed to work with normal passive speakers that have no amp built in.
Q:Stereo speakers outputs mono?
when each speaker of the 2 speakers isnt SEPARATLY connected to each of the 2 separat channels in the stereo plug, then the audio will not be stereo, that can be the problem with that installtion. it needs then a set of speakers where each of the 2 speakers is connected distinct to each of the two channels in the stereo plug of the computer, then the audio will be stereo like in the headphones. what can be done is to simply use another speaker cabel that conducts both channels from the stereo plug sepratley to each of the 2 speakers, if the curent cabel of the speakers can be simply taken off, otherwise it will need to cut the plug of the speaker cabel off to solder on a new plug on the speaker cabel with of course each channel speparatly to each of the speakers, to have actual stereo.
Q:Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1995 speakers?
Speakers of same sises resistance and watts. Would have the actual ones tested before replacements.
Q:speakers to dvd player.then to tv?
The speakers have to be connected to an amplifier. You can't just hook up speakers to a DVD player, since the signal is not loud enough to drive unamplified speakers. The other option is to buy powered speakers, like you might use for a computer.

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